"What's the use?" I asked myself as I stared into the full body mirror. It was Prom; Jenny had set me up with this junior that Derrick, her boyfriend, knew.
We had shopped for hours together and I ended up with a dark purple dress that I feel makes me look like a dried up prune. Jenny insists otherwise. She is a short, pretty faced, blonde who is kind to everyone and has everything the world wants. She on the other hand, looked at thousands of dresses, each looking more amazing than the last. She had an amazing body full of curves. She chose a baby blue dress that flowed; it brought out her deep blue eyes.

Last year when I first transferred, I was classified as an outcast. Nothing about me stood out in a way that would make me popular. I have dark hair and brown eyes; the most common colors for facial features. My entrance to the school came almost unnoticed; Jen was the only person who took the time to get to know me.

I cannot take her friendship for granted. The first best friend I had betrayed me, and I will never forget the day I lost that person. The sorrow chewed at my heart slowly eating away things that held any meaning, it still is. So I ask myself now, what am I doing in a Prom dress?

A pounding from downstairs pilled me from my trance. I ran down the stairs to the best of my ability, to open the door and let Jen in. She looked me over for an instant then started pulling me toward the bathroom
"Is it that bad?" I asked.
"Yes," She said shortly. In the bathroom, Jen worked on my make-up then my hair. The time it took felt like an eternity. She led me to the mirror; I look-
"You look gorgeous." Jenny stated in her peppy tone.
"Thanks Jen, you did a great job." I smiled at her. There was a rap from downstairs once more.
"Oh, I bet that's them!" Jenny shrieked, and then she hurried down stairs in her graceful way. With caution, I followed her. As I reached the stairs, in view of the front door I about fell down the entire flight.

At the door was always beautiful Derrick, but next to him was a boy with a nice build, tall with tanned skin. He shook his shaggy black hair to reveal bright green eyes. He glanced up at me and smiled. I descended the stairs and joined the others. 'Good thing mom isn't home.'I thought to myself. Jenny nudged me as if to say, talk.
"Hi, I'm Rella." I said lamely.
"I'm Jay." He said holding out his hand. I took it and shook it lightly.
"So, shall we be going?" Derrick questioned, holding his arm out for Jen to take.
"Yes." We replied simultaneously. Before walking outside with the others I made sure I grabbed everything. When we stepped outside, a limo greeted us. We seated ourselves inside and began our ride, in style.

I had so much to ask Jen, but Derrick took her to dance right as we walked onto the dance floor. Therefore, I was left on the sidelines, as usual. Only this time there was a gorgeous boy next to me, scanning the room, with those amazing eyes. He looked at me and asked,
"Would you like to dance?"
"Uh," This was not what I had anticipated. "Well, dancing doesn't really quite work for me."
"Really," He raised one eyebrow.
"Yeah, so I think I'll hang back and-"
"Come on, just one dance." He interrupted. Without waiting for an answer, he grabbed my arm and pulled me onto the dance floor. I stood there feeling stupid and confused.

That was the only word he spoke, but something about it was mysterious. I did not hesitate, I didn't even think about the action. Soon enough we were pressed against each other in the middle of the crowd laughing. After several dances, he said he was going to get us drinks, so I went off to the side and watched him walk off. The sound of multiple heels pulled me away from him to look straight in front of me. Terri and her "buddies" had found me.
Damn it.I thought.
"Look who decided to come, all by herself." Terri said making a pouty face.
"I'm not alone."
"Oh, that's right, your imaginary boyfriend is with you, sorry."
"It's okay, because I almost forgot about your fake face."
Terri's friend who flanked her left side laughed sarcastically. "Why are you here?"
"Because I can be," I replied snidely to her comment. "Do you have a problem with it?"
"Yes, you pollute my air, I think you should leave." Terri said pretending to cough.
"I think you should go screw yourself."
Terri placed her hands on her hips, "Why would I do that?" She asked.
"I don't know; why would you do that Terri?" I said coolly.
"I think you are thinking of yourself." She replied.
"Nope. I'm thinking about the girl in front of me who is so fake, Barbie's jealous."
"Watch it." Terri warned.
"Oh, go suck Ken's plastic balls." I said gesturing to her man candy to the right. Terri cracked and advanced my way, then shoved me. I hit the wall.

Dad has had lots of beer today. When I got home, he started to yell at me. He thought I was gone for another reason."Why are you late?" He shouted, his words slurred together.
"I was working on a school project dad! I promise."
"Don't lie!" He shouted. "You're just like your mom."

He stepped away and grabbed something I thought it was another beer but I couldn't see. He walked up to me, grasped my arm and twisted it behind my back. If he pushed any farther up my arm would snap. From his pocket, he pulled out a knife. He shook me saying everything was my fault. Then he took the knife and put it into my shoulder. I felt the cool metal of the blade as it penetrated my skin. Tears streamed down my face. The key in the door turned and slowly the door opened. My mom walked in then. Seeing my father restraining me caused her to scream."

