Michelle Hellstern – Queen of Devonshire. Looks like a normal, everyday person. She does not care about how she looks. She is a scientist. Sometimes goes into a drunken stupor and forgets about things. Can speak to animals clearly.

Louis Frances – Nicknamed 'Butler'. Michelle's butler. He can make the most exquisite food available. Usually tells her not to drink, but she does anyway.

George Travis – nicknamed Travis. He is a scientist and works with Michelle occasionally. The two are best friends. Loves to do crazy things. Has the ability to remember every single detail in his notes.

David Leblanc – accidentally found Michelle when looking for work. Eventually falls in love with her, despite Michelle being Queen. Is a junior scientist. Loves to help. Can ID any chemical by sight.

Charles Dunn – nicknamed the Nuthatch Man because of his love of them. Has seen nearly every species in Devonshire and surrounding countries. Has the ability to walk long distances without tiring.

Not this takes place in an alternate universe. You're thinking Fringe? I'm thinking Fringe, too.

Chapter 1

Four years ago…

Sighing, I closed my laptop. Travis and I had been studying every animal in Devonshire, or at least trying to; we have seen half of the known species (Nuthatch Man or Charles Dunn seeing more than we have!). I was the one to record the data and he was the one to write the notes. It was four AM. I was used to staying up late. I yawned and collapsed on the floor, from exhaustion.

I woke up at ten AM, because of a phone call. I picked it up. "Hello?" I answered. "Who is it?" A video image of Travis appeared.

"Hey, it's me, Travis," he replied. I waited for him to say something. "I've discovered a new species of avimammalid, but I don't know what to call it," he shrugged.

"Well, what does it resemble?"

"It kind of reminds me of a kestrel, in a way."

"Well… call it kestrel running bird, then."

"Thank you for your input. I was thinking the same thing, actually."

"Great minds think alike," I winked. He blushed and held up a drawing. "That's a good drawing!"

"Thank you!" he grinned.

"No problem. Call me when you get more details. I have to go now. Queen things," I sighed. "Bye."

"Bye," he nodded. I sighed again and hung up.

"Wow that meeting was boring," I yawned. I sat down and looked at the Hera Newspaper. "'Man Caught Eating Rare Pheasant'. Wow, what a dumbass," I laughed. "I hope he gets thrown in jail for a long time. That's what you get for messing with my animals," I laughed. My cell phone rang again. "Again?" I mumbled, "why now?" I picked it up. "Hello?"

"Michelle… help me, I've been in an accident! Someone set fire to all of my data and wiped my hard drive clean!" A video image of Travis appeared. His face was covered in black smoke and his hair was fringed. He coughed. "Michelle… what do I do?" I shuddered. "We have to start over."

"We do… we do, Travis. We have to, for the sake of my country."

Four years later

I lightly dusted an Upupimimus fossil. It was named because Travis thought it a hoopoe, but he was wrong. It turned out to be a coelurosaurian dinosaur, like Velociraptor. I looked over at my baby Utahraptors. "You're getting big little guys," I sighed. "All right, I have to go to bed now guys, I'll see you tomorrow," I put on my coat while turning off the main lights and locking up.

I looked in the fridge and opened up a bottle of vodka. "Queen Michelle, why are you drinking vodka again?" Before my butler could say anything else, I had already opened the bottle. I took a swig and sat down. "I'm not going to give you any medicine if you don't stop drinking."

"Shut up," I mumbled and took another swig. My face was flushing. "This is why I love alcohol. It tastes good, feels good, and stays down well in my stomach." Butler sighed. "Besides, it's the anniversary of the fire that destroyed all of Travis's work. I have to drink to prevent myself from crying," I sniffled. "It was four years ago today, if you don't remember…"

"Yes, I remember," Butler nodded.

"I'm glad I built this castle with the help of you guys," I sighed. I took one last swig of the bottle and collapsed.

"Goodnight," Butler huffed and walked out of the kitchen. I smirked and sat up when he retired for the night.

I got up and made sure he was gone. I snuck out the door and ran across town. "Time for the night life," I sighed. "You know what? Never mind. I think I might go and visit Eagle Feather." He was a buckskin Frost horse that I befriended about five years ago. I whipped by my lab to make sure it was all right. I saw somewhere there. I kept my hand on my holster, just in case.

"What are you doing near my lab?" I asked this mysterious person.

"I'm looking for work."

"Work? I ain't hiring anyone."

"But that sign, on the window."

"I didn't do that, Travis did," I rolled my eyes. "I'm Michelle Hellstern, who are you?"

"David Leblanc," he replied, "but you can just call me Davey."

"Come into my lab, so I can get a better look at you. All right?" I looked at him and he nodded. I groped for my keys and found them. I unlocked the door and flipped on the lights. "Welcome. We only have two other scientists, other than me. Their names are George Travis and Charles Dunn. They're also called Travis and Nuthatch Man, respectively." I looked at him. I nearly collapsed. He was so hot. He was taller than I was, maybe about ten inches taller. His eyes and hair were both brown, like mine. He had an accent that was different, as if he weren't from here. "As you know… I'm short…," I blushed. His face was sullen. "I've never fallen in love before…," I thought. "I'll be right back," I ran off to the bathroom. I could hear him gasp as I ran. I slammed the door behind me and sat down in a corner.

