Warning: Fluff. Angst at the end. (:

Author's Note: I'm so sorry it took so long! I completely forgot about this and only realised it when I looked through my account this morning. I know this chapter is rather short, but I hope you like it, for it represents a major turning point in their already deep relationship (: Thanks for reading it!

"Life shouldn't be measured by the amount of breaths you take, but the times that take your breath away."

Kitty's POV

Nah, it can't be.

It must be infatuation.

I am only eighteen. My mother tells me I don't know the true meaning of love. So, infatuation and obsession must be it – even though my mind is spinning, my heart is racing, my hands are shaking from the time we had together. I thought it was love; but she says love is much more complicated than that.

Then, I stop to think.

But... what does she know about love, anyway? So, fighting and screaming and shouting – that's called love? Constant crying on the bed, throwing of pictures, deleting of text messages, only to make up less than twelve hours later.

That's love?

An actual fact; there is actually a Wikipedia page for love.

I sit behind the computer screen and shake my head, giving a smirk. Why do we, human beings, need to learn how to feel? Why are we so caught up in our own brains that we forget, neglect and leave our hearts behind?

For these past three weeks, I have known nothing but love.

But, what's the use anyway? We're just going to have to go through the heartbreaks again. After all, that's what love is about.


"Hi," Kitty smiled as Sammy pulled her closer. The loving look in his eyes was enough to make her face glow with joy. Their lips touched briefly before she buried her face into his chest. The warmth of it all, oh how she wished it wouldn't end.

Sammy's low chuckle made the butterflies in her stomach flutter even more furiously as her green eyes looked up to his own blue ones. Then, without warning, their lips came crashing down on each other's again, refusing to let go until the lack of air got the better of them. Sammy ran his hand through her soft hair, amazed at how beautiful this girl before him was.

"Kitty, oh, Kitty," He pressed his forehead against her nose, "How did I spend the last 19 years without you?"

She giggled, then she suddenly stopped. She remembered something.

"They used to be like that. So loving. Now…" Tears streamed down her face before she could continue. Sammy gently brushed the tears off her face, he himself crying. His girl was hurting so much on the inside, and yet he could do nothing about it.

In between sobs, Kitty managed to say, "Do…you…think…we'll-"

"Don't you dare think about it," His voice wavered ever so slightly when he said it.

"Don't you ever think about it," He repeated his words, this time softly, almost like a whisper. He kissed her forehead, "We'll never be apart. I just know it."

Her sobs grew louder, her tears falling down harder than the last.

"I love you,"

A low voice snapped Kitty out of her crying. There she saw him, his tear-stained face, looking at her with such concern, with such love. Her heart swelled. His grip on her hand tightened with each breath they took together. Kitty cupped his face with her hands,

"How did I spend the last sixteen years without you?"