Journal Of The Voyage Of The Captain Of The Ship Of Pinta who is Christopher Columbus and very important and Such.
I am writing from Portugal. I have arrived recently from my beloved Genoa [far above the despicable lower towns] in Portugal. You might say that I am on a Holy Mission- to gain funding for my passage to India, and to discover new things and places along the way. I have dropped off my dear son at a monastery. He will be certain to learn The Holy Writ there whilst I go and negate Politics; I wish that the child not saw the viciousness of seeking for funding. I have bought Passage to the palace of Queen Catherine so that I may make e a plea to her for the funding of this marvelous expedition. She would be a fool not to take me up, for I shall return, I am certain, with news of new lands, many goods, slaves, and perhaps Ownership of a new land for Good Portugal to do as she sees fit with.
My parchment is becoming quite dusty; I shall pack it away until next time. The Mule is begging to frisk about, I must stop her.

I write from the Palace. The Queen and King have rejected my proposal. I shall persist- they will see my wisdom in time, I am certain. Weathers fine down here; I have rented a Temporary Dwelling, since I shall be off soon.
May God Be With All Readers Of This Text

We are rejected again. This is the fifth time. Onward I say to myself. Never shall I give up, for in the eyes of the Lord – He knows I will find great things, and He knows all, for heavens sake. My motivation is to open up new lands so that the Lord shall find those created in His image bountiful.
Be Humble In His Eyes

I have not picked up this sad little journal in so long. Yea- it may have been seven long years. Seven years! In that time I have talked so much, lectured so much, and tried to make so many nobles and priests see my point that I feared I would go mad. My son is nearly grown now- he looks almost foreign in my sight. It is odd- to be of my own blood yet such a stranger. My other son is a great joy to myself- though now I will be leaving them both. Yes- it is a day of joy for myself. Queen Catherine has given me the funding I so sorely need. The mention of their decision the first time filled my heart with unabiding joy that I have not quelled yet. In fact, to-morrow we shall leave upon my fair ship to Wonders beyond- though India is my destination and my dream.
The lord hath found myself in great joy-

I am on board the ship. The food is awful- hard biscut and revolting meat, crawling with maggots. I have taken up my leadership duties, since the idiots chosen to steer the ship for the hour or so that I was charting our course nearly ran us up on rocks. First Mate Striling is a rather vicous fellow. I do not trust him at all. He scares me. I shall watch him very closely- to reveal the intelluctual in-qualities that obviously lie within him, waiting to be stirred up. God be with us that there is never circumstance to mutiny.
Winds good,
Weather warm and hospitable
God Be With Us For-ever in The Sailing.

No land yet- not a sign. No birds that might possibly have come from land- only albatross and Great Frigate Birds. The Great Frigate Birds look savage to me, and I never throw them rotting fish- it might encourage them. They are black and evil looking- at times they look as if they have blotted out the sun when they descend to perch sinisterly on the mast.
Now, the Albatross are another matter. They are great and Snow- White, except for the Tips of their wings. These are black in appearance, and quite dashing. They look far more holy than the ominous Frigate Bird, and indeed they are good luck to have about. I have instructed all the men never to shoot one. That could bring the most terrible misfourtne about our shoulders- and I do not wish to run up on rocks and perish to the kraken that reside within thesre little known waters. I have seen a few Porpise, they run about our boat, looking like sharks. We killed one once and ate it- it tasted quite vile. I should never recommend it.
May the Lord Follow Your Path

The crew are up complaining bitterly about the small size of their cabins compared to mine. I shall hear none of it, Some are therating to turn back, and I will admit this has taken longer than expected.
Good God Save Us All

Land was sighted today by a cabin boy. He sprung from his perch and galloped down to tell everyone, who were contemplating plated of dried fish. Every one rushed up as a single mass, all were whooping and yelling at the sight of something so familiar and beloved as a tree. As we neared the shore I fixed my looking-scope upon the shore. I saw many plants and animals. I was joyful. India at last! I could not wait to find the natives and perhaps start bartering for spices and other goods.
As we came into very clear sight of the shore, I leaned over the side of the ship.There was little to see at the moment. The crew-men were just anchoring down the ship and some others were readying the landing boats. As we set foot upon the white sand, I saw a movement in the lush foliage around the beach. It was yellow in form. I t suddenly and quickly appeared as it raced away down the beach. It looked, to myself and the other men, to be a great yellow cat, with black spots arranged about I;ts tawny fur. It looked very fierce and we did not pursue it further. After some rudimentary exploration we found some freshwater and some fruit. The fruit was green and tasted very strange. The water, though, was sweet and good. We filled up our water stores and made camp along the beach. Iwent back to the ship and slept in the cabin, which is where I am writing now.
May You Never Stray Far From The Lords Flock

I have not written in a while, perhaps I was caught up in the excitement of the days that have followed our landing in India. The people here are hospitable and rather friendly, and to I and my crewmates joy they gave us much gold and other jewels, and have welcomed us onto their island. We have learned a bit of their language, and they have told us the jewels are to be found not on this island but elsewhere, where they said that they had traded with a ''large people in Cuba'' which is their name for the big island. This big island is reputed to have lumber and much trading potentiol, so we set a course for it. Now we are about halfway to Cuba by our reckoning[ we have taken some of the Indians along with us, as they should make good guides and upon our arrival back in Portugual good slaves] They did not seem terribally agitated by our huge ship- perhaps it is beyond their limted comprehinsion.
May You Be Faithful To The Lord

We have found Cuba. We collected lumber, but there was little gold . A large disappontment. We have made good friends with the natives. They have great celebrations with the crew men. I will go up and join them, I think.
May He Be Your Light

[this journal was lost in the wreck on the reef. It was found later, luckily preserved by a metal box where Columbus kept his personal items. No one knows why it was metal, but one could say it was lucky for historians everywhere.