Chapter 4 & 5

After Ringo had finished putting on her shoes, she felt some's presence. Once she opened the door, he stood there with two coffee mugs in both hangs. He was shocked at first and then said " right I forgot that you can feel some's presence around you."" yeah.. I'm getting the hang of it a little." while grabbing the coffee out of her hand and walking to the couch. Once they were sitting on the couch getting to know each other, Ringo said " Well I think I should be- her phone rang.

Stepped On My J'z- Nelly ft Ciara, Jermaine

She looked at the caller id.

" what up B."

" Ring, Kitty wants to fight you... tonight."

She sigh and then said " Kitty wants to fight me again. AHH fine. She will totaly lose again."

Once she hung up, she said " Sorry.. most girls are rude uh?"

" what? um.. why don't I walk you out."


Ringo's P.O.V.
Once I had finished putting on my left high heel on I felt his presence around me. As I opened the he was shocked for a bit and told me that he remembered that he changed me into a halfa. Two hours later after we got to know each other, I told him was bout to go when my phone rang. I looked at teh caller id. AHH! thank goodness it was Brooke. I didn't want my boyfriend to call me again for the tweleveth time today.

" what up B."

" Ring, Kitty wants to fight you... tonight."

I sigh and then said "Kitty wants to fight me again. AHH fine. She will totaly lose again."

After I hung up I saw him starring out of space.

Ake's P.O.V.

Once we were sitting on the couch my room, having a converstaion. I got to know her. I got to kow that Her birthday is March. She likes red roses on her favorite color is Black and purple. Her parents kicked her out for having sex on the living room has asister name Purple. When she said that she should be going her phone was ring. She looked at it and then answer it. I sat there watching her. When she sigh I felt like something was wrong. When she said "Kitty wants to fight me again. AHH fine. She will totaly lose again."

My mind wonder if she was in a boxing tournament. I was lost in thought think there is no way is a street fighter. Then she interruppted my thoughts by asking telling me that she is sorry.

I then said " what? um...Why don't i walk you out."

After she said sure, we walked out of my room.

Third P.O.V.

As they were walking down the stairs, He handed her a diamond necklace.

" um.. what is this."

" right i'm sorry.. um you can only wear a diamond necklace snice your a halfa only for a week.. so you won't get burned."

Just as she opened her mouth, her phone rang.

That's not my name - Thing Thing

SHe looked at it and then answered it.

" Yes Purple"

" Listen um... I was wondering we can double date."

She sigh and then said " I can't... I have ... Okay what time."

" tonight at eightish at Maxes."

" you own me desert."

" thanks."

Once she hung up, He put the necklace on her. Just as she was about to leave she said " I was wondering if you can do me a favor."

" what is the favor."

"Can you prented to be my boyfriend only for tonight."

" On two conditions."

" One you can't tell anyone that your a halfa and two I get half of your desert."

She sigh and said " fine."

Ake opened the door for her and she walked out. Once Ringo was adjusting her mirror, she gasped.

ch 5...

Ake's P.O.V.

After I walked her to her car. I said " Just call when you want a date... I mean a fake date. "

"um.. sure."

Once she started her car, I satrted to walk back to the house. Once I was unlocking the front door of my house, I relaized that we didn't swamp phone numbers. I locked the door and truned I saw her getting out of her car, I teleported inside. When I was in my room taking off the bed sheets, I felt my sister's presence around me. I stopped what I was doing and turned around.

" your exgirlfriend is coming because she's in the mood."

" great.. I am not in the - Ding Dong.

Ringo's P.O.V.

Once Ake walked away, I started my car. I then adjust the mirror and gasped. I couldn't belive that I still couldn't belive that I had red highlights and that my eyes are still dark purple. I got out of my car, and sarted to walk to his house. As I was about to ring the door bell, my phone rang.

Could you be the one - As the bell rings.

I ingore it and put it on vibrate. Then I rang his doorbell.

Third P.O.V.

" I'll tell her that your not-Moka spaced out.

He started to put on the new bed sheets. Once Ake was done putting on new bed sheets, he poked Moka.

"Mo, what was your - the door bell rang agin.

"Do you know a girl whit Purple hair and have red highlights"

" yeah... she is the girl who gave me the black eye why?"

" oh." and left to get the door.

Ake's P.O.V.

Once Moka step back to aske dme about a girl with puple hair and have red I said just left the room. Werid. Uh what ever. Why whould she come back. I hope she tell me that her car won't start. that we I can have sex with her. Wait what am I thinking. She might have a boyfriend. As I got my phone on the dresser I notice I piece of sticky note.

Third P.O.V.

Moka let Ringo in. As they were getting to know each other, ringo's phone started to vibrate. Ringo ingore it and said "So.. DO I have to switch schools.. snice I'm a halfa."

Moka laughed and said " its up to you but... If you really want to be become a halfa for the rest of yoru life... that I could tell you but I don't think you will be interested."

" Let me - They both felt some's presence around the room.

Both of them got up from the couch and turned around. It was silence for a out of the blue,Ake asked if she forgot anything.

"No I didn't I just ... um.. Do you how how to make a fake driver's license."

Just as Ake was about to say something, Moka's phone rang.

Moka ingore it and then said " my friend Ikki can make you one."

" Why?" Ake said while sitting on the chouch.

" Because.. I look different than before."

" Know you don't look .. he smacked himself and then said " Text Ikki, that I'll be there with Ringo."

Ake then garbed Ringo's hand and left the house.