Farewell Tibia, it was fun.

Camber sat on the steps of his back porch that over looked the woods. With a couple weeks of practice Austin and Seth were fitting in much better with in their new lives and weren't so scared stiff of the rest of the pack.

The other alpha's had long since gone back to their own territory's and the Oregon Pack wasn't a threat to them anymore. With several Packs working along side them it was cleaned up swiftly, allowing Tibia to fix the problems within her pack and try to heal some of the damage that had been done.

It was nice to be able to not have to look over his shoulder anymore and for the first time in years he was contemplating a short trip up into the mountains.

Tibia was back from Oregon for a while but she'd head back inevitably to help out the man she'd appointed as her second who, when all was peaceful, she'd give the title as alpha. She'd undergone the necessary ceremonies when she first returned so now her word held some power but even still, there were many wolves who couldn't be saved. She was simply enjoying being in the first place she'd been welcomed in her life.

She stepped out through the door and lowered a glass of water to press it to Camber's cheek playfully, the cold surprising him just a little.

"Hey." he tilted his head back up at her with a grin firmly in place.

"Hey," She smiled, pulling the glass back to take a drink as she lowered herself to sit next to him, "Where'd the pups disappear to?"

"They're having another race." he smiled faintly. "And I'm a cheater." He continued, obviously making the little boys complaints.

Tibia chuckled, "Don't need to tell me that." She leaned over slightly to press her cheek to his shoulder.

He laughed softly. "Thanks a lot. Here I thought you'd have my back."

"I always have your back but you are a cheater." She grinned lightly.

"Ouch." he smiled. "Wound to my pride."

She turned her head to nip his shoulder lightly before taking another sip of her water, "I love that about you."

Hm? What's that?" he asked, moving to slip an arm around her waist.

"You're a cheater." She repeated, nuzzling against him, "Means I can cheat and not feel bad about it."

He chuckled. "Good, playing fair with you is no fun." he purred.

"Playing with you in anyway is fun I just like cheatingm" she grinned, setting her glass down next to her on the step.

"Don't tempt me." he smirked.

She leaned up to nip at his jaw, "Only because we're watching the pups."

He captured her lips lightly before pulling away. "No visiting Bell?"

"I called her, she said she'd come here. Kael's coming too." Tibia shrugged, "I think Bell is just taking her time with Luca."

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that sounds about right."

"Be nice, it's cute." Tibia scolded with a smile, "They're perfect together."

"That's why I put them together, though she didn't thank me for it at first." he chuckled, kissing her cheek.

"Well who knew you were a match maker," Tibia purred.

He kissed her again. "They balance out."

"No idea what we do. I think we're alike." Tibia mused, smiling at him.

"That's balance for some people." he chuckled, cupping her face and pulling her into a deeper kiss.

She purred softly in approval as she kissed him back, her arms wrapping around his torso to embrace him. Camber ran his tongue across her bottom lip before nipping at it playfully. "How long are you staying?" he muttered against her lips.

"Week? Two?" Tibia murmured back, kissing him again to dip her tongue between his lips for a moment before pulling back.

He growled softly as she pulled away and snapped at her playfully.

She chuckled, rubbing her hand against the back of his neck, "I love you too."

He smiled, nipping at her jaw. "I can deal with a week or two for now."

"Soon it'll just be the occasional trip we take together." she promised. They both perked up when a chime echoed through the house as the doorbell was rung.

"That's new." he chuckled, getting up slowly. He was used to his wolves just walking right in as if it were there home. "The pups should be finished their race in a few minutes." he said as he continued on inside to get the door.

"All right." Tibia smiled, leaning back on her palms as she looked out at the trees, wind blowing back her hair with a breeze that was a bit frigid.

Camber opened the door to a petite girl that, had she not been a wolf, could have easily been taken for a teenager. Sixteen at the most. She was smiling brightly up at him from her meager five-foot stature, her long, dark hair pulled back into a braid that dipped between her shoulder blades which were left exposed by her summery dress despite the cool weather.

"You're the alpha 'round here right?" she asked before he could get a word in, "I'm assuming by your scent but I've been wrong before."

"Yes, I'm the Alpha here." He smiled faintly, feeling amused. He stepped aside for her to enter. "Was that all you needed to validate or would you like to speak with me more?"

