Three boys were hiking one day, when they stumbled across a house in the woods with Christmas lights attached, even though it was the middle of Summer.

As they watched, a man walked up to the door, and entered. He left with a smile a little bit later, Then another man did the same. After a while, the boys inched close enough to see that each man who entered was handing over money to a woman who answered.

Curiosity building, the boys elected one of their own to go and ask one of the men how much money he had given the woman and what was happening in there.

He stared at the boys and shooed them away angrily, muttering to himself about kids these days.

Another man was asked, who ignored them all together.

Finally a third was asked, how much he had been given and what was happening.

With a roll of his eyes, and a dull laugh, he replied, Fifty dollars, before leaving, without telling them a word of what went on.

The boys thought it seemed interesting, and they desperately wanted to know what was going on. So they pulled out their wallets and combined their money, to form just about ten dollars.

What if thats not enough? one asked.

Then I guess well have to be curious, or maybe shell tell us if we ask.

Once again, they held an election, and voted for the oldest looking of the group to walk up to the door. He slowly did, his heart beating, and knocked on the door.

It opened and a woman with dyed blonde hair looked down at him. What do you want? she asked.

Id like ten dollars of what that last guy got please, he said in his best earnest voice.

The woman rolled her eyes, and decided shed fix this snot nosed kid. With a sweet smile, she took the money, and beckoned him into the house, as his buddies watched him vanish.

Once inside with the door closed, she grabbed his shoulders, spun him around, and began cursing and slapping him viciously. After a few minutes, she opened the door, shoved him out and slammed it shut.

His friends bolted from the woods as he approached them, and asked what it was like, and what went on!

Stunned, he stammered for his words, before replying, I I dont know what that was. BUT I SURE DONT WANT FIFTY DOLLARS OF IT!