A/N: WARNING! THEMES MAY CHANGE IF I DON'T LIKE THEM!!! Except for the slash ideas darlin'. ;)

1: /SLASH/ (YAY!! :D)

2: Death.


4: Megan.

5: Google is my fifth savior. (Haha XD)

6: Tattoos.

7: Razor blades.

8: Depression.

9: Love.

10: Friendship.

11: Jealousy.

12: Fear.

13: Suicide.

14: Lost.

15: Hunters. (What the crap? How do you write about dogs?!)

16: Preachers son.

17: Dogs. (Really Katy? Dogs? Seriously...? Haha.)

18: God.

19: Stop.

20: Prayers.

21: Saint Jude.

22: Ballet.

23: FakeBestFriends. (It's now one word! :D)

24: Gay marriage wrong.

25: Bible beaters. (Already then...)

26: Set me free.

27: Vampires. (Duh-Like you haven't seen that one done before.)

28: Words.

29: Age.

30: Forever.


32: Addictted.

33: Hate.

34: Far away.

35: Soda. (?)

36: Running.

37: Library poetry.

38: Tree.

39: Expression.

40: Art.

41: Scream.

42: Gone.


44: Kiss{first or last}.

45: Different kind of shot-gun wedding. (Can't wait to write this one!!)

46: Kill the monster inside of me. (?)

47: You're wrong. I'm right. You're younger. I'm older. I have control over you until you turn eighteen.

48: Pet names. (.....Okay.)

49: Wonder.

50: Paint brush and canvas.

51: Beauty.

52: Models.

53: Dream.

54: Letters.

55: Sharp tonuge.

56: Filth. (?)

57: Coffee.

58: Sugar.

59: Media.

60: Magazines.

61: This is what has to happen in order for everything else to fall in place. (IDEA!)

62: Chat rooms.

63: Time.

64: Funeral/s.

65: Wait-One day you'll time will come.

67: Patience.

68: We won't stop.

69: Fate.

70: Drawings.

71: Trust.

72: What's eat me?

73: Hannah.

74: Bright eyes.

75: Writing club.

76: Jake?/Jill?/Fag?/Straight?/Fun?/Full of hate?

77: Jake and Jill

78: Don't 'H8' me please.

79: Fairy tale. (Slash? Straight? Guess we'll have to see! :D)

80: Rate me, hate me-Do as you please, it won't stop me from being me. (Gay Pride poem/story thing-y? I'm on a roll baby! ;])

81: Open me up and sew me back up-It'll still me eating at my mind. (I have no idea either....???)

82: Video games stole my little brother.

84: Eighty-Four is a Bore.

85: Next time (A poem written for a friend.)

86: What if what I want makes you sad? Angry? Upset? (For mom.)

87: I don't hate you-I just don't like you. (Thanks 'sissy'.)

88: Amy(Tell me how.) (For my cousin.)

89: It's not your fault-It's mine.

90: What's this word 'hate' mean?

91: My calender says 'WTF' after Tuesday. :)

92: Don't loose hope-Don't let go, someone out there will love you for you.

93: Theme Niney-Three! :D

94: Chuck Norris-Juuuuust kiddin'. ;) Seriously-It's going to be a poem about how you lost the game.

95: The poem about a cat and a bat!

96: My scales battery is low. :D

97: Laughing is a cure.

98: Sometimes food makes me hungry-Other times it makes me sick.

99: O-M-G I'm on poem ninety-nine! I'm almost done serving my time!

100: One hundred poems and stories! (YAY!!!)