The failure,

I walk through the night,

You stand with a group of friends.

I approach,

Hugging you from behind.

Lifting you from the ground,

And carrying you away.

We get out of earshot,

I put you down.

I love you,

You say it won't work.

I curse my self,

Why do I feel this way?

You say it will fade.

My hands drop to your shoulders,

I look into your eyes.

My hands squeeze,

You gasp,

I don't know!

And your eyes show hurt.

I let go as if burned,

When really I caused you pain,

And it hurt.

I step back,

Stunned at what I did.

You walk away,

Almost running.

I look at my hands.

I turn to follow but it takes a minute to find you.

I walk forward,

Eyes cast downward.

I apologize,

Immediately you forgive me,

I know this isn't the end.

I force myself to look up.

I see the hurt,

And I back away.

You leave,

And I wish I could change it.

I'm sorry.