"Apologize, now." It was Terri's left flank.
"No." She was as insane as Terri was. I turned around to face them and saw the fury in Terri's eyes.
"I'm sorry." I paused and saw that only a handful of people were paying attention to the bullying. When I made I contact they all looked away. This was going to be fun.
"I'm sorry that you're too blind to see that all your friends hate you because you're a jerk to them. You're only pretty because of the make-up you put on and the clothes you wear."

Terri's "back up" girls made a gasping sound. Terri was the only one to make a move at me. I was going to follow her in suit in hopes of getting a nice punch. Firm but gentle hands took hold of my waist and a soft low voice whispered.
"Just forget it. Come outside with me." As of this moment, Jay was my knight in shining armor. Terri spat many nasty comments that stung but the one that hit home was;
"He only came with you for money."

After being outside for two seconds, I started to shiver.
"Can we go back in now? I'm cold." I whined. I rubbed my arms trying to keep warm.
"Not unless you cool off." He handed me his jacket.
"I'm calm now." I tried to sound convincing. Jay saw right through it.
"No you're not." He was right; it would take some time to calm down. I tried hard, but Jay kept staring at me, he leaned closer to my face; making me nervous.
"I like your eyes." He said.
"Thanks." I said confused.
"They have the slightest hint of green in them, right along the bottom." He continued.
"Really," This shocked me.
"Yes." His voice was calm. Everything seemed so perfect. Like this was how it should be. Something was still nagging at my brain.
"Was she right about tonight? Did you do this to get paid?"
"What?" He was taken aback, that was for sure.
"Well did you?" I repeated.
"No!" He exclaimed.
I was going to reply with something smart but his tone and expression were serious. Therefore, I believed him.
"Oh, well…" Now I felt stupid and didn't know what to say.
"There you two are." Derrick strode over. "Jen, they are over here." Soon Jen appeared.
"It's chilly outside, why are you outside?" She questioned.
"Because Miss mouthy started an argument with some girl," He paused. "Terri, I think her name was."
Jen looked at me. "Really Rella," She sighed, "Is that the only thing you are capable of?"
"I think so, but Barbie want to be had it coming."
"Did anything happen?"
"Nah, she just shoved me, and then we shared words." I indicated Jay, "He saved the day."
"Well it's a good thing. You don't need to get in anymore trouble." There was a pause. We all stood there for a moment staring at each other. For some reason I started laughing, which became contagious, soon everyone was laughing.
"So do you guys want to go?" Derrick asked.
"I think it is best." I answered.


Rather than go to any after party, or hotel the group went to Derrick's house to hang out and have their own private party. The whole Prom idea seemed dull to Jay from the beginning. But, after he heard of Rella he felt that he had to go. If anything unofficial happens, they will kill me. This is strict business,he thought to himself. This was more to remind himself he was here for one person only.
"So, what do ya'll want to do?" Derrick asked, slinging his arm around Jenny's shoulder. Jay glanced over at Rella for a reply; all he saw in her was a longing, a longing to be in Jenny's place. Jay forced his mind to join hers. A wave of emotions hit him hard: envy, boredom, misery and hate. Jay pulled out of her mind and closed his eyes, shaking his head. Something has and is troubling her,Jay thought.
"I'm going to change. Where is your bathroom?" Rella questioned. Derrick pointed her in the direction and the next second she was gone. It was silent until she returned and the question of what to do still hung in the air.
"There was this movie I wanted to see." Rella chimed in; she was leaning against the wall now.
"I don't really care what we do, what movie Rella?" Jen inquired.
Rella shrugged, "I don't remember but I know that its plot consisted of fairytale creatures at war."

"It's supposed to be really intense." Jay added to her statement. It always amused him to see what the human race thought of his kind.
"Okay sounds good; but you're going to get it." Derrick said. He and Jenny were cuddling close to each other.
"Fine," Rella said laughing lightly. "I need keys, and company would be wonderful." Before anyone could reply, Jay stood saying that he would accompany her. He looked her direction; her cheeks were a light shade of pink. When their eyes met her cheeks were rose red.


Why did I even ask?I questioned myself. It wasn't that I didn't want to be alone with Jay; whose looks were enough to paralyze a person. I did not want to make a fool of myself, there was a ninety-nine percent chance that that would happen.
Therefore, I gripped the wheel of Derrick's sleek sports car, avoiding conversation by concentration on the road.
"I think you should slow down." Jay said. I glanced over at the speedometer; it read about sixty, while the speed limit was ten less.
"Good idea." I eased my foot off the petal. The next few minutes were silent as we turned onto the exit. Then we pulled into the lot of the store Jay's eyes widened.
"Is it always so crowded?" He quizzed.
I nodded. He still seemed flabbergasted. I laughed.
"We met Derrick here, Jenny and I did. Over by the alley that day a couple was making out on top of the trash."
"Oh that's," he paused. "Interesting,"
"No, it's just sick." I laughed and opened the door. "Let's get that movie."
We got the movie and hopped back into the car. We started our journey back to the house. I figured that I shouldn't ignore him.
"When did you move here?" I asked.
"I moved a couple of weeks ago. I go to the academy."
We pulled into Derrick's drive and Jay jumped out of the car just as I was turning the key. He was quickly at my door. He kept surprising me in this way. We walked up to the door. He stepped in front of me and looked me in the eyes.
"Don't be jealous of Jen, there is no reason for you to be."
"How did- I am not jealous!" I completely gave myself away with that sputter of words. He gave me an amused look and opened the door, moving to the side.


