Inspired by something AlaskanFrog said to me! :)


"But I thought they were extinct!" Abraham gasped looking from his companion's smug glare back to over to the large glass cage that contained the two mammals. He reached out a slender hand to tap the translucent material. "These must have been very hard to find."

"Mhmm," Isaiah said with a small grin. "I found them running loose down on the south borderlands, deep in the wilderness."

Mystified by his friend's good luck, Abraham shook his head in wonderment. "After the epidemic had wiped them out, it's a miracle you found them."

"Not to mention the skirmishes and fights their species had." Isaiah sunk into his heavy black armchair. The lounge was spacious, but still had the usual cold, empty feel to it. The desk to his left was cluttered with maps and memos, loose bits of information that had assisted him in his search. Abraham leaned uneasily against the desk, afraid to knock anything vital over. There was a chair beside him, a very standard and uncomfortable thing, but he was too excited to sit.

They both took a moment to gaze at the pair. The rarity was enclosed in sound proof glass, but the creatures were still trying to make noise. Perhaps a greeting, or a warning- no one spoke the language of beasts. They were clearly a pair, mated to be together no what interference. They were dirtier, and wilder than in the history and biology books. One would expect no less. The male had piercing blue eyes, and he stood in a way to shield his female. She had a surprisingly wild mane of red hair, a unique color in this age, and green eyes that shone with the fierceness that had made their species famous.

"What do you plan to do with them?" Abraham asked softly as he watched the female scurry away to the back of her glass cage. The male huddled around her.

"One to a zoo maybe," Isaiah shrugged, "and one to a biology department."

"Isn't that a waste?" Abraham, pulling his gaze away, and turning to look sideways at Isaiah. "Aren't they worth more?"

"After the trouble they caused?" Isaiah rolled up his sleeve. "Look at my arm, Abraham." He held out the bare skin for his friend's inspection. He pointed to the long jagged scar angrily. "They're vicious. They're dangerous. There's a reason their world, their life style was destroyed."

"I just wonder if it's right to wish that misery on any one being is all." Abraham shrugged, "Besides, it's not like that's the worst scar one of your monsters has ever given you."

Isaiah rolled up his sleeve slowly. "This may be true, but there never has been a creature quite like this. Capable of nobility, and brutality…Capable of destruction and creation. They've killed as many other species as they have also saved. Yet for all the so called good they did, their efforts only served to create what was ultimately, their destruction. And when they saw what utter horror had happened? What next?"

Abraham held up his hands in mock surrender. "No need for the history lesson, Isaiah, I get it. They became savages."

"Perhaps they always were."

"And what hope does that give us?" Abraham said, stroking his chin thoughtfully as he looked over at the capsule. They were only moving a little, as if saving energy. He could see the food dish in the far corner had hardly been touched. Life was not suiting them in the impromptu habitat. "Well," he said with a resigned sigh, "What university will you give the honor too?"

Isaiah laughed. "The highest bidder of course."

Abraham at last let himself sink to the cold grey chair. He rested his hands on his lap and looked up at the ceiling in deep thought. "It's taken us so long to get here, to this little blue planet. It's too bad we couldn't see it when it was new." He gestured to the cage. "When they weren't like this. We could have learned a lot from them."

Isaiah stood up and walked over to the ship's intercom. "Oh well the past is the past. For now, let's just celebrate the capture of the last two homo sapiens."

Inside the cage Audrey Wilson, as she had been known decades and decades ago before the End, wept softly for the future.

The End