"I've never been in love; I've never been in love… I promised my father I'd never fall in love," I stood up and stared into the mirror. "Look at me, I'm a mess. I'm half-drunk and I feel sick."


"Yes David…," I sighed. "You can come in, if that's what you're asking… it's not like I'm sitting on the toilet or anything."

"O-OK," he hesitated and opened the door. "Are you OK?" he patted me on the back. I flushed a deep red.

"I-I think I was hit by Cupid's arrow…," I sighed. "But I promised my father I wouldn't fall in love! I've been chastising myself this whole time! And it's killing me! Everyday I wonder what sex is like!"

"Are you saying that you're in love with me?"

"Don't you believe in first love?" I blushed again.

"Yes… I've been hit by Cupid's arrow too."

"Let's not tell anyone. My dad would probably be very angry. He is the prime minister after all. However… we've been looking for a king for a long time."

"You what?" he mumbled.

"Do you not recognise your own Queen?"

"N-no! You're the Queen? No way!"

"Yes. I'm the Queen. I mask my identity when I'm in public…," I sighed. "Excuse me a second," I sniffled. "Today was the anniversary of when Travis's house was set on fire and when his hard drive was wiped clean. We had to start over. That's when Travis gained the ability to remember everything he wrote in his notes. I have the ability to speak to any animal in any language. Did you know different birds have different dialects? Like crow is different from eagle. It's really cool. Oh crap, I realise I'm rambling. What's your ability?"

"I can identify any chemical just from sight. Your ability sounds amazing. I wish I could talk to animals too."

"You can briefly gain them if you touch me but if you want them permanently…"


"You'd have to have sex with me. I'm sorry, but it's true. D-do you want to have a relationship with me?"

"Yes… I've never had a relationship either."

"T-thanks… where are you from? It doesn't sound like you're from here."

"I'm from Shire."

"Shire… wow… we were in a war with them for the longest time. I'm glad we came to agree with the new treaty. No wonder you didn't know I was the Queen. You want to work? I'll cya tomorrow. Be here at 9 o'clock sharp."

"All right. Goodnight, Michelle."

"Good night, David."

"Hey, I'm ready to work," David said, knocking on the front door of the lab. I got up from my chair and opened the door.

"Welcome, David. It was nice meeting you last night."

"It was a pleasure." I giggled and blushed. "What?"

"Your accent…," I grinned. "It's so adorable. How every word is said. I can't believe it. Cupid's arrow hit the right person," I sighed happily and shuddered. "Y-you're turning me on."

"I have a boner," he blushed. "Wait, did I say that aloud?"

"Yes," I furrowed my brow. "You did."

"Ah… I'm sorry!"

I leaned in. "Don't be," I whispered. "It's hot," I pecked him on the cheek. He blushed further. "What have I gotten myself into?" I mumbled. He had a 'what?' look on his face. "Oh sorry… it was nothing."

"Are you sure?"

"I was mumbling to myself. All right, so we don't go to fast, how about we ask each other questions?"


"All right… what's your middle name?"

"James. What's yours?"

"Michelle is my middle name. My first name's Heidi. I just prefer Michelle. So, do you have a nickname?"

"Davey, you like it? And do you have a nickname?"

"Sure, I do. Rolls off the tongue better than David. I don't really have a nickname, but it would probably be Mich. You don't have to call me that."

"What's your favourite food?"

"Probably pizza," he smiled slightly.

"Hey, that's mine too! You wanna go out for pizza?"

"OK. It would be a pleasure."

"Hmm… I'm tired of asking questions. You want to know what we do here?" He nodded. "All right, follow me, then," I led him to the first part of the lab, which was my office. "This is my office. I'm sorry I don't have anything bigger. Travis and Charles tend to work outside of the lab and they didn't want an office. I'll try to get you one, all right?" He smiled. "Aww… there's a smile!" I smiled back and walked out. I led him to the long hallway, which contains many fossils and specimens. "This is our specimen hall. Since I'm the Queen, we weren't allowed to kill animals. All of these animals were dead when we found them."

"What's that one?" he pointed.

"Oh that one? The fossil? It happens to actually be a replica. The real fossil is actually living right here, in this lab. I'm planning on releasing him soon. He's a Utahraptor. We have an amazing machine that can recreate fossils into living, breathing creatures. It is amazing…," I sighed. "You want to see how it works? It is a very complicated piece of machinery."

"OK," he nodded. I grinned and led him down the long hallway.

"Here it is," I grinned. I grabbed one of the smaller fossils, a foot of an Upupimimus. "This is an Upupimimus foot. It doesn't need to be whole for it to recreate it," I set the fossil inside the machine. I closed the lid and pushed a button. "All right… First, the DNA starts to form. Of course, that is what every living thing has. Then, the cells start to form, then bones, then muscles, organs, ligaments, etc. Last, the skin and feathers form. It takes about thirty minutes. Do you want to do something else?"

"OK… sure," he nodded.

"All right, how about some pizza?"

"Sounds good, let's go."

"Great," I grinned and showed him the way out. "What a day," I thought.