This is my first attempt at a story in so long that my writing skills are lacking very much that I had years before. So, with this story I will write and I'm not sure where it will end but if it does I can't say it will be a great ending for you guys. But I do hope you like the over all story. I would like some feedback. Teacher/student please don't read if you don't like. No one is forcing you.

Hi. My name's Ariel and I am straight to the point, he is amazing. As I searched about the room, I looked at my new peers, and then to the gorgeous teacher. Big cute glasses, ruffled hair, and a stylish sweater vest for his attire. I approached the about me sheet sitting on my new desk. I enjoyed doing these, telling all about myself. This sheet was for him to get to know us, which I didn't mind at all to the fact that I did want him to know all about me.

As we wrote, he walked around. I took care of my posture as he glanced at my paper. He was an English teacher after all. He went forward to the next student as I slumped, unable to sit up straight any longer.

"This is English Four and I'm Mr. Os. This is my first year of teaching and I am glad to have you all for my second semester class. I am also teaching PE so I hope you have that class too." I looked over my class schedule and saw PE for third period. Mr. Os went on, "I will take these sheets home so that I can get to know all of you."

We passed along our about me papers until they all reached the front. As soon as he had them neatly stacked on his desk, we immediately started on the first chapter of English. It was dreadful but he made class go by faster than usual. The bell rang and I took my time packing up. I walked out with the last bunch but he never did look at me.

Second period was bad. History was never my subject and to throw in more, I had an amazingly bad teacher. She was like the mother of beasts. Though that might be too extreme, I still had a rough time.

It was a major relief as I walked out of that class room and made my way outside to PE. I had heard that there was so much to do in PE and that there was no way you couldn't have fun. I walked through the grass and came upon the small room of where we all had to meet. There seemed to be many students signed up for the class so far. Mr. Os stood in the corner, watching; but as I made my way by him so that he would notice me, he didn't even look.

I sat down, fuming at my unfortunate outcome. As I looked around, I saw kids pointing and laughing at some girl. She had obviously embarrassed herself by tripping over the mountain of bags. The bell rang and it was hard for everyone to settle.

"Alright, this is PE and if you don't have me first period…" He told about himself again. "Now enough talking, I will take you on a tour and then you will be free to do whatever." Everyone cheered. We all stood up and followed the leader. He took us through the gym, then outside to the pool, and last to the fields. There were a total of three fields: baseball, soccer, and a mini football field. "That's all. Go do what you desire, but please do not break any rules. Play nice." Mr. Os shooed away a group of girls that surrounded him as I stood there awkwardly. We all split up and I decided to shoot hoops for the class time while I only saw Mr. Os a couple of times walk by.

The bell rang for lunch. I was walking toward the door when someone stopped me. "Hey… are you Ariel?" I turned around to see Mr. Os. My mood lit up as I noticed he knew my name. I nodded, unable to get any words out.

"There was a sheet with no name and you were the only one I didn't find in the first period stack."

"Oh." I thought of what else to say.

"I'll put your name on it. Try not to forget next time." He said and walked off. I looked questioningly at him then walked out with the others. My first conversation with the amazing Mr. Os was a disaster to me. I had no other classes to see him in so therefore, the day only became more boring.

This chapter starts us off with the whole 'Ariel likes this teacher a lot' kind of thing. Look forward to it growing in the next chapters!