"Oh, neither really, I'm lookin' for Tibia. See, I was passin' through Cali and they said I might find her here or Oregon and there's no chance I'm shootin' up to Oregon you know? But by the way you smell, she's here isn't she" the girl smiled brightly, walking in, "I'm Ally by the way. Alison but Ally."

"I thought there was something familiar about your scent." Camber laughed softly, shutting the door after she slipped in and walking back through to the other end of the house. "She's on the porch."

"Oh, that was rude of me, I'd love to talk to you more, specially since you smell so much like her, but the girl will never be anywhere short of my first priority." she grinned, following after him.

"I wouldn't expect a mother to feel any other way about their child." he smiling, looking down over his shoulder at her.

"Either you got pups or you are one." Alison laughed, "An alpha...either you're a really good man or I'm going to have to find some way to kill you."

"Well Tibia hasn't tried to kill me yet so I feel really good about that not being your answer." he grinned. "I was a pup. A quad."

"I had four, but you probably know that." she patted his shoulder, walking through the door he held for her.

"Tibia." Camber chuckled, walking out into the porch again with her mother.

She tilted her head back with a smile that grew into a grin with the sight of Alison standing there with her hands on her hips.

"If I didn't know better I'd think you were hiding from me." Alison teased, holding her arms our as Tibia practically tripped over her feet, scrambling up to close the distance between them.

"I looked everywhere." Tibia hugged her mother the moment she got close enough, the sight an odd one since Tibia who stood at five foot, seven inches and looked to be in her early twenties, looked more like an older sister or possibly mother than the girl she embraced.

"I was in Orlando." Alison chuckled, hugging her daughter tightly.

Camber chuckled, settling back down on his spot on the stairs. "I'll speak up in her defense and tell you that was where she was headed next."

"I figured you'd gotten yourself into some trouble." Alison smiled at Camber, "Yhis is a pleasant surprise.

"I was in trouble for a minute." Tibia admitted with a chuckle, "Car broke down here but, everything worked itself out. Mama, this is Camber. Camber my mama." They pulled away slowly but Alison kept a hold of Tibia's arm.

"An alpha." Alison said in a teasing tone again.

"A wonderful man." Tibia answered simply, leaning down to kiss her mother's cheek. "I think I'll keep him."

"Don't you talk to your ma like that." he grinned. "Took you forever to figure that out too."

"I didn't have any kind of tone but if you want, he's an ass mama." Tibia smiled lightly, making the woman laugh.

"We'll have to do something about that then, wont we?" Alison leaned her head against Tibia's shoulder.

"Thinking I should just sit in my corner and let you two catch up." he laughed softly.

Alison let go of her daughter, lowering herself to sit next to Camber, "Or you could tell me about the man that's got my restless daughter so content."

He smiled at her. "Mm, not sure I can help you with that. I can tell you all about why I find her so fascinatingly perfect but I dunno her thoughts on the subject."

"Modest." Alison glanced at her daughter, "Unusual in an alpha. I'm impressed so far."

"Told you." Tibia said, sitting down and leaning in to nuzzle her mother's arm. "Modest, kind, nearly opposed to turning people, and he's helped me get control of our pack."

"What?" Alison turned to look at her daughter, "You're going back?"

"I have, with some of the packs from the treaty. I killed Jacob already and we're weeding out those who cant live peacefully.. it's so different there." Tibia smiled, "You have to come see."

"Hm, all this change from one guy, are you mated yet?" Alison looked to Camber.

He smiled sweetly. "You'd think she'd have mentioned that, yes. This seeing her a week or so at a time thing is killing me though."

Alison grinned widely, wrapping her arm around her daughter once again but this time her other went around Camber, "I can only imagine, Congratulations."

Camber laughed softly, leaning forward to kiss Tibia's mother on her cheek. "Thank you."

"Well damn, there go my plans to kill you." Alison sighed.

"Mamaaa." Tibia giggled.

"That's very good news for me, I think." Camber smiled.

"Yep. I'm sure you've heard all about my escapades. Tibia wouldn't be able to trust if she couldn't trust without trusting fully'" Alison mused, "I don't think I'll be going back to Oregon though just yet, maybe one day but it can wait right?"

