Jane Sullivan lay in the semi-dark of dawn. She seemed unable to lay still. She thrashed violently her head tossing from side to side. Her hands were fisted in the sheets which were pulling free of the mattress. Her hair matted to her head with sweat. Just as she grit her teeth as though holding back a scream, her alarm came screaming to life with the morning talk show of her rock station jarring her into consciousness.

Sitting up with her chest heaving she quickly scanned over every part of the room as she did every morning. Only once she was sure that she was in her own room and alone did she relax. Once she felt sure she was safe she shut the alarm and got up to get ready for school. Pulling off her shirt she stared into the mirror as she did every morning. Every day she gazed upon herself topless, stared at the purple scars marring her body.

As always, she started with the smallest one, just above her heart. It was a short scar, a "proper" stab wound. The knife had simply gone in and come out. She had been lucky. He missed the aorta by mere centimeters. The longest one was the one on her stomach, in such a location as to prevent her from ever wearing mid-drift shirts. It went diagonally from two inches above her belly button down past it on the left side. The third was partially covered by her right breast. It was curved almost like a crescent and about two inches long.

Pulling on a long-sleeved shirt like always, a slight pain alerted her to all her other scars. From her elbows down past her thumbs her arms were wrapped in white bandages. She knew this hurt the people close to her. It was almost understandable that she would be depressed, even that she might harm herself. But when her mother had seen the cuts and worse, found the KNIFE she had done it with, it was almost too much for her. Even poor Molly had been just as hurt and worried. It wasn't the same knife of course, just one she had found in the kitchen. But it was a blade all the same. It brought back memories best forgotten.

Finishing dressing, she went next door to begin the arduous task of waking Molly. Poor Molly. Her mother had gone home after the trial to find Molly alone and a note saying her father had left and wouldn't be back. She had killed herself a year later. So Molly had come to live with Jane and her mother.

Quietly opening the door, she tiptoed inside. The red-head was passed out spread all over the bed. Her alarm clock lay unplugged on the floor. Jane smiled slightly before sneaking up on her prey. Once she was standing next to the bed she took one last look at Molly's peaceful sleeping form before pouncing on her.

The quiet morning was disturbed by a scream accompanied by the sounds of a bed violently creaking and wild laughter. This was followed by a thud and more laughter. Molly stood over the still hysterical Jane brandishing her pillow over her head.

"Are you INSANE!? I could have had a heart attack and died a horrible death and it would have been your fault!" Molly gave a small sob. "It's like you want me to die a virgin!"

"If you had gotten up when your alarm went off I wouldn't have had to." At this Molly slumped tiredly back onto the bed.

"It's not my fault! School starts at such an ungodly hour! I need my beauty rest!" she cried rolling over to bury her face in the pillow. Jane got off the floor and raised an eyebrow at the once again prone girl.

"You got over nine hours of sleep last night." Molly peaked at her out of one eye before burying her head back into the pillow.

"Oh, you just don't understand! Not all of us are as naturally pretty as you and can get away with only a few hours of sleep!" she sighed dramatically. Jane rolled her eyes before hitting her friend on the rear with a pillow.

"Just get dressed!" she sighed exasperated. "And don't even think about going back to sleep!" She called back as she made her way downstairs. As she got to the first floor she once again admired the bright, open space of the front room. Jane had grown up in a cramped little apartment with just her and her mother. After Molly's mothers death however, in addition to Molly they had also gotten her house. Jane and Molly were both scared to sleep there though, and her mother decided it just held too many bad memories. So they sold the house and used the money to buy a new house several cities over where Jane and Molly were less likely to be recognized at their school. It had worked for a while. None of them were quite sure how it had gotten round to the other children. But within the year it seemed everyone knew.

It had begun with the whispers. Everywhere they went the other kids would go silent, even if they had all been talking previously. Molly took the worst of it at first. Kids can be cruel. They would taunt her about her crazy brother and mom, and ask if she was crazy first. They were all extra nice to Jane at first, but that changed when she began sticking up for both Molly, and Brian. They all said that she must be crazy too. She knew she wasn't though. Her mom had explained when she was little that Brian had done that to her because he was sick. And you can't blame people for being sick because they cant help it.

School hadn't gotten easier after that. Even as they had grown and gone to new schools the stories and rumors followed them. In addition to being crazy they were apparently incestuous lesbians. She couldn't really understand that one. Sure they only really hung out with each other, but that was just because no one else would talk to them. And even so couldn't they hear how boy crazy Molly was? Other rumors went from the mundane to the downright crazy. They were part of a cult, their parents had been Mafioso and that's how they really died, even that what had happened to her had been some weird sexual thing orchestrated by their crazy Satanist parents.

Shaking her head at the insanity of it all, she entered the kitchen where her mother was sitting at the table drinking coffee. She smiled tiredly at her daughter who smiled sadly back. She could vaguely remember that her mother had been beautiful once. Life had been hard to her. It had been hard to all of them. Sometimes she broke down and cried at how unfair all of it was. She pushed those thoughts away though as her mom stood to rinse her cup out.

"Did you wake up molly?"


"Do your homework?"


"How did you sleep? Any nightmares?"

"No. Not all week" she faked a smile as her mother studied her for signs she was lying. She was of course. She had had the nightmares every night since she was nine. But she didn't want her mother to worry about her anymore. She was tired of everyone worrying about her. People tended to treat her like she was made of glass.

"All right… well don't forget your appointment today. Go there straight after school."

"Ok mom." Her mother smiled and pulled her into a hug.

"Alright. I love you. I'll see you both tonight. I have to work a double shift again." Jane watched sadly as her mother left. She was working double shifts more and more often. It was hard for her to keep the house up and running on her nurse's salary. She occasionally wondered if this, all of this, were somehow her fault.

She was snapped out of these thoughts by the sounds of Molly coming down the stairs. She turned to smile at her only friend who yawned in return.

"Did she make anything?" she managed to get out between expressions of exhaustion. Jane gave a quick sweep of the kitchen.

"Nope. Looks like its cereal or toast today." She said cheerily, smiling at the groan that came from the red-head. "Sorry Molly, but you know your not allowed to cook. You set the stove on fire last time."

"So you cook! Make something!" she cried flopping into a chair and waving her hand listlessly. Jane pretended to think it over for a moment.

"Hmm, nope! Cornflakes are good enough for me." Molly glared at her as she strained to reach the cereal on the top shelf.

"At least put in some toast for me?" she begged. Jane rolled her eyes as she leaned into the fridge for milk.

"Fine whatever! But you only get two! Anymore and we'll be late. And don't give me that face! You could have more if you had got up on time!" Jane didn't even need to turnaround to see the tongue sticking out at her. "And before we leave put on a sweater or something. You look like a total slut!"


Brian Duffy lay on his plain white bed, in his plain white room bored completely out of his mind. He had been in the plain room for almost a week now since they had decided he was 'a danger to the other patients'. Sometimes he wished he really was crazy. At least then there might be someone to talk to. He supposed it was just as well, if he were out there he'd be sitting in a plain blue room with a bunch of crazy people still bored out of his mind. Besides, he wouldn't have to worry about this much longer. He was getting out. He heard a distant bang and smiled. Riiight about now.