Possibilities to Come

Distorted views

Which are the challenges of our time

We must solve them together

Because we cannot afford to ignore them

The path to a perfect union

That is where perfection begins

Where a union grows stronger

For we are one people

We are one nation

Can society change?

Can America change?

Will it help America prosper?

Yes it can

We can do that

We can repair this world

We can join to become a perfect union

In the stories of survival, freedom, and hope

We are truly one

Racial tensions



All caused by anger

They are part of America's history

For they are unique and universal

King pointed the way towards a better future

And embedded within our constitution

Lies a piece of the American dream

Our common goal

For our proof lies within our nation's founding documents

Our voices are calling for change

Although battles ahead will be long

Our common hopes will build alliances not divisions

For something is happening in America

Real change starts now

For future generations to come will control the destiny of our nation