"It can but you should stay here." Tibia mused.

"Course, your welcome here." Camber smiled, head tilting towards the trees as he heard the playful growling of the pups.

"I probably will for a while at least, but I like my travels." Alison chuckled, "Love you to death but alpha's have no problem with a submissive in there territory. You scare them senseless."

Camber chuckled and glanced back at Tibia. "Was I?"

"Another thing vastly different about my love," Tibia chuckled.

"Really? We've all always just thought he was strange." Bellaca chuckled, making her way out into the porch.

"Love you too." Camber raised an eye.

"Bell," Tibia smiled, getting up and dragging her mother with her.

"Hey. hey, easy." Alison laughed, letting her daughter pull her up by her arm "That's connected ya know."

"This is my mama. Mama, Bellaca, Camber's sister and my good luck charm." Tibia grinned as she embraced Bellaca quickly.

Bellaca laughed. "First I was her angel and now I'm her good luck charm. I do not think I live up to either."

"She's both." Tibia nodded.

"She's not easily infatuated so I'm encouraged to believe her." Alison admitted, "It's nice to meet you either way though."

"It's very nice to meet you." Bellaca smiled.

"What'd you do with Luca?" Camber asked, eyes turned to the woods.

"Oh shut up." Bellaca muttered, knowing it was rare to be seen without him. "With Kael still I guess."

"Evaded the poor man again, hm?" Tibia teased.

Alison ignored the conversation for a moment, slowly leaning closer to Bellaca until her face was an uncomfortably small distance away from the girl and tilted up toward her neck.

"Uum...mama what ate you doing?" Tibia raised an eyebrow, looking as if it was as odd to her as it was to Bellaca.

Alison's nose twitched and she couldn't resist as her lips pulled into a smile. She straitened but took Bellaca's hand now.

"Congratulations are in order to you too." Alison smiled up at Bellaca

Bellaca blinked slowly, glancing to her brother and Tibia to see if either one knew what she was talking about. When she was met with confused gazes she raised an eye with a very graceful, "Huh?"

Alison chuckled, "Probably slightly recent then but, you're pregnant sweetheart. I'd know that smell anywhere."

Bellaca's eyes widened and she turned five shades of red instantly. That one statement was the last thing she had ever expected to hear.

Camber laughed suddenly, covering his mouth to stop the sound but it didn't stop his body shaking.

"Seriously?" Tibia looked to her mother with an expression similar to Bellaca's.

"Wouldn't get your hopes up for nothing. You should notice it yourself in a few weeks or so." Alison nodded, "Start to feel it sooner than that. Body changes more than your scent will, just be sure to stay in your human form. That's what makes it even more rare. If you conceive as a wolf you should stay wolf, if you conceive as a human as you clearly did since your progressing, your should stay human. Few catch onto that."

"Stay in my human form." Bellaca repeated. This wasn't the sort of thing they were schooled on and her own mother had been gone for years before she'd ever thought to ask.

"Its tempting on the full moon and you'll get plenty restless, but you'll be alright, just forewarn that mate of yours." Alison shrugged. "And eat all the meat you want, its good for them, its all the other junk that's less useful."

"Will the pregnancy be as long as a normal humans or shorter?" Camber asked. They had been the only ones of their generation born into the Colorado pack so they knew little.

"I need to sit down." Bellaca muttered, completely overwhelmed.

Alison took Bellaca's arm quickly, guiding her to sit next to her brother; "You'll be just fine sweetie. It's actually about six months but the babes will be full-grown so you and moving will not get along. Fortunately we stretch and adapt better than regular humans."

"Hey, this is fabulous." Tibia said softly, wrapping her arms around Bellaca's neck supportively from behind.

"She's gone into shock." Camber said, observing his sister with a small smile.

Bellaca shook her head slowly. "Quiet you..."

"Any questions at all, I'll be happy to answer them." Alison rubbed Bellaca's arm.

"When my heart leaves my throat and goes back into my chest I may be able to think of something to ask." Bellaca smiled shakily. "Thank you."

"Well I was thinking more, over the duration of this pregnancy." Alison chuckled.

"You'll stay then?" Tibia looked to her mother.

"I can." Alison nodded, "I was thinking of getting a cell phone but with that look you just gave me I think I'll have to stay."

