Title: Love Like This

Synopsis: "This feeling. This was it. This was love." - When Kitty Murray meets the handsome Sammy Johnson, it seemed like it was meant to be. But can Kitty stand one heartbreak after another?

Warning: Romance. Possible angst in later chapters. Lots of fluff here and there, especially in the first couple of chapters.

Author's Note: EVERYTHING IS MINE. COPYRIGHTED! Haha, well, inspiration for this fic is the book "Out of the Blue" by Val Rutt! However, the storyline is different and the only things similar are the names Kitty and Sammy. I hope you enjoy this fic; comments/favourites are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for reading my work.

Love, MidnightInception xx

"Hey stranger! Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do you need me to walk by again?"

"Woah!" Kitty shouted as she hit the ground. Nothing seemed to be going her way this Saturday morning. Her mother woke up on the wrong side of bed and ordered her to get milk from the nearby supermarket. Kitty, being still half-awake, then proceeded to accidentally drop the milk carton and eventually had to pay for the spilled milk and the carton she bought afterwards. Now, she slipped and fell on the concrete pavement that lead to her house. And spilled the milk. Again.

Tears threatened to overflow as she thought about what a horrible day she had. She was now left with very little pocket money, two bruised knees, an injured elbow and spilled milk. Great.

She couldn't help it anymore. Kitty started to feel tears streaming down her cheeks. Unless a miracle happens, which she doubt it would, her mother would absolutely kill her.

Then, she heard light, quick footsteps behind her. She quickly scrambles to get back up, afraid that she would look like an idiot blocking the footpath.

"Shh, it's okay..." Kitty heard a gentle, sweet voice as she struggled to get up from the floor. Her injured elbow, which was scraped from the fall, retracted in pain as the raw flesh came into contact with a warm hand. Even though she was still in a daze, she could make out a muffled 'sorry' from the guy who helped her up. (Or at least she assumed it was a guy from the low voice) She hurriedly wiped away her tears, lest she appeared like a crybaby in front of the stranger.

"Thank you for the-" Kitty stopped. That was when her dark green eyes met a pair of light blue ones. She blushed.

"It's no problem at all," The boy smiled. Her heart instantly melted when she saw his dimples which formed at the end of his wide grin. A small smile tugged at the ends of her mouth as she repeatedly went over his cute American accent in her head.

He gingerly held her arm to check her injury. She winced.

"Hey," He said softly, "You're bleeding; are you okay? Do you need a doctor?" He looked into her eyes, concern evident in his caring tone. Kitty felt her heart skip a beat and could swear her legs were quickly turning to jelly. Suddenly, her wounds didn't hurt as much as before.

"It's okay, I'll just walk myself home."

"I'll help you," He took her by the arm and placed it across his strong shoulders. Kitty couldn't help but smile.

"I've never seen you around before, are you new here?" Kitty managed to pluck up the courage to ask despite the fact that she was hyperventilating like nobody's business inside of her. The boy's smile then grew even bigger, making her subconsciously bite her lip.

"Yes, I just moved to London with my family. My dad's stationed here for a couple of years. Work stuff, you know?" He paused for a while before reaching his hand out, "I'm Sammy. Sammy Johnson."

"Kitty. Kitty Murray." Kitty grabbed his hand in a firm handshake. She could hardly believe this was happening to her.

"Kitty...That's a very pretty name."

She laughed.

"Really? Normally I would get teased at school for having such a name."

"Don't worry about them, you are, I mean, your name is wonderful," He smiled once more, this time his gesture made her giggle in delight.

That was when she took a good look at his face. He didn't look very much taller than Kitty -- though she was quite tall for a girl. His eyes, though a mesmerizing shade of blue, was marred by the dark circles around it. His hair was a reddish brown and it seemed to Kitty that he had meticulously used hair gel to keep the curls from forming. However, what really made her giggle was his beautiful smile which said a thousand words without even speaking.

"There, that's my house," Kitty pointed to the one to the right. Sammy nodded and went ahead to knock on the door. It opened to reveal a good-looking middle-aged woman dressed demurely in a white dress. Almost as immediately as she came to the door, the woman gasped in shock at the sight before her.

"Kitty Murray! Look at what you've done to yourself," She then stopped, as if to take a closer look at the male specimen in front of her, "You've also troubled this fine gentleman over here!"

"Oh, no, it's no worry at all, ma'am," He supported Kitty as she hobbled over to the woman. Kitty then started to explain to her mother what exactly had happened. Her mother shook her head, "You clumsy girl, oh, young man, how could we ever repay you? Do come in for some tea!"

"It's okay, ma'am, I have to get home to run some errands for my father." His reply made Kitty's heart sink.

"However, I would like to drop by this evening to check on Kitty, if it's alright with you, Mrs. Murray?" He flashed Kitty another one of his mega-watt smiles and she suspected if she wasn't holding onto her mother for support, she would have swooned and made another epic fall on the ground again.

"Oh, I'm sure Kitty would love the company, Sammy," Mrs. Murray squeezed Kitty's hand, as if teasing her 'someone's got herself a boyfriend!', to which the younger Murray shot her mother an odd glance -- something between a questioning look and an annoyed face.

"That's great, I'll see you later then, Kitty?"

'Oh my gosh, stop smiling...' She could feel a blush creeping up her cheeks.

"Yes, thank you again for the help -- it was really nice of you,"

' 'it was really nice of you' ? IT WAS REALLY NICE OF YOU?!?!?! What kind of response was that?!'

He chuckled before waving and turning to leave. Kitty couldn't take her eyes off of him as he swiftly crossed the road and unlocked the door opposite hers. Her eyes widened as she saw him walk into the house and turn around to wave once more. She smiled.

Looks like Saturday wasn't such a bad day after all.