My heart's deep, rhythmic beats pound slowly in my head. It yearns to be out of this cramped classroom that acts as a prison to all of the students residing in it and be free outside. The rain patters softly against the windowsill leaving trails of the sky's tears. The frenzy of it's insanity calls to me. Drip-drop, drip-drop, over and over again. Each beat of my heart and drop of rain seemed to be in sync. Water is so peaceful and serene, unlike everything else. It is strange how water has always attracted me. Whenever I went to the beach I would sit there for hours and just stare at the glassy liquid, but never set a foot in it. Yes I love water, and yet fear it.

Endless nights were filled with nightmares and images of myself drowning. My pale face staring open mouthed in a silent scream of terror. Dark brown locks of my hair floating in all directions, being lifted by the many bubbles escaping from my open lips and clothes. So many nights I have awoken with a scream and drenched in my sweat.

"Last night's dream was more vivid than the last one though," I thought to myself. "Every night they keep getting worse and worse. I keep getting this strange feeling as if something big is going to happen. Kinda like right before my parents died."

"Rin, are you spacing out again? This is the fifth time I had to call your name! Do I need to report this to your guardians?" Mrs. Dougal, my fourth block English teacher snapped at me. She had to be in her sixties because her grey hair was clearly falling out and everyone knew she had fake yellow teeth. She always complained about how she hates her job, yet she refuses to quit. Always muttering something about kids these days.

"No Mrs. Dougal. I was thinking about our activity on prepositional phrases. I still don't get number eighteen." I quickly covered, hoping that she would take the bait and go into another one of her long lectures about using different types of grammar and their many uses.

"Well, if that is really what you were doing then I apologize. And that is a very good question, Rin. I'm sure many of you don't get it either considering I only lightly spoke of it yesterday, so I'll go over it again."

Score! As she immersed herself in the world of grammar I tried to finish up my homework for tonight. It was so easy, and I didn't need help on any of it. Teachers are so easy to figure out and find their weaknesses. In Mrs. Dougal's case it was her love for correct literature; that was her undoing.

The rest of the class slowly ticked by in an agonizing speed. Today was my sixteenth birthday, the sweet sixteen. I had finished all of my homework for the weekend in my classes, completely blocking out my teachers. Except for my Creative Writing class. I always paid close attention because I love to write. I may not be very good but I find it fun and easy to do, when it comes to me. When the bell finally rang I was out of there like a bullet fired from a gun. I beat the hallway rush for that Friday afternoon and made my way to my dark blue locker.

"28, 38, 18.…. And there. What, not again?!?" Recently my locker has decided to annoy me by refusing to open. I've had to go to class late three times because I couldn't get it open so I had to leave my binders and books behind. "Stupid locker, OPEN!!!!!" I yelled and gave it a good kick with my foot. It just happened to finally open up and sprawl my stuff across the floor. "Today is just not a god day for me" I said, bending down to collect my items.

"Hey Rin! What's 'sup? Ha-ha, locker giving you troubles again?" called out my friend William, or Will as I called him, from the other row of lockers behind mine.

"Yes, I hate this stupid thing. You know you want to trade with me." I pleaded with puppy dog eyes, hoping he would fall for it.

"Nope, I'm perfectly happy with mine. Maybe someone else though."

"Ok fine, ruin my fun why don't 'cha," I teased. Though I sounded mean, Will knew I was just teasing. I had that forever glint in my green eyes that let people know I was just joking around.

"So when should I come over tonight? Last I heard it was six. I wouldn't miss your birthday for anything!" Will proclaimed happily while jumping up and down gaily and clapping his hands.

"Wow, Will you really should stop that before people start to think you have some serious issues with yourself. But yea, six would be the best time because my guardians will be busy or out of the house then." I replied

"Okay then, so what should we do once you get there?" Taking his arm in mine we skipped off towards the now heavily crowded stairwell. We passed a bunch of couples making out in the hallway and gave them looks of disgust. The whole stairwell stank of sweat and heavy perfume. After a few turns here and there we came to stop at the doors of the school library, and we rested against the cool wooden doors. There was a silence between us, but is was comfortable enough just standing there. About five minuets passed before Will's cell phone rang with the Jaw's theme ringtone, signaling tat his mother was calling him. He flipped the small device open and quickly went about the conversation.

