After a half hour trip per train, bus and taxi, Linda stood on Milano's driveway, where she came across a surprise. There was energy coming from Milano's house.

Linda walked to the door hesitantly. She never felt energy coming from Milano's house. Did he have visitors? Was it even a good idea coming here without notifying him? She had already come all the way here; she might as well ring the bell. And so she did.

Waiting for someone to open the door, Linda felt a lustful energy. Confused, Linda furrowed her brows together. What was going on in there?

The door finally opened.

"Hi," a bit too cheerful girl greeted her.

"Hi, is Milano here?" she said trying her hardest not to sound too frustrated about everything.


At this point Linda was mentally counting to ten not to scream of aggravation.

"Who is it, love?" asked another female's voice, whose presence Linda could not feel.

The girl's libido immediately rose at the sound of the voice, throwing Linda completely off guard. She was in no way prepared to shield any emotions, especially not such strong lust.

"I don't know, she says she's here for some Milano."

"Are you now?" The female's sultry voice came closer, causing Lola to growl.

The woman hissed.

She hissed?

"I just want to know if Milano's here," Linda said fatigued.

"He's here, but he's engaged in some other activities. As a matter of fact, Stacy, he's ready for you."

The words had Linda choked up. He was engaged in other business and he was ready for Stacy? Stacy whose lust is bigger than an entire student orgy?

Stacy's energy grew fainter as she was probably on her way to Milano.

She knew enough. Milano was obviously too busy screwing around.

"Can you give him a message?" Linda asked the remaining woman, her tone pure acid.

"What will it be?"

"Tell him, to go fuck himself!"

With those words said, Linda stormed away without a destination. She didn't care much, though. There was nothing left to care about. Her mother had turned her back on her, Miranda was far gone in the pink clouds and Milano had betrayed her. Going on seemed futile. Honestly, where was she going to go? She was unfamiliar in these woods and the nearest road was out of here. The more Linda thought, the more hopeless her situation seemed to be. She was tired, in pain and could not go on anymore.

Worn-out she dropped herself on the wet soil of the woods surrounding Milano's house.

Lola nudged her wet nose against Linda's cheek.

Glad to be not entirely left alone, Linda embraced her furry friend, absorbing the love the dog was giving her.

"It's just you and I, mami."

Lola suddenly released herself from the embrace and whined very anxiously.

Linda jumped up. "What's wrong?"

She listened in closely for any suspicious noises. No sound was heard, except for Lola's whining and Linda's erratic heartbeat.

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

"Who was it?" Milano snarled, wiping the brunette's blood from the corner of his mouth.

"I don't know," Natasha said, shrugging nonchalantly. "She got pretty upset when I told her you were busy." Natasha signed for Stacy to come over, who numbly obliged. "She told me to tell you to go fuck yourself."

Milano frowned. Had he failed to erase one of his meal's memories? That was impossible.

"Quite a shame, though," Natasha said lapping her tongue over Stacy's artery. Stacy moaned in response. "If it wasn't for that stinking dog, I would've wanted her for dinner."

Milano froze. "Dog? She came with a dog?"

"Yes, a very hostile one."

Milano sped over to Natasha, who was about to sink her teeth in the tanned, and held Stacy away from her. "Where is she?" he growled.

"Careful, you are bruising my meal."

Milano looked Stacy dead in the eye. "Get your friend and get the fuck out of here. Forget about anything that took place after 6 pm." On automatic pilot Stacy walked away from the two.

Natasha snarled at Milano. "I haven't eaten yet."

"If you don't answer me quick, you will never eat again. Where are the girl and her dog?"

"Fuck me and I'll tell you," she purred.

"Tell me, and I'll let you live."

Natasha scanned his face. "It is her. It is she who has your love."

He backed away. "You're of no help."

Full speed he left the mansion, following her scent. She wasn't safe in those woods. He needed to find her fast. If only he had answered the door himself.

Milano halted, trying to catch her scent again. He took a deep breath, inhaling all aromas. The rain had made it hard to divide the scents from another. Fresh spring grass, young leaves, rabbits, wet dog…

Wet dog. Lola.

Following the scent coming from the east, Milano ran. As he ran, he caught her scent; the sweet, tropical aroma that wavered around her. First thing he'd do, was hold her in a tight embrace, just to get a whiff of her delicious smell.

At one point her smell became stronger. She must've lingered here before moving on. He took a second to find out where her scent led to.

His moment of concentration was interrupted by an earsplitting shriek.

Without hesitation he ran to where the sound came from, a hundred percent sure that was Linda. As he ran, his sensitive nose caught the scent of blood –her blood.

Every bit of self-control snapped solely by the idea of someone touching or hurting her. Whoever had dared to shed her blood, had just signed his own death warrant.

Another deafening scream reached his ear as another familiar smell hit him. A smell that had him seeing black. Vampire smell.

Just when Milano was about to increase his speed, determined to find her, he halted abruptly. He had been closer to the scene than he expected.

There he was staring into Linda's pale eyes, wide with panic and fear while the vampire sucked the life out of her. Lola's body was sprawled near the scene.

Before Milano could think rationally, he pounced on the vampire and found himself in a snarling fight. Milano pounded the clearly young and inexperienced vampire, till he had him dominated.

"What are you doing here?" Milano roared, trying his hardest not to rip the vampire's head off. "Who sent you here?"

Fearful for his life the young blood answered: "William! William sent us to look for you!"

"Are there more near?"

"Yes! No! I accidently stranded here for food. I was just so hungry. Please, let me go."

The boy pleaded for Milano to spare his life. It was futile, though. If Milano let him go, he would endanger his own life.

Unwavering, Milano twisted the neck, causing the body to fall limp on the ground. As insurance, he tore the head off and threw it as far as he could.

In attempt of calming himself, he stood there frozen with his fists balled. Tons of thoughts were flying around in his head. They were closing in on him. He could no longer stay here. Where would he go? And what about….


He turned to her weak body. She was still conscious, her eyes moved in absolute panic as the blood seeped through the pierced holes in her neck. Her blood, flowing ever so luscious and smelling even more tempting than from behind her skin. However, he would not drink of her. He was no scavenger. Right now, he needed to get her fixed up before she'd lose consciousness.

"Linda, can you hear me?"

"Pain," she stammered. A tear fell from the corner of her eye, sliding over her face.

The bastard hadn't mesmerized her before feeding.

"I will get you to a hospital," Milano assured her, stroking the tear away. "Just stay with me." It was too late. Linda's eyes were slowly closing. "Linda!" He pulled her into his arms. "Linda! Stay with me!"

Her eyes opened and shut back. Her body was cold. She must've lost too much blood already. Taking her to the hospital could be too late for her.