I woke to the sound of birds chirping, and the sun shining on Aiden's dark hair. The light made his hair seem lighter than it really was. I was snuggled to Aiden's chest comfortably, and I didnt want to move. Sighing, he pulled me closer to him so that his scent invaded my nose. For that moment, I didnt care that HE was coming after me and actually might succeed in killing me, because all that mattered was that I was with the boy I possibly loved. I know that he's caused me alot of pain lately, but he also made me feel like I was beautiful, even though I am a monster. It also helps that he knows what I am going through when my wolf wants to claw her way out of me. "Good morning love," he murmers, gently stroking my back. I sigh in contenment and cuddle closer to him. "Morning," I answer, fisting my hand in his shirt.

I am about to fall back asleep in his arms, when I notice that there is no noise whatsoever coming from downstairs. Normally, Ashley, Derek and Kate are super loud when the prepare to go to school, so when I heard the defeaning silence, I forced myself to get up from bed. "Where are you going?" Aiden asks, his eyes still closed. "Just to check on the family," I answer, gently kissing him on the cheek. A soft smile crosses his face and he says, "Okay," then snuggles into my pillow. He looks adorable laying there, with his hair all messed up and his cheeks red from sleep.

There is no one downstairs, or in any of the rooms. I look everywhere for signs of where they might have gone, but there is nothing. When I get back upstairs, Aiden is softly snoring, curled up on the bed. I get my cell to try and call Ashley or Derek, but neither of them answer their phones. "Aiden," I say, really worried about where my family might be. It was a regular school day, so I had no idea where they might've gone except to work. But it was only 7:00 and neither of them left to work until thirty minutes from now. "MMMM," he says, burrying his head in my pillow. "I need your help," I say, nudging him awake. He growls low in his throat, and pulls me onto the bed next to him. "Five more minutes," he sighs, resting his face in my hair. I wrap my arms around him and rub his back. His muscles bunch under my hands, and I try very hard not to rip this shirt off of him. I need to focus on my missing family, and not how amazingly sexy my boyfriend is. After five minutes passes I wake him up for real. "Its been five minutes," I say, pulling away from his grasp. "Okay," he answers, starting to stretch himself awake.


She looked amazingly beautfiul, even though she had nothing on except an oversized shirt and her underwear. Her hair was so long and it fell around her worried face in soft waves. "What's wrong?" I ask, sensing her worriedness. "I dont know where my family is," she answers, looking around the room. "They probably didnt want to disturb you and went to breakfast with Kate, then to work," I say, trying to rid her of her fears. She seems to like this explanation and says," You think?" I nod my head in agreement and say, "Now, lets get dressed so we wont be late to school." Sighing, she reluctantly takes my hand to climb off the bed. "If they aren't home by the time school ends, then we can call the police to report them missing," I say, trying to soothe her thoughts. She nods her head, then pulls me to a stop. Wrapping her arms around me she says, "Thank you for calming me down," and then kisses me.

Her lips are amazingly soft. I've known this for a while now, but it just hit me how perfect she is. She rests her arms around my shoulders and pulls me down so she doesnt have to tip toe to reach me. I run my hands down her back to pull her closer to me, because she is WAY too far away. A soft noise escapes her mouth when I pick her up off the floor. She wraps her legs around my waist as I carry her to the bed. I know that we have to get ready for school, but how am I supposed to ignore her perfect body?

When she runs her hands under my shirt and touches my stomache muscles, I try to not groan out loud. "I think you should get rid of your shirt," she whispers, pulling away from my kiss. I bury my face in her neck, letting her beautiful wolf scent cover me. My wolf is begging me to mate with her, and I agree wholly with his idea. She rips off my shirt when I make no move to take it off. "You can buy a new one," she says, seeing my shocked expression. My love for her surges as she kisses me. "I think I may love you," I say, running my hands down her body. All of a sudden she stops everything and pulls away from me. "Whats wrong?" I ask, hoping she doesnt get mad that I said I loved her. "You THINK you love me?" she asks, enraged. "Well, I mean, I do love you," I answer, trying to evade her anger. "Wow Aiden. Thats great. Thanks for thinking you love me," she growls, getting off the bed, away from me. "Cori, dont be like this. You know I love you!" I say, trying to keep her near me. "You're just saying that because I'm mad," she snarls, dodging my hands. SIghing, I say, "The only reason I said that was because I was scared you didnt love me yet and that if i said that I loved you, that you would run away from me." She seems to like this explanation because then she says, "Oh. Okay," and hugs me tight. Who would've thought that female werewolves would be so BIPOLAR?


He loves me! I must admit, I am a pretty good actress! I mean, who else can make their boyfriend tell them that? Pulling away from Aiden, I say, "I love you too." He smiles at me, and my heart melts. I wanted to push him back on the bed and get back to where we stopped, but the time was 7:30 and I had to be at school in about half an hour. "We really should get ready for school," I say, tapping my watch. "I guess," he says, looking sadly to the bed. I chuckle at his down trodden face and say, "Maybe we can pick up with where we left off this evening." His grin is so large I fear his face might crack. "I want this evening to be here already," he sighs as I walk to my closet. I swear, boys only have one thing on their mind.

I decided to wear a long maxi skirt that was dark with light orange flowers as the pattern. I paired that with a orange tank top and a black motorcycle jacket on top. My shoes were tall black booties that were leather also. I put on a gold snake bracelet with a turqoise gem in it, and some turqoise drop earrings. "Are you ready yet?" Aiden asks, as I fix my hair in the bathroom. "Would you calm down," I growl, annoyed that he's annoyed. Sighing heavily, he lays down on my bed.

WHen I am done getting ready, I enter my room to see Aiden asleep on the bed. He is wearing a white undershirt with the same jeans he wore yesterday, and a motorcycle jacket. Where in the world did he get the motorcycle jacket? "You need to be awake to go to school," I say, shaking him awake. He groans, but wakes up. His green eyes stare intently at me when I ask him where he got the jacket. "I always carry an extra jacket with me in case anything bad happens to what I'm wearing," he answers, eyes pointing to the torn shirt that was lying on the floor. I laughed sheepishly, and pulled him down the stairs to the car.