Wrote this on a lonely night. Kinda has to do with me, but not really. Cause even I get sick of hearing about myself!Were did my daddy go?

It's the middle of the night


And I'm remembering

A night so long ago

He was here with me a moment before

Watching T.V

As I lay with a pillow over my head


That night when i was nine

When the boy down the street...

A virtual stranger....


Where did my daddy go?

He just got up...

And walked out the door.

Where did he go?

What was so important that he left me here alone?

On the one night I chose to remember?

I need his presence now

Just sitting nearby made it easier

To remember


Where did you go?!

As soon as you walked out of the door

I jumped out of bed


I ran to the window

Tears forming in my eyes

And watched you walk away


How my sisters ran away...

As he held me back

Sisters....were are you going?

I-I'm still back here...

He's still got me!

Don't l-leave me....

C....come back!


Were did you go?!