"So yea, anyways I've got to go now. I'll see you tonight Rin! " With that Will ran of down the corridor and towards his car. As I stood there for a while longer I nodded and waved to my other friends passing by, heading to their homes. This has now become a routine for me, everyday after school I spend a few hours in the library doing different things. Sometimes I'll finish up my homework, continue writing my random ideas, or just read and look at books. I don't dare to go home right after I'm let out of class. That would mean I would have to spend actual time with my guardians. Sure, they are good people, but they think I am just not good enough for them. No matter how hard I try, I just don't do good enough at anything. I get one B on my report card or mess up on some little thing and they completely freak out.

Time went by fast once I had gotten into the book I was currently reading and soon four o'clock came by.

"Ok Rin, it's time we have to close up. See ya tomorrow." Said a frail woman behind the counter checking in the big assortment of books.

"Okay, see you Monday Mrs. Cottenburg." I replied.

The heavy rain gladly greeted me as I opened up the double doors that led out to the student parking lot. My '95 maroon eclipse sputtered as I started it's engine up. I tied my long hair up into a loose pony tail and drove off.

The drive home wasn't long, only about fifteen minuets. I pulled into my now leaf covered driveway, due to the start of autumn. I sighed heavily as I pulled myself up and out of my car. With a click I locked my doors made for my house. The inviting smell of honey welcomed me when I pulled open the front door.

"Hey Lynn, what 'cha making? I'm guessing it's some of those special honey apples?" I questioned as I threw down my book bag and took off my shoes at the bottom of the stairs.

"Yup. It was Brad's big day at work. He got promoted again. Now he is some big assistant for the new CEO of the company." Said Lynn, my female guardian. When I was twelve my parents were killed walking home by some psycho drunk that was angry for being beat in a card game in the bar he had been at and happened to have a gun. Most people said it had been a freak accident. I didn't think so. Things like that happened in the world now so often that most people wouldn't believe it.

I was trusted to my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Brad a few days later. I used to live in Raleigh, North Carolina but I had to move to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. I love it here and I met Will here so I'm pretty happy with the move. I was twelve so I didn't have any true friends back before I moved, so I didn't throw a big fuss about moving. My life completely changed when I moved as is expected, but everything is fine now. Other than the fact that I don't have any parents, but I've moved on past that. Will helped a lot with everything. He helped me whenever I called and gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it.

"That's good. I hope he doesn't have too much work to do though. He was always crammed at work with his old job. Maybe he won't have to travel so much now, right?" I asked while pouring myself a cup of hot tea.

"Nope. If anything he'll be away more. The workload shouldn't be as bad though. I wish he didn't have to go away so much." Lynn replied and sighed like a lovesick puppy. She always acted like that world was ending every time Brad went away on a business trip for a few weeks.

"Kay, well I'll be in my room if ya need me." As soon as I was behind my closed door I let out a sigh of relief, sinking down onto my purple chair. Turning on my laptop and checking my email; none. It was the same on most days. Turning on my stereo I blasted a burned CD from Will. It was a mix of songs that he had found for me. I don't care what it is as long as I like it and it had a whole bunch of screaming. I tapped my foot to the beat and wasted time going to my favorite sites on the internet.

Six o'clock came by fast for me, and before I knew it Will was knocking at the door. "I got it!!" I yelled, jumping down three stairs at time. "Hey Will! C'mon lets go up." I lead the way to my room and locked the door behind us.

"Hey Rin. Ummm, I have an, ummm…question for you." Something was different about Will tonight. He kept shifting his feet around and fidgeting with his hands nervously, which wasn't like him at all.

"Sure, is something wrong?"

"Well you know, we have been best friends for four years now. And you are the best friend someone could ever ask for. So ummm, I was wondering," he pauses for awhile "maybe we could go out sometime. Not as best friends, but maybe something more. Like…… girlfriend and boyfriend?" My mouth dropped open. I stood there and kept thinking, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" For awhile I had dreamed up many situations where he would ask me that same question, but never like this, not that I minded much.

"Please say something Rin. I don't know if you feel the same way, but I love you. I've loved you for awhile now." William pleaded.

"So - sorry, that was just a tad unexpected." Now that I think about it, he had been acting a little more close this past week. "I shouldn't even be waiting this long to answer though. Of course I will!" I jumped into his lap, tackling him over in the process, laughing my head off. "So, how long did it take you to muster up the courage to do that?" I was curious to how long he had been wanting me at ask me.

"Well, I thought about it for awhile, but this morning I just said to myself 'what the hell, I'll just ask her and if she sys no then she says no. But if she says yes then it's all good.' So I planned to ask you tonight before we left." Will said, hugging me closer to him.

"What, where are we going?"

