Aurora sat in her chair, her blond hair cascading down her shoulders, a golden glint sheening off in the moon light. She had come outside to wait for her love, her true prince. There was a slight chill in the air, but her inner warmth chased the feeling away. Her cheeks thus became tinted rosy and her lips were full, not to mention her almond shaped eyes glanced at the stars in the sky, waiting.. and waiting, for her prince to come.

"Mary Sue." A voice nearby growled out threateningly. Yet she didn't at all feel perturbed about hearing said voice.

"It isn't as if anything can harm me," the female stated, he emotionless face confirming that she definitely believed what she said. "My author makes it so that nothing bad can happen to me. I mean, I am the main character in this story. Plus, that isn't my name. How plain."

"You are the main character in this story?" the voice asked.

"In both the author's original work and fanfiction," Aurora confirmed.

"Then you are a self insert," the voice grumbled. Normal people would have felt a shred of fear, but it simply went over the girl's head.

"So what if I am. It isn't as if I am harming anything." The female's fine hands were placed on her lap, her body remaining motionless, not to mention still emotionless.

"You took away free will," the voice hummed. "You and your author both."

At that, she turned, suddenly seeing a fierce face looking at her. "How, per-say, have I... Aurora, taken away anyone'sfree will?"

"Do you really think that those characters would fall in love with you?" the voice asked, the sound vibrating the entire castle balcony.

"Well, of course, my writer actually made it so, so it must be so. Everyone loves me, and everyone who doesn't is simply an idiot," the female glared at the figure, knowing full well that she had the power to destroy it. Was she not a being of light, while this was a being of shadow?

"But that is not reality," the thing sighed, coming closer.

Aurora stood her ground. "I'm sorry, but this is my reality."

"Yet your reality... your very existence is not believable to the mind of the writer," the shadow hummed, getting even closer.

"So?" The female flipped her hair, irritated at this.

"How do you exist in someones imagination if you are not believable?"

"I exist because I was created by my author and she believes in me," the female admonished. "I don't see how this is a sound argument."

"Yet if only your writer believes, then that means you are part of bad writing," the shadow tormented.

"Don't insult me! I've gotten tons of reviews from people, so obviously I am not the only one who believes in me!" The female roared out.

"It seems that the author can not separate herself from you," the shadow hummed again.

At that, the female crossed her arms. "I don't see what the point of even saying that was. Other people believe in me, other then her."

"But why do they believe?" the shadow came closer.

"They believe because I am a perfect being. I am simply amazing. I have the coolest powers. I get all the guys." The female began to gloat.

"In other words, it isn't that they believe you could possibly exist, they read about you to fulfill some sort of wish fulfillment."

"So what about it?" the female stated, her smirk continuing to stay there.

"You have no reason to actually exist. It isn't because of the character interaction, it isn't because of the story, it is simply for the ideal," the thing stated.

"So, that is a reason to exist, isn't it?" the female asked.

"Ideals... there is no such thing in this world as perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect being. Someone is going to be better then you at something. Someone is going to have a different power that is cool in it's own way. Not all the guys in the world are going to fall for you, no matter how pretty you are."

"But my writer wrote that I am..." Aurora's confidence faltered. "I have readers, they are drawn in."

"Not because of a good story..." the shadow sighed. The shadow began to fade.

"Wow, I won!" the female stated, her smile coming back. However, there was a feeling of dread, almost as if two eyes were watching her.