Today every adult I meet,

Act like teenagers are vicious little things.

They glare at us when they greet.

But we don't bark, we don't bite,

Believe it or not, we don't like to fight.

We are not always wild.

We are not immature like a little child.

We are stubborn, but that's cause

We know what we want.

And I know I'm not gonna sit here

And watch you laugh and taunt!

You need to realize that

We don't intentionally get ourselves into mess.

We all learn from our mistakes.

That's how life is supposed to progress!

If you're gonna keep criticizing our ways.

Let me take you back to your old days.

Don't you remember what it felt like

When you were a teen?

You acted like you were king or queen.

Ordering people around.

Making a lot of sound.

Never listening to mom and dad.

Quickly getting mad.

Paying no heed to your grade.

Not paying attention to what was being said.

Just losing yourself in the crowd.

Doing things that weren't allowed.

Thinking friends are all you need.

Doing things which were extremely stupid.

You weren't always perfect either.

That's how you grew up, how you got better.

You need to remember your teenage days.

Remember, it's just a growing phase.

A/N: seriously? Why do adults think we're pesky?