"That certainly is good news as well." Bellaca smiled brightly.

"Excuse me, I have two pups to round up." Camber chuckled, dragging himself up with his eyes on the woods before them.

"Hey, it's our turn next you know." Tibia chuckled.

"And as you've stated so often just today, I am a cheater. You're going down sweetie." Camber grinned.

"That's what you think" Tibia gave him a wink.

"Eew, way to be inappropriate." Alison grinned widely.

"Oh believe me. They're just getting started." Bellaca laughed as her brother wander off into the woods.

"Love you mama." Tibia laughed.

"Bellaca." Luca sighed as he walked out, Kael close behind him. He was already to scold her, his worry for her safety eternal.

"He is so not allowed to be cross at me right now." Bellaca pouted.

Kael chuckled. "Poor dear." he teased before turning to Alison. "Guest?"

"Funny how things turn out," Alison chuckled, "Tibia's mother, so she doesn't have to make the introduction a third time."

"I've heard of you." Luca mused, his eyes on Bellaca as he moved closer, "Nice to finally meet you."

"Hi mom." Kael smiled, crouching down to hug Allison happily.

Alison embraced him easily, "Well hello son I did not know I had."

"He's Camber's brother." Tibia chuckled.

"Aaah, well that makes sense but I'd have accepted him regardless" Alison ruffled Kael's hair with a grin.

Kael purred and smiled wide. "That's nice to know. I'm Kael, the baby of our fine set. Love me please."

"I'm afraid I spoiled him a bit." Bellaca smiled slightly, sparing him glance.

"As well you should have, my youngest wouldn't let us." Alison said kindly.

"Why shouldn't I be mad at you, you agreed." Luca crouched on a step lower than Bellaca's and locked his gaze onto hers.

She leaned forward, resting her arms on her knees. "I was just told I was pregnant."

"What?" Kael sat up straight suddenly, raising an eye.

Luca just stared at her for a long minute, shock soaking into him before reaching up to stroke her cheek, "By who…"

"By me" Alison sat back, "Take a deep breath, you'll probably pick up on it."

Luca looked to her, clearly humbled by the announcement, before looking back at Bellaca, "Wh..how..?"

"I should how you would know how." Kael smirked. "We gotta have that talk?"

Bellaca turned a light shade of red again. "Kael..."

"How he says." Tibia teased, wrapping her arms around Kael. They'd turned into a pair of instigators and were proud of it.

"Children." Alison scolded.

"Sorry." Luca chuckled, looking down for a moment as he shook his head. He tilting his head up and leaning forward to kiss Bellaca.

Kael laughed, hugging Tibia tightly as Bellaca cupped Luca's face to kiss him. "Awe. What's with all the pups all of a sudden. The family's getting huge."

"I don't think that's something you should whine about." Camber chuckled, being followed by two wolf pups.

"Aaawe, look at the little ones." Alison cooed suddenly at the sight of Austin and Seth, her voice snapping to serious a moment later, "Haven't seen any that small in years what the hell are you people doing?"

"They're from Nevada, started everything in motion to get the pack cleaned up." Tibia explained.

"Oh.. well alright then." Alison smiled again.

Tibia laughed and hugged Kael tighter, "They would bite off their own tongues first."

Kael dragged Tibia along with him to lean closer to Alison. "It's the water here." he whispered.

"Kael..." Camber chuckled. "Shut up."

"Tibia." Kael whined with a grin. "Camber's being mean to me."

"Tell you who can get him in line" Tibia grinned, pointing to her mother.

"Now why are you trying to put me to work?" Alison shook her head. Despite he comment she looked delighted.

"Your family is loud." Luca muttered as he embraced Bellaca tightly.

"I'm sorry." Bellaca muttered, pulling him back into a soft kiss.

"No she's not." Kael whispered loudly, leaning across Tibia's lap to be closer to his sister and her mate.

"Stop trying to pick a fight, Kael." Camber chuckled, picking Seth up in his small wolf form.

"She's probably not but...I cant be mad" Luca chuckled, hugging her tightly. He was still overwhelmed from the information. He was going to be a daddy.

"Aaawe, look how happy he is." Tibia cooed.

