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Chapter 1: Slavery

What had started out as a avarage day for the furry capital of Sara'an Saudia had quickly become a war zone.. The humans had attacked with a vast fleet of airships and many platoons of sokdiers.. The city had been swiftly over run and the palace bombed by the Laviathan, a massive human war ship.

Soon came word of the Queen being captured.. The kingdom was met with a crushing defeat.. The King had been killed in the bombing of the palace, the soldiers of the furries had been slaughtered, hung, impaled and even raped. The humans had taken over the furry Kingdom and renamed the furry capital Ikana City in honor of the slaving capital-to be that would soon to be opened across the world. The furries freedom had began to rapidly deminish starting on this day...

The emperor stood over the crowd of people that was devided into humans and Furries. "My people!... Today marks the day of glory!" he announced as the Queen was brought forth to the stage, her body stripped naked and her eyes covered with a blind fold as she was gagged with a dog muzzle that had a rubber ball gagging her mouth. Her hands were bound behind her and she looked as if she had been beaten already on several occasions.

"After many long years of war... We have reached a balance of peace and justice! With the Princess's signature... We will dawn the era of a new age!" called forth the emperor as he held his hand forward "Furries will abide by OUR laws! They will not act without consent! I will hereby declare the new laws!" he said as he motioned for his royal criar to read the new laws.

"Let it be now known the laws and wishes of our emperor as stated... Furries will not publically interact with humans unless told otherwise... Furries have only the very basic rights of a civilian...However they are forbidden to disobey the command of a human... Furries will be in doors before night fall... Furries cannot mate without proper authorization papers... Furries may not show public signs of effection to one another... Humans desires will always come before the wants of a Furry... Furries must have authorization papers in order to have kids... Any furries who are currantly mated are hereby deemed Illegal law breakers...Children will be taken from the parents and sold on the market as house servants... Any form of resistance of any kind will result in immediate punishment and neccisary course of action..." The royal Criar exclaimed.

An uproar emmerged from the crowd of furries as they shouted and yelled complaints, a single gunshot and a single life taken was all that was needed to settle the dispute. The emperor looked at them. "Let the treaty be signed now..." he announced as he motioned to his gaurds who walked her over to a chopping block. A female imperial officer pushed the Queen onto her knee's and pushed her forward with the heel of her boot forcing the princess to lay her head on the slot in the chopping block. The executioner raised his axe slowly before bringing it down upon her neck, the laws were set into motion...The emperors treaty signed with royal blood...

Soon human soldiers were sent through the crowds to collect the many children from their parents, mated couples were arrested and placed in the hold of a prison air craft, screams of family and friends could be heard as well as gun shots to those who tried to stop them... Things would never be the same again.. And what of the princess..? No one of the public seemed to know, the rumor was she was dead... The imperials told them the Princess had abandoned them, fleeing to save her own life, but very little ever believed them..

Many years later...

Things in the world had changed drastically since that day of decree... Many uprising rebellions had fallen victem to execution and with every rebel act, new laws had been put forth.. Now Furries had little to no rights.. They lived in small villages called Labor Camps where they were forced to work for the humans for no pay at all... They were fed only the neccisary ammount of food needed to survive and the work was hard and difficult... Other furries had been sent to Slave camps where they were trained in the arts of pleasuring humans. Only rarely was a free furry ever seen roaming the land and even then they were declared illegal and hunted down. Our story begins with the Princess who had been locked away after her capture, she was never allowed to see the light of day and no one but a handful of gaurds and the emperor along with a select few higher ups knew she was there...


Deep in the emperors palace... Somewhere within the dark corridors and inside the Emperors dungeon... A tall female fox furry rested on her knee's her hips nicely shaped with her body giving her an hour glass figure, her legs finely curved and her breasts a good size 40 double D. Her orange fur was stained with bits of cum as her hair that had been tied back in a pony tail was gripped firmly by the strong hands of a soldier, the lips of her mouth wrapped around his throbbing member while she moved them gracefully over it. Her saliva building a slick coating over his member as the soft slurping sounds met with his ears while her tender soft tongue licked his member during the time she worked.

His grunts of pleasure signaled her that he was enjoying himself which was good for if she failed to meet his liking she would be harshly punished. Her movements became slowed as she rocked on her knee's, bobbing her head over his member slowly at a random pace before pulling back slowly, her panting left warm breaths sending chills up his spine. She could see her own breath as how cold it was in the dungeon it was times like this she would think to herself. 'How did I end up like this..?'

Her eyes averted up to his face hoping he was not looking, it was considered offensive for a slave to look a free man in the eye. She gripped his slicked member and stroked gently as she layed a line of butterfly kisses down his member leading to his balls. "Good girl..." he grunted as he rubbed her fox ear, the bell on her collar jingled softly as she took one of his balls into her mouth and suckled gently, closing her eyes while her ear was rubbed. "Mmmm..." the sound escaped her throat as her bushy fox tail wagged slowly before she licked her way back up to his member and took it into her mouth again resuming her movements.

The soldier gripped her pony tail and forced her to take in his full member, beginning to thrust into her mouth, fucking her throat hard and deep. Her eyes closed firmly, gags and choked gulps could be heard from her throat while she sucked him off the best she could, her juices were dripping from between her legs as she muffled a gagged moan from her throat before the soldier shot his load down her throat, some of it dribbling from the corners of her mouth as she gulped it down.

The soldier stroked her cheek as he held her by the hair "Such a good little slut.." he said with a grin as he binded her wrists behind her back and dragged her by the hair back to her cell. She was forced into the tiny cell as the cage door was shut and locked. She watched as he walked off leaving her in the darkness, leaving her to dwell on her thoughts while she shivered from the cold that was retained in the dungeon.

"My name is Aiko Lionheart.. I am an imperial Slave. I was once a great general for the Rebellion... But my men were slaughtered at an ambush... The survivors were executed the following morning at the chopping block.. I was spared, but only to serve as an imperial cum slut.. I spend my nights in the freezing dungeon... Some times I awake and my fur has frost stuck to it.. My water bowl freezes from time to time and I am fed a meal at the end of every 3 days.. The portions are the very minimum needed for my survival.. I am graced with the presence of fresh water in my bowl every few days... Little help that does when it freezes on those extra cold nights... I hope that one day someone would read this and know my pain...My name is Aiko Lionheart... Remember me..." Ishtar finished etching the words into the journal that she had found in the cell upon her early arrival. Curling up she closed her eyes to sleep.