"It is a surprise. Now c'mon lets go. I'm driving." A shiver of excitement and wonder ran up my back as we walked hand in hand downstairs and out to his car. It was just a simple black Honda Pilot, nothing too shabby. Turning on the car the chaotic screaming music blared in my ears. Turning it down a bit Will sped out of my driveway and exited the neighborhood. It wasn't long till he pulled off onto a dirt road that I've never noticed before. Maple Trees flew past us, just a blur of various colors, casting their dark shadows upon us. Instinctively I reached out and grabbed for his hand for comfort. "My, my, my. Is Rin scared of the dark? It's not much farther up. Trust me you'll love it." Will said and gave a squeeze on my hand. It actually felt kind of nice. The drive lasted for a few miles longer then Will pulled off onto the shoulder. "Alright, its on foot from now on. I found it awhile ago on while I was just exploring around. It's a neat place that nobody else knows about apparently." The moon shone bright through the cover of trees. It had to be around seven thirty already. The ground was covered in leaves of all different colors and with each step I took a few of them and pulled them absentmindedly to pieces. Autumn had definitely come. The chilly night air wove through the trees creating a soft breeze. I pulled my light jacket closer to me and kept pace next to Will.

"Alright. From this point on you have to keep your eyes closed, no peeking now!"

"I know, I know. I'm not five anymore." Will took off his black beanie that was ever present atop his head, even at school, much to the teacher's malcontent, and pulled it down so far that it covered my eyes. Luckily, I could still see were I was putting my feet so I didn't stumble around like a complete fool. The beanie still smelled like Will. I've always loved his smell, it was so soothing. Surprisingly the walk was only about two minuets before he stopped me.

"Ok this is it. Here you go." With that he pulled off the beanie. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the bright, yet dim, moonlight, but what I saw amazed me.

I was standing in the middle of an open field clearing, completely surrounded by different types of wildflowers and grass. It was simply breath taking. The moonlight lit up all of the flowers with an eerie glow and illuminated my surroundings. This was better than any picture or movie, this was serious postcard material.

"Oh my god. This place is amazing Will! I can't believe it! I love it!" I proclaimed happily.

"I knew you would. I would come here after school and just do whatever. With nobody around to bother me I could just be by myself for a bit. This is like my little escape place from the world, and now that you know about it maybe you could come here with me to hide from your guardians instead of the library. Don't you think so?" Will pulled me down with him to sit on a patch of lush, green grass. A soft smile graced his face and his eyes were alight. His black hair seemed like it had silver streaks in it due to the shine of the moon. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt like nothing else existed except Will and I. Each minuet felt like an eternity to me. I wished for this moment to last forever, but wishes are just whispers of a dream; and a dream can never become reality.

A slight rustle came from the trees west of where we were sitting, startling me to alertness. "I'm sure it was just a squirrel or something . There is no need to be afraid, remember nobody else knows about this place. I'm sure of it." Just the sound of his deep, calming voice relaxed me. I felt it vibrate in his chest as I laid my back against it. We both sat there in pristine silence, listening to each other's calm breathing, almost as if a trance. My eyelids were heavy with drowsiness as they were tempted to shut and drift off into a peacful sleep. I laid down next to Will, laying my head on his chest. I was almost fully asleep when I heard a low growling noise come from the woods again.

"Will, I'm serious. Something is out there. Did you hear that noise, it was like a growl." My voice was shaky and I stumbled to sit up, reluctant to lift my head from it's comfy resting spot. I quickly surveyed the field to see nothing out in the open. It was then that I spotted it. A pair of red, glowing eyes, shimmering from the darkness.

"Will, what is that?!" I clutched to his loose band t-shirt like my life depended on it. My hands were trembling with fear. Will protectively put his arms around me, as if to keep me from the mysterious darkness.

"Crap, I don't know. It could just be some kid trying to mess with us. It'll be ok Rin." I could tell he was frightened by the freaky glowing eyes. But as soon as we noticed them, they were gone. Will let out a sigh. "See, its gone now. Whatever it was."

Somehow that didn't calm me down though. Suddenly I felt a presence behind us and I whipped my head around, causing my hair tied up in the pony tail to become loose, due to it smacking Will's face. A dark figure was stood right behind us and it's eyes were glowing a deep, blood red. An ear piercing scream ripped itself from my lips as I stumbled around to get up and away from this mysterious man. His dark form was outlined by the moonlight just so that I couldn't see any of his features. Will quickly got to his feet, pulling me up with him. He faced the man with an arm in front of me. I grabbed a hold of his shirt to make sure he wouldn't leave me.

"Who are you and what do you want?!" Will asked using a threatening tone, trying to get some answers to why he had disturbed our secluded peace.

