You never know what's written in your fate.

The unpredictability of the future is something I hate.

You never know what the future beholds.

You never know when danger unfolds.

Any moment life can take a sudden turn.

A single blow and you can crash and burn.

What happens next moment is unknown to us all.

Maybe you'll stand tall, maybe you'll fall.

Every second life is changing too fast.

Moments fading to memories, nothing ever lasts.

Today makes time for tomorrow.

You cycle through joy and sorrow.

Present disappears, future arrives.

You are all you have to survive.

I wish we could know the future, somehow, by some mode.

Who knows what awaits us when we reach the end of this road?

But then again, it is this unpredictability that keeps us going.

Life is more exciting, more interesting, because the future is unknowing.

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