This story was a request of someone. I give them credit for the idea. However the idea to place this in a more modern-future time was my idea. Character names were mine.

Thank you Pain-Killer-Joe.

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

In the vast city of Sara'an Saudia, a large Arabian metropolis of Anthropomorphic beings. Daily life went on as usual, merchants were trading goods and there was gossip in the taverns. Today's gossip however had been all of plots of war between the humans and the Anthro people of Sara'an Saudia's Kingdom.

As the hustle of daily activities went about a Anthro Lizard woman draped in a vibrant red cloak of silk made her way through the streets of the city. The sand was blowing about rather harshly today. She stopped at a fruit stall to buy a Duran fruit. "Thank you kindly lass..." Said the merchant with a smile. The young woman walked on thinking to herself, she had a lot on her mind.

Her people seemed so cheerful, yet their great kingdom was at a food crisis. The fields had not produced quite enough food this season, Prices had rose to make up for these losses and as a result many have been starving. She looked around seeing children in rags running around playing a game of tag and to this she couldn't help but smile. She grieved upon the thoughts that things like this affected today's youth. She looked into the sky and saw one of the airships sailing by she began to day dream.

The woman had been brought out of her day dream by a small Bunny child tugging on her cloak. He whispered to her. "Princess Aiko? Is that you?" he asked quietly. The woman smiled softly as she picked the child up. "How is my little Seth doing today?" She asked playfully. The boy known as Seth smiled brightly "I'm doing good Princess. I was beginning to wonder where you were…" he said hugging her as she held him. Aiko giggled "My father has been keeping a close eye on me I'm afraid…But by pure luck the guard fell asleep." She explained. Seth grinned. "Then are we off to meet the others?" he asked, Aiko nodded with a grin to match his. "Yes captain we are." She said with a salute and they ran off.


Meanwhile up above, a vast airship floats over the city, onboard a small army of Elite human soldiers awaited the orders of they're commander, they were clad heavily in black armor from head to toe. They wielded weapons of all kinds, some with swords, axes and bows and others with more modern weapons such as guns. The commander walked in clad in sinister black and white armor. "To your positions men… We will attack when the clock tower strikes 12!" he announced firmly. The humans howled a cheer.


Aiko giggled some children chased her. "Get her men!" shouted one of the children. "You will not take the princess!" shouted Seth as he and a few other children jumped down from a tree. "Princess! Find a safe hiding place for your royal knights shall protect you!" declared Seth. Aiko smiled "Of course captain!" she said and climbed a tree.

She watched the children stage a battle bellow using sticks, some had trash can lids for shields. She couldn't wait till she had kids of her own one day.

Finally the last enemy was "struck down" and Seth stood with 2 of his "knights" They bowed to the Princess as she climbed down. The bell tower began ringing and the princess looked up at it and smiled thinking back to when the bell tower was built. Several years ago while she was very young the war between humans and furries had ended and the cities of the Anthro Kingdom were near decimation, and her father wanted to show his people that better times would come again and so the clock tower was built to remind them that time marches on.

The bell struck 12 and the princess smiled at the children. "I have to return to the palace" She said kindly. They children gave a groan of disappointment "Already?" They asked. Aiko nodded. "I'm afraid so.." She said and bid them farewell, she began to walk off.

Was seen flying towards them, it began a swift dive and opened fire with rapid precision rockets. Aiko stood watching in awe as the fiery destruction made its way towards her. And to her it didn't happen like those tragedy movies, things didn't seem to happen in slow motion, it was a loud series of explosions and the screams of the people were heard in fear and death, one moment she was watching and the next she had hit the sand. Her mind was a mass mess of thoughts screaming in her head with confusion. Was she alive? Was she okay? Were the children okay? Was she dying? She did not feel pain other than that of the people she could see lying in the streets wounded or dead.

Aiko could feel someone tugging at her cloak, she looked up and saw it was Seth. "Come on princess! Its coming back!" He shouted. She stood up slowly and looked around realizing the real tragedy that was befalling her people, only one word could come to mind. Humans. She checked over the children, they were dead. Seth shouted again and dragged her along as the aircraft made another sweep this time firing a heavy chaingun, sand was kicked up into the air from the force of it hitting on the ground. Aiko picked up Seth and ran. She did not know if it was courage or fear that filled her heart but she ran faster then she ever had before, but no matter how far she ran the aircraft seemed to follow as well as other aircraft that were causing carnage in other parts of the city.

The pilot of the aircraft scowled as he turned the dial on his targeting computers trying to lock onto the running woman. He went in for a sweep firing the 2 sub machine guns on the sides of his craft. Some how the female had managed to evade him yet again as he over passed her. He groweled in frustration and turned on his communicator. "Young female dragon on the run, heading due north towards the palace!" he informed.

"Don't worry, she's headed right for our ground forces." Exclaimed another Pilot.

Aiko kept running until she couldn't run any more. She took a quick break and looked around unable to find the aircraft that had been pursuing them.

"Hey you!" A voice shouted from across the road. She looked up and saw 2 soldiers clad in armor. She bit her lip for a moment then set Seth down. "Go find a safe place to hide Seth…" She whispered. Seth ran off behind a dumpster, Aiko slowly took her cloak off revealing her dress which bared the Royal Insignia. The soldiers drew they're long swords. "We've located the princess!" He exclaimed. Aiko drew her Rapier sword from her side as she racked her mind for the skills her uncle had taught her. The two soldiers drew closer and she decided to react, she stepped forward and swung low striking the left soldier on his knee sending a vibration through his knee and he collapsed. The second soldier swung his sword in annoyance to Aiko's attack on his comrade. She quickly parried and fainted to the left before striking down the soldier. She then pierced the fallen one through the heart. She looked to Seth and smiled briefly before a gunshot rang out from where she looked away, it struck her in the left thigh bringing forth a cry of pain from her.

She turned to him as he aimed again and threw her rapier piercing his skull. She limped over to him and retrieved her sword. More soldiers appeared and she quickly struck them down, she annihilated every soldier that came for her gaining only few wounds. Then a human who was not clad in any armor walked forward. She wore a skin tight white jump suit and carried no weapon. "It's time for you to give up princess…" She announced pointing to the burning palace. Aiko roared in rage and charged towards the woman. The woman's jump suit glowed with a high tech series of lights and she vanished, reappearing next to Aiko. The woman punched her in the gut and swiped her feet from under her then kept her air born with a series of precise blows. Aiko had long had the wind knocked from her and couldn't follow the woman's movements with her eyes, she was so fast.

Aiko was grabbed by the throat and slammed into a building, her head breaking a window.

The woman gave a serious look. "It's over Princess…Now it is your time to choose… Surrender….Or… Die…" She stated simply. "A choice not just for you…But for the remaining people of your queer little city… Life or death… Choose wisely… Your father is already dead…The treaty will be signed in blood Princess.. And if you refuse surrender then everyone will die and you fur fags will cease to exist…" She explained with a wicked smile. Aiko winced in pain, her entire body felt like it had been broken and pieced together again. The woman slammed Aiko's head on a crate near by earning a sharp cry of pain. "Answer quickly…I have little patience for your kind…" she commanded grimly. Aiko looked at Seth who was hiding, she could not risk his death…She had no choice. "I surrender…" Aiko said in defeat, looking down upon her shame.

"NO!" Shouted Seth angered by Aiko's forced surrender. He ran out towards the woman, a small dagger drawn. Aiko's eyes watched in horror at the soldiers gunned him down in 2 simple shots. His corpse fell to the sand. Aiko cried out in anguish at Seth's death.

End of Chapter 1

The next chaptor will contain the requested lemon story.