I heard a low chuckle in front of me, but I dared not look up. "You know you're a nerd when you have a bookmark with your first initial." Oh, but that took the cake! No one insults my bookmark and gets away with it! OneShot.

You're the Worm to My Book

I'm not a nerd. If I'm a nerd, then that would mean that I'm smart too. I'm not smart - my B's are proof enough - but I am a book nerd. I love books. Books about people, books about animals, books about random crap - they're all great. To me, at least.

So here I am, reading my delightful new book about a girl who finds out she has magical powers and such - I have read many books just like this, may I add - during my Spanish 3 class, and this - this jerk comes up to me!

First, it's always the laugh. Always. It's their way of telling you you're about to be made fun of, or humiliated. And, of course, I hear a low chuckle in front of me soon. I grip my book tighter, but my eyes stay on the book. It's getting to the good part, and there is no way -

"You know you're a nerd when you have a bookmark with your first initial."

Oh, no he didn't. That takes the cake! No one, and I mean no one, insults my bookmark and gets away with it!

Placing my book down slowly - slamming it, though which is what I would prefer, would damage the dear book of mine - I meet his eyes. I'm not startled at the sight of Kyle, the cutest boy in this class.

"Excuse me, but did I ask for your opinion?" I ask coldly, glaring at him. I don't care how good-looking he is, or how popular - with the girls, mostly - he may be. Sure, laughing at me is one thing, but insulting my bookmark? That is taking things too far.

"Do I look like I care?" he asks, smirking. "Besides, it's true."

"No," I say, my voice a lot stronger than usual. In class, I try to stay under the radar from everyone - teachers, students, and even friends. In my eyes, they're all out to distract me from finishing my book. Besides, they can wait; literature cannot. "What is true is that you're just an illiterate idiot who obviously is simply jealous of my bookmark." Oh, but I did not mean to say that.

I sigh quietly. I know he's not jealous of my bookmark! There goes my uncontrollable mouth!

His lips quirk though, amused. I frown - I've seen this scene before, it feels like. But I've never acted it, or played in it... but I know it. Hmm...

"Jealous? Of your bookmark? You don't really think that, do you?"

No. "Yes."

He laughs again, the sound the same as the one from earlier. "You're obviously an idiot if you do. I would never be jealous over a bookmark."

"Because you're not good enough for one." What? I just wanted to defend my bookmark! I don't want to start a fight with him! I'm not good at fights! "Especially one with your initial." Gah! Shut up, me! Just shut up!

By now, everyone was listening in to our conversation. The usually loud and obnoxious class has quieted down, all eyes on the two of us. Even the teacher is watching under her newspaper.

I swear, I know this! In fact, I might even know what happens next... but that only happens in books. Hopefully.

"If I wanted one of your dorky bookmarks, I'd go buy one," he drawls, now leaning against my table on his hip, his arms crossed. My eyes - disgusting me - venture to his muscles. Must. Not. Gawk. At the enemy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spot my crush. Gah, he's watching! As I fight with this - this idiot! Oh, great. As if I'm already not embarrassing enough around him. And look - he's not jealous or anything. Not that I expected that much... he doesn't even know my name.

Turning back to Kyle once I realize that I had actually turned my whole body - I am so embarrassing... - I realize that Kyle followed my stare. He lost his cool, amused stance as he watched my crush.

"Interested in the opposite sex now, are we?" I ask, trying to hide the fact that I was looking at him - I haven't found out his name yet, unfortunately. Apparently, no one says his name, but only his last! How stupid is that?

"Oh please," he mutters, running a hand through his light brown hair. He looks... frustrated. Good. Maybe he'll leave. "He's not half as hot as me."

I don't know if that means he does bat for the other team or not...

"Not that I would even be interested," he adds, seeing my look. He lets out a long sigh, and looks away. "Whatever. Just keep reading your nerdy book with your stupid bookmark."

I don't want to protest - trust me, my book is a lot more interesting - but it didn't seem like him to just give up. Still, I keep my mouth shut - for the first time throughout this conversation, it seems - and continue reading.


The library, my sweet abode at school. Because I have sixth period free due to swim during zero period, but my mom refuses to come back to take me to afternoon practice, I spend my free time at the library.

Now, it's not like me to be in a sport. Me plus sports plus the pressure of having to win don't mix. But, I'm a good swimmer, and swimming soothes me almost as much as reading does.

Besides, it gives me the excuse that I might actually have a life outside of books.

The librarian, Miss Kim, is super nice too. Strict, but nice. She always recommends books for me to read, and she's read a ton of great books. Plus, she lets me use the library's bathroom, which is for staff only. Oh yeah, I'm special.

"Kyla, I have a new book for you to read," Miss Kim greets me as I walk through the door, shuffling past the piles of books nearby. Our library isn't that big, unfortunately. It's kind of small, even. But I like it. Big rooms make me feel... the opposite of claustrophobic. If possible. As if I would get lost and not be able to find my way out, or if I was all alone where someone could murder me or something.

