Alternate Cinderella

Once upon a time, there a was a girl named Cinderella, she was not your average girl, for she lived with her stepfather in a town ruled by a king and his son, the prince.

One day, a woman appeared at their household. She claimed to be a messenger from the Palace. Cinderella's stepfather was called. H read the letter after the messenger left. He threw the paper on the ground, told his stepdaughter to clean it up, and left. Cinderella picked up the paper, unwrinkled it and read it. It was a invitation for all the females in the town to attend the Ball held by the Prince. Cinderella wanted to go.

However, her stepfather forbade it. When the day came, he locked the girl in saying he had a meeting out of town. Cinderella couldn't do anything but sit there and cry. So she did, that is, until she looked up and saw her guardian angel, as she was introduced. She transformed Cinderella into a beautiful blue gown and the classic glass slippers. She was offered to ride in the former-pumpkin-now-carriage but not before she was warned about the struck of midnight. Cinderella took the offer and left happily.

At the ball, Cinderella and the Prince met and danced all through the night, until the struck of midnight. Cinderella ran down the stairs, being followed by a white fluffy cat. The two left, but different ways. The Prince noticed the slipper and decided to find his 'future wife'.

As for the Cinderella, she had reached home safe and sound, still innocent under the eyes of her stepfather. The next few days went on as normal until the Prince and the King's Royal Advisor appeared at their door again. The Prince wanted Cinderella to try on the slipper and so the stepfather had no choice but to let him.

Nevertheless, the shoe never did fit Cinderella or any one else. It was far too small. A few days of waiting, a man showed up at the Palace. The next day, he was crowned King.

Why? Because, his CAT fit the shoe. And for who he was, he was Cinderella's long-lost evil twin brother!!!

Yea, we had to write a pantomime for Cinderella and I wrote this. The ending just came to me at the last minute for some reason. Hope you liked this, written around midnight!!