When you kissed me

And said "Baby, you're mine."

I grinned

And well, I said, "Fine."

And you drove me around

That picture-perfect town

And we were happy for awhile

But then you saw me frown

And said

"Baby, why so down?"

And looked at you, waited a minute or two

And said, "Darling…you have to meet my dad.

And boy…was that something.

Well he hated your guts

And said you were all wrong

"What the heck is Converse…?"

"And where the crap is PacSun?"

Well he threw you out at first

Said we weren't meant to be

Then I cried all night

Begging, "Please…daddy, please!"

So you stayed around

But he despised you all the way

You rocked to heavy metal

Till he chased you away

But you'd come back singing

When he was watching sports

And you asked "What's football?"

"Do they play it on courts?"

And it didn't help much

That when you got into the game

His team always lost to yours

Oh what a shame

And when we'd fight

He'd always blame it on you

Say you're a no good punk

Who's got nothing to do

And that horrible afternoon

When you broke his mother's vase

When used it for a hat

Cause it fancied your taste

Will he almost got in a punch

But you ran too fast

Then he turned to me, sighing

Saying, "Girl, this won't last."

And when I thought for a moment

It kind of made sense

You were always joking

And we were always on the fence

But then that day came around

Then anniversary of my mother's passing

Daddy sat all alone that day

While I sat there just watching

And then suddenly the phone rang

And it was you on the other line

You cleared your throat first

Then asked, "Can I speak to Mr. Klein?"

So I gave the phone to Daddy

He spoke for three minutes, that was all

Turned to me, and he was crying

"He didn't have to call"

And when you came over

Just the next day

My daddy didn't chase you away…

He sat in his comfy chair

And turned off the light

Shutting his eyes, he smiled

"That boy…well he's…alright."