Life goes on...

Officer Harvard Kingston found the girl's body the day after the storm, and Officer Harvard Kingston called the girl's family down to the police station to give them the bad news. Her mother broke down sobbing, as was expected of someone who had recently lost a child, but the little brother just sat silently, looking at the wall. "I knew she was going to die," he kept saying. "I just knew."

"How did you know?" Officer Harvard asked, whipping out a notebook.

"Daddy told me," he said simply.

"Your father?" Officer Harvard turned on Mama. "Ma'am, is this boy's father abusive in any way? Is there any history of violence in the family whatsoever?"

Mama shook her head, still crying. "My husband is dead," she answered. "M-Milo doesn't have a daddy."

"I do, too!" Milo insisted. "I dweam about him. He takes me to a gawden. He and Kiki are there. They said I wouldn't wemember the dweams, but I do."

Officer Harvard closed the notepad and sighed heavily. Dreams. Dreams meant nothing. He himself hadn't remembered a dream in years. "I'm so sorry for your loss," he said to Mama.

Milo stood his ground. "I saw them," he said stubbornly. "I saw them. Kiki woves me. And so does Daddy." Nobody believed him. Why would they? He wasn't even four years old yet; he had no idea what he was talking about.

The irony of it all was that he knew more than the rest of them did.

Sometimes, things aren't what they seem to be at all. Sometimes, a best friend can become an enemy. Someone who claims to love you can destroy you beyond all repair. Something you write can come true, and something you expect to happen can completely turn around. The beautiful girl can end up a fallen angel, and the minor character can turn out to be the most fantastic and amazing of all.

"Goodnight, Kee," Milo whispered before he went to bed that night.

Sometimes, the ending you want turns into something else entirely.

"Hey, Milo," Kiki said, smiling at her brother as she pulled him through the mirror.

Be careful what you believe.

The obvious isn't always right. The norm isn't always the reality.

The gossip isn't always true.