I think I will go everywhere

On my voyage to find you, my love.

I will search the highest mountain peaks

Where the freezing rain and wind whip through my hair,

And the deepest trenches of the sea

In the dark, lonely emptiness of the Earth.

I will search the densest forests for you,

The sun playing hide-and-seek through the leaves

And the branches pulling at my arms and legs,

Snagging me in their prickly grasp only for a moment.

But that lost moment is one less moment I have with you.

My search is becoming more desperate and frantic

As I run out of time and places to search.

I reach the end of the Earth and sorrow fills my heart.

Silent tears run down my cheeks and I fall to my knees.

My love, why are you hiding from me?

Grey clouds fill the endless blue sky that lies before my feet

And the soft breeze carries to me the sent of bitter nothingness and the end of all things.

But then, out of the darkness behind me

A hand comes to rest gently on my trembling shoulder.

I slowly turn around only to see that

You had always been there right behind me.

I jump up and we embrace each other as our hearts tremble with joy,

Warming each other with our body heat and boundless love.

Now, together, we will remain forever,

Free to hug, kiss, and love each other until the end of time.

In your sweet embrace I have found both a lover and a home.

And here I will stay, at the end of the world, with you right by my side.

The touch of your kiss is so soft and gentile,

Binding us together with our true love's everlasting kiss.