Okay, so I'm not the best planner in the world, so my idea was stolen from that book that had the two kids that hid out in the museum. I was going to hide out in the bathroom, Mickey and all. It wouldn't look too weird, us going into the same stall. I've seen parents do it all the time with their kids. I look old enough to pass for a responsible guardian of some sort. Well, maybe not responsible.

"Momma's gonna be pissed at ya," Mickey said, as he was being dragged to the bathroom. I turned him to face me, and glared at him. "Wat? If yous can say cwap, I can say stuff that makes Mommy mad, tu!" He stuck his tongue out at me, but this time I just laughed. Stupid kid.

I was pretty surprised, it actually worked. They should have really had better security at such a strange, yet famous, amusement park. Judging by the way the workers acted, you'd think they would do more than flash a light under the stalls, locked or unlocked, and then check themselves out it the mirror.

It was 9:00, all the workers were gone, and Mickey and I were out of the bathroom. I texted Mom saying we were staying at my friend Ashley's house. Regarded, I didn't actually have a friend Ashley, but it seemed that everyone in the world had a friend named Ashley, even if they were the Ashley, and each was completely trustworthy. She bought it, just so we're clear.

"Come on," I said to Mickey, who was walking slowly, enjoying the sights of a park under the moonlight. I pulled him forward.

We walked until we got back to the center of the amusement park, back to the carrousel. It didn't have any special name, not even a sign that said it was a carrousel. There was a height limit sign, but nowhere on it did it say it was for the carrousel. This ride wasn't Carrousel, it was just the carrousel. Didn't matter, I liked it that way.

"Come on!" I said a little louder. Mickey had stopped abruptly as we were walking, and was keeping his eyes closed tight.

"No no no! No, no! No! No!" he shouted then began to struggle out of my grip. He eventually did, and ran off, into the darkness.

"Mickey!" I screamed and ran after him. Then I stopped, and turned around. A single bulb was flickering on the carrousel. I swore it hadn't been like that before. Then, the one right next to it turned on, and soon the whole thing was lit up. It was now flickering so many different colors, and I could faintly hear the organ music.

I was frozen in place; my feet nailed to the asphalt. Why did the weird things always happen to me? Oh, but it got weirder.

I heard a snort, and then a clomp, like a horse stomping its feet. Ohhhhh….

The horses were coming alive. Duh.

Don't get me wrong, I was still freaked out of my mind. But it all made sense now: why it was in such good condition in the forest, why the workers were always so weird about getting people out of here, and the ghost stories surrounding this amusement park. Well, may I say that at the moment, I am far from amused.

I ran, naturally, for the horses were stepping off the carrousel.

The horses ran faster. The galloped gracefully through the park, always on my tail. I was running out of breath and gasping for air. Just had to…just had…to….make it…the…gate.. Maybe they'll…stop.

And they did. The stampede of living but not living horses ran past the gate and around the one boat ride. In fact, they didn't even come near the edge of the park.

It was beautiful, yet dangerous. Some mysteries had been solved tonight, but in the midst, new ones had been created. Why did they run? What makes them come alive at night? Why could they not exit the park?

There was only one way to find out, I guess.

I was sweating like crazy, and soon I dry-heaved, but yet I was laughing, and I couldn't stop laughing. But I laughed with my eyes open, or I wouldn't be able to see the horses.

Then I heard crying coming from the ticket booth. Scared, unknowing weeping. I looked down and saw a dark mass in the corner. I ducked from the shortness of the roof, and reached down to pick up my miserable brother.

"Come on, Mickey, let's go home," I whispered to comfort him, and he buried his face into my shoulder.

"Momma's gonna be mwad,"

Journal, continued.

In conclusion, we may never completely figure out the mysteries surrounding the park, but maybe it's best if we keep it that way. Some mysteries weren't meant to be solved, and some were meant to become even more mysterious. But we need to stop looking into the past, and focus on the present. The carrousel is here now, and we should enjoy it. Who cares how it was created, or why it was found in the middle of the woods? In a hundred years, it could end up there again. But right now, in the present, it is in the possession of Mystery Park, the only amusement park within a hundred miles of this old town. The carrousel is one of the most traditional, and magical features a park can have, so try to get past how trite it is and enjoy the ride. And be nice to those crazy workers; they're just trying to do their jobs.

And make sure to leave at seven-o-clock sharp, unless you'd like to have hoof-prints on your back.