Street fighter is in love with demon

Characters :

Ringo Lockwood - 18 years old. She is a street fighter. She is a human who falls in love with a demon. Her street fighter name is Devil. Lives with her boyfriend because her mom kicked her out.
Looks Like : Mizore Shirayuk from Rosario & Vampire.

Purple Lockwood - 16 years old girl. Best friends Yasmin. Sister of Ringo.
Looks Like: Moka from Rosario & Vampire.

Ake Jones - 18 years old, Is a halfa ( half demon and a human)
Looks like : Pete from Ginban Kaleidoscope

Moka Jones - 17 years old girl. Is a halfa too just like her brother Ake.
Looks like : Meg from Burst Angel.

Kevin Warrior - 18 years old guy. Boyfriend of Ringo.
Looks like Zero from Mamotte lollipop

Brooke Parker - 18 years old girl. Is a Street fighter just like Ringo.
Looks like : Jo from Burst Angel.

Adam Bleakerson - boyfriend of Brooke.18 years old guy. Brother of Yasmin.
Looks like : Aaron Johson

Yasmin Moon - 16 years old girl. Sister of Adam. Best friend with Purple.
Looks like: Elise Gatien

They are in high school called Westside. ( Ringo, Kevin, Adam, Brooke are seniors. Purple and Yasmin are juniors.)

Moka and Ake is high school called Eastford Academy. A school for demons who are are halfas.

* Halfas is a born in another world but lives as humans.. They can still visit their world two through any mirrors.