Yeah. Small is good.

"Thanks," I say, smiling at her as I take the book. "What's it about?"

"It's one of those silly teenage romance books," she admits with a small smile. "Mr. Brendan was returning it earlier, and it reminded me of how good, though cheesy, of a book it is. I know you'll love it."

I laugh quietly, taking the book.

"What?" she asks curiously.

"Mr. Brendan? Kyle was reading this book?" I ask, shaking my head. "I'm sorry, Miss Kim, but that is pure comedy. Kyle doesn't read."

"Oh, he doesn't," she admits. "He was returning it for his sister. But I think he must have known something about it, because when I asked him if he liked it, he said it was stupid."

"He thinks all books are stupid," I tell her, pulling up a chair beside the counter. If the library was more busy - though it never really was - I wouldn't be able to, but when it's just her and I, we can act like real friends.

"I don't know," she says, unsure. "It was like he knew about the plot, at least, from the way he reacted."

I sigh, but don't reply. Instead, I turn the book around and read the information. From what I can gather, it is quite a sappy romance novel for teenagers. It's one of those unrealistic plots about two people who supposedly "hate" each other who realize they're love for each other.

"It is quite cliched," I tell her.

"Yes, but it's cute. An easy read for when you want to relax," she says with a smile. "Give it a try."

I nod, and pull my seat over back to the tables to start reading. I turn around to ask her a question about a quarter into the novel when my eyes clash with dark gray ones. I gulp.

What could he possibly be doing in a library now?

"I'm sorry, Mr. Brendan, but we don't have that book right now. It's rented out by the girl sitting in front of you," Miss Kim tells him.

After an intense staring match that made me want to squirm, he turns back to her and says, his voice restrained, "Thanks anyway, Miss K."

"Wait," I say, making him pause at where he is, right in front of the door. Oh, why did I say that... "What book are you looking for?"

He's quiet for a moment before snapping, "None of your business, bookworm. Stay out of it."

I would have flipped him off had there not been a faculty member in front of us and was not such a goody-two-shoes.

"Whatever, Mr. Moody," I mutter under my breath, turning back to my book. Forget him, that jerk. I just wanted to help.

I hear a slam, and I think he's gone, but as soon as I turn around, he's right there, breathing harshly.

"I'd like it if you backed up out of my personal bubble," I mumble, tilting my head back so our foreheads don't collide.

"What is your problem?" he snapped, glaring at me.

What?! My problem?! "What?! My problem?!" I repeat. "What did I do?! I've only tried to be civilized!"

"Who the fuck do you think you are, looking at another guy when we're arguing?!" he yelled.

Language! There's a teacher just a couple of feet away from us, you idiot! "What?! I can look at whoever I want to, FYI."

"No, you can't! Not when we're arguing you can't!"

Annoyed, I look at Miss Kim. Instead of helping me, she mouths the word "book" at me and a knowing smile. Then, she walks into the other room. Gah! She's about to witness a murder of sorts and she leaves?!

And book? What about the book? Does he want the book? If he does, then that reconfirms my earlier suspicions of him being in the closet. I look down at the page I was on earlier, and skim the text.

They're fighting.

We're fighting.

They hate each other.

We hate each other.

Oh, you cannot be serious. I - No. I said earlier that I recognized this horribly cliched scene, and that this is not supposed to happen. And it's not. Kyle is just a very moody person today.

Or maybe this book is right.

... yeah right, since when are fictional pieces ever found in reality?

Psh. Crazy.

"Well?!" he snaps, interrupting my disorganized thoughts. "Too busy thinking about Xavier or something?!" So that's his name... good to know, good to know.

"So, do you like me or something?" I ask, the words flowing out without actual understanding, like they always did when he was around. I'm not going to even bother being frustrated with myself anymore.

His anger apparently is frozen over in surprise. "Why would you think something so -"

"Stupid?" I ask, somewhat relieved. Although... nevermind. It's nothing.

"- smart, for once?" he asks, his lips suddenly quirking upwards like they were before.

I have to keep my jaw from slacking, and it is a lot of work, trust me. "W-What?"

"It takes you forever to realize such obvious things," he says, rolling his eyes at me. "Honestly, why else would I have spoken to you? And if you weren't so caught up in your dumb books, you would have realized it sooner."

All I heard was "dumb books" then I zoned out.

"Excuse me? My books are dumb?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows at him. "You know, if I were you, I wouldn't call the girl I liked's books dumb."

"You saying you bat for the other team?" he asks, smiling stupidly.

"Wouldn't that make you sad?" I remark dryly.

He laughs, and puts his arm around me. "I could always make you straight again. Always." He says the last part suggestively, which makes me want to either hit him or kiss him.

Guess which one he did? Three guesses, and the first two don't count.

A/N: You know, fluff 'n stuff. A light read, of course, to tickle your heart... in a non-creepy way, of course. Anyway, please point out any mistakes and such :) Thanks for reading!