Alison held a hand out to pet Austin who stood at Camber's side. Austin was cautious but inched towards her slowly to get his ears scratched.

"He should be." Kael grinned.

"Just let the family get bigger." Camber smiled slightly.

Alison stroked his head once he got closing, "Hello there sweetie."

"Happy is not the word." Luca purred.

"It's better." Bellaca purred softly, put at ease with his presence. She rested her head on Luca's shoulder.

"I'm gonna need to add onto my house." Camber mused softly, sitting down with Seth settled in his lap.

"No, we need to ad onto ours." Luca grinned widely finally.

"This is...a nice place you've found yourself." Alison said softly, looking to Tibia as she scratched Austin's head gingerly.

"I think so." Tibia said softly, smiling as she pulled away from Kael to walk over to Camber.

"Yeah, it's nice here, mom." Kael smiled, watching as Austin laid by Alison's side. "But being around with four of them all the time, jeeeez."

"Shut it Kael." Camber smiled.

"You love it don't you?" Alison smiled at Kael.

"Shh," Tibia leaned up to kiss Camber's cheek, reaching to rub the side of Seth's face a moment later.

"Yeah, I love it fine. Family did just get a lot bigger." Kael smiled wide.

"It's your turn to bring someone home Kael." Bellaca chuckled.

"Ooh, I can't wait to meet her. Reminds me, mama, I need you to take him on a road trip since I'm never leaving." Tibia mused.

"I could do that, if he actually volunteered for it." Alison said softly as she continued stroking Austin's fur.

"Why are you trying to get rid of my brother?" Camber grinned.

"I kinda agreed." Kael chuckled. "Could be fun."

"Because the girls in this town apparently aren't working for him and I want another sister." Tibia stuck her tongue at him before leaning in to nuzzle Seth playfully.

"Well then alright, will have to wait till after your sister gives birth since I was volunteered as ...pregnancy advisor?" Alison looked between them, "I suppose."

Bellaca smiled softly. "I certainly appreciate that."

"Yeah, she's gonna have a big litter." Kael grinned.

Camber smiled. "She's gonna hurt you."

"My boy she really will hurt you. Only time in my life someone...well...everyone was afraid of me." Alison laughed.

"Looking forward to that." Bellaca sighed.

"So are we, Bell." Camber smiled a little. "Don't worry. We already know to be afraid of you on a good day."

"Even other packs are terrified." Luca agreed.

"You kids are adorable, but I need to get some sleep if you don't mind." Alison mused.

"You can have my old room." Tibia smiled, walking over toward Alison.

"I think I'll take you up on that." Alison mused.

"Hey, what do you say we head home?" Luca asked, nuzzling his face against Bellaca's neck. He wanted to be selfish with her and cut their visit short.

"Mhm." Bellaca smiled softly. "We have some stuff to go over."

"Poor Luca." Kael smiled, picking Austin up. "Gonna be a long six months."

"I'm not afraid." Luca stated, standing and picking her up seconds later, "I love her too much for that."

"See you tomorrow Bell." Tibia chuckled, kissing her friend's gingerly, "Congrats, again."

"We'll see you for lunch." Camber chuckled, watching as Luca carried off his embarrassed sister.

Tibia lead her mother inside to a room she could settle into, giving her fresh towels and going out to grab a bag of cloths and other useful items from the woman's car which was parked in front of the house. She returned outside as Kael was playing out in the yard with Austin and Seth and Camber was back to watching from the porch.

"My life is so perfect." she purred as she crouched down to wrap her arms around him.

He smiled, reaching to pull her closer to him. "I love you."

"I love you too...with all my heart and soul." she swore, leaning into him contently. "I didn't have much hope left and here she is."

"Told you so, and it'll get better." he smiled softly, watching his brother playing with the two newest pups.

"I don't see how when it's perfect." She said, purring, "But I have full trust in you."

He looked back, capturing her in a slow kiss. "Good." he said softly against her lips.

She made a soft sound in her throat, continuing the kiss passionately for a few long and enjoyable moments before drawing back. "C'mon you, lets go play with the little ones some, show em how it's done."

He grinned at her. "You mean show them how to cheat? Sure."

"Something like that." She growled as she stole a finale, rough kiss before standing up to pull off her sweater.


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