Your love dear one

Is as lovely to me as a cool autumn night.

The gentle breeze softly pulls at my hair

As do your fingers, soothing my spirit.

Leaves, long turned a golden crimson, float quietly down,

Dancing to a silent waltz until they land upon our soft knit blanket.

We are alone in this clearing deep in the woods

And it is so peaceful here with you, my love.

The stars and moon light up the night sky

And the tall grass surrounding us, hiding us from sight.

The blanket we are sitting on is soft,

But not as soft as your touch while you caress me.

I hold you tight, breathing in your sent that I am addicted to.

Your deep green eyes shine in the moonlight,

With nothing but endless love swimming in their depths.

Oh, how this night is so perfect!

The crickets chirp their consistent beat

And you hum an unknown tune softly,

Your voice sending shivers down my spine.

Your arms wrap even tighter around my body,

Warming me, but I am not cold.

Now nothing could ruin tonight.

With you, my beloved, beside me I have nothing to fear.

Your love dear one

Is as lovely to me as this cool autumn night