"My name you shall not know, for it will serve you no purpose. As is to why I'm here, well that is simple; I came only to drink." The voice sounded very strange, as if the speaker was hissing. It was definitely a man's voice though.

"Wha -" Will started but never finished. The man moved faster than my eyes could follow but before I knew it Will was pulled out of my grip and away from me. The man punched Will hard in the stomach, knocking him to the ground with a sickening thud.

"Will no!!!! Will!!!!" I screamed with terror lacing it's way through my voice.

"Hahahaha, now it's only you and me sweets. What shall you do with your little boyfriend incapable of coming to your rescue? Shall I dispose of him or perhaps something even better?" An evil smirk could was written across his face, but that was not what held my focus. It was the pair of long, pointed fangs that emerged from his lips. A dark aura of evil surrounded him, and his breath stank of death and decay.

"Rin - Rin just run away, hurry." Will managed to splutter out from on the ground.

"Oh, but its too late for that now little girl. Far too late." The dark man approached me with a grace that would make even the most graceful dancer look clumsy. I tried to back up but ended up stumbling over my own feet, a perfect time for the shoelaces on my converses to become untied. I was going to fall flat on my butt if the man hadn't stopped me half way. His face was directly in front of mine. I could see faint black pupils beneath all the red inside his eyes. Something poked sharply in my back, causing me to arch away from the hurtful tough, exposing my neck. He bent himself over me and blew softly on my rapidly beating pulse, sending shivers of fear throughout my body. A low guttural noise sounded from deep within his throat.

"Wha - what are you doing?" My voice almost failed me I was shaking so much. This man wasn't human at all. The way he moved and his red eyes all pointed towards vampire, but they didn't exist…right?

Before I knew it I felt a cold pair of fangs scrape against my neck, threatening to break the skin.

"N - no, please stop," I begged for my life, even tough I had no hope left. Time seemed to slow down. I felt a sharp, piercing pain in my neck as the killer man vampire, drew blood, and started sucking at the wound to get more and quench his eternal thirst. I tried to scream but all that came out was this strangled noise. Panic began to set in as I struggled with all my might, pulling and thrashing my body, looking for an escape. I could hear, and feel very acutely, the blood being sucked out of my body. Will suddenly appeared behind the vampire and pulled him from me wincing painfully as he did so. The vampire's fangs only tore open my neck even more as they were ripped from their original spot, squirting my blood everywhere.

"Get away from her you sick freak!" Will yelled as he punched the vampire's face with all his might. The vampire reacted quickly and kicked Will's knees under him and then hit the back of his neck, causing him to fall back to the blood spotted ground. Will didn't stand a chance against him. The vampire had triple the speed and strength that Will was fighting him with. My focus on the battle started to fade as I felt a fire-like pain spreading throughout my body, emanating from the gushing wound on my neck. My body started squirming around on the ground, almost as if I was having a seizure, wracked silent with waves of pain.

Will was shoved down on the ground next to me in an instant. He immediately went to help me but was forcefully kicked back away.

"There is no helping her now. The poison is traveling through her blood system as I speak, causing her to die slowly and miserably. If you were her true friend you would join her, don't you think so?" I could barely decipher his words from the buzzing in my head, tempting me to just give up.

"You psychotic monster, why would you do this to Rin?!" Will yelled angrily, hate filling his eyes making him look almost as dangerous as the vampire standing in front of us, almost.

"Well, like I said before. I was simply thirsty like I am every now and again. You would want to get a drink if you were thirsty, wouldn't you? So what shall I do now? Do you want to stay by her side as she is put through this blazing agony, or would you care to join her?" He asked in a sadistic tone. "Why don't I just help you out a bit and go ahead and just do it now. It will be the best for us all. I get a double dosage of blood and you get to join her." Again he moved with lightening speed and bent down next to Will's face.

"Here I go." I could see the pure terror written across Will's face as the vampire's fangs ripped at his skin and sunk deep into his neck. I went to reach for his hand but the fire within my body was consuming me. I watched as the vampire gulped down Will's blood like it was milk from a baby's bottle. After what seemed like forever he pulled away and wiped his mouth clean, the fangs no longer prominent. He met my eyes in an evil glare and vanished instantly.

What is going to happen to us now? Will the he just leave us here like this? I know we will die as humans, but will we really become something more? What will happen to me know? What about Will? Since when has fantasy become reality? Thousands of questions ran through my head but my mind started to lose consciences and lost control of my thoughts. The last thing I knew was the slight squeeze of Will's hand on mine. I was unsure of everything now except one thing, Will and I were still together. Then I let the darkness consume me.