Jay glanced around at the cans of soda, popcorn and chip crumbs that lay across the floor. Jenny had fallen asleep in Derrick's lap. Derrick himself was snoozing with his head tilted to the side, drool sliding down his cheek. Rella was laying on the floor her delicate but strong arms propping up her head. Jay placed about four feet from her, leaning against the couch sipping the last of his drink. Rella rolled over sitting up and stretching.
"Whoa," Was the only thing she said.

The movie was fairly close the reality for Jay. However, Fairies and other creatures of the same origin were hideous things. Glamour is what makes us what you see.As Jay thought this he, felt obligated to show Rella how his people really looked. That could mean exile.A voice told him.
"What are you thinking about?" Jay's eyes shot up to look into Rella's eyes.
"Well I was thinking about how real the movie seemed." Technically, he was not lying; he just didn't say everything that was on his mind.
"Oh," She cast her eyes away from him. Jay could tell that she was expecting another answer. She was hoping for something that possibly pertained to her. Jay looked at his watch wondering what the time was, 2:45!He exclaimed to himself.

"Do you need to be home?" Rella shrugged unconcerned.
"Mom's probably drunk. She will not notice." She said laughing. "She was out with coworkers today; I wouldn't be surprised if she still isn't home."
"If you want I'll drive you to your house." Jay offered.
"Oh, it is okay I can probably…" He cut her off.
"I'm giving you a ride home." She agreed almost automatically. She was more difficult to control than many others were, but it still worked.

Jay leaned against his car; a green eclipse, waiting for Rella to come out. Bored, he started to kick the gravel around. He bent down looking at a weed. He touched it lightly, picturing a rose, the thorns on the stem how the leaves bent. The color of the petals were as read as wine. No, red was not the right color, pink? No. Jay wrinkled his eyebrows together and thought. White, it is perfect.Just as Jay was standing up holding the newly produced rose, Rella came out of Derrick's house. She looked tired.
"Are you ready?" Jay asked. Rella looked up as if she forgot he was there.
"Yeah," She replied mid yawn. Jay turned and opened her door motioning for her to get in.
"Thanks." She muttered as she stepped in. Jay closed her door, walked to the driver's side, and hopped in starting on the way.


Sitting on a tire swing in the woods, I think to myself, 'This is familiar.' Then through the trees, I can see a small quaint house.
'Home,' I smiled.
I get up and begin to run towards it.
"Rella," A voice calls from somewhere. I spin around to see Jay.
'Oh, he is gorgeous.' However, he looked slightly different, okay extremely different. A thick vine ran from his left shoulder down his arm. Protruding from his back was a pair of frail looking wings; thin green wings. He wore no shirt so a tattoo was visible on the back of his shoulder. It was a large tree with wines wrapped around the trunk and branches, something about the tattoo seemed dark. It was scary, but attractive as well. I moved toward him.
"Rella," he said once again.
"Rella wake up." Jay repeated.
My eyes fluttered open to see Jay's face.
"Did I fall asleep?"
"Yes you did." A smile played on his tanned face. I looked around, taking in my surroundings. We were in the driveway of my house, all the lights were off, and so either mom was asleep or out somewhere with her friends.
"How long was I out?" I asked.
"Well we left at around three, so fifteen to twenty minutes." I looked straight into his eyes.
"It takes like seven minutes to get from Derrick's to my house. You are telling me that we have been sitting here for like fifteen minutes.
"Thirteen minutes actually." Jay said chuckling.
"Oh, shut up." Though I was angry, I was smiling back at him loosening up.
"So should I walk you to the door?"
I hesitated, "It isn't necessary." Jay shook his head and chuckled.

I turned to get my belongings from the back of the car and jot got out and walked to the passenger door opening it before I got the chance. As he did, he leaned into the car holding a white rose.

"This is for you as thanks for a wonderful evening." I took the rose and muttered thanks. As we walked to my porch his weirdness returned. He walked while looking at the ground with his hands in his pockets. He seemed nervous. We reached the porch, as he was about to turn away I said,
"Tonight was fun." He ran his fingers through his hair.
"Yeah, it was."
I stammered, looking for the words. "If you would like," I reconsidered the sentence. "I would like it if we could hang out. I mean you already know where I live because you have photographic memory." I joked.

"The only other thing we need to exchange is our numbers." I quickly added, "If you want of course?" He looked up, his eyes gleaming he smiled.
"Yes I would like your number." He pulled out his cell, and I dug into my back I brought, then we exchanged.
This is so amazing.I thought. My stomach was light with butterflies fluttering around.
"Here" He said as soon as he finished. We returned our phones.
"Uh, well I guess I'll see you around." I said.
"Goodnight Rella." He replied. I exchanged the farewell. We parted, he going to his car, and me to my room.