My body was killing me. Literally. I wanted to lie down on the cold floor, and just sleep. My body wanted to die, and never wake up. "Can't take it, can you?" he asked, a smile spreading on his face. I wanted to curl my fist, and punch him, but it hurt too much. I would NOT let myself be beaten up by him again, but everything hurt SO MUCH. He always does this. He always comes when I least expect it, and he beats me.

I opened my eyes, feeling my rage take over, though I didn't want it too. "Yes, I can," I growl. Lethal adrenaline courses through my veins. I can feel my eyes dilating, and my vision starting to turn red. Finally I let my beast out, I let her find glory in my pain. His eyes widened as he saw my transformation. "This is the last time you will EVER make me feel inferior," my rage snarls, and my claws swipe across his face. I tried to keep it hidden, but I guess you can't tame a she-wolf.