Wait for me,
and I will rescue you
from this chaos.

My little blue car
holds so much more
than you can see
through your tears,
Your run-down imagination
couldn't possibly visualize.

Come with me, shattered trust.
I know where your destiny lies,
I have come to take you closer.

Your stereo will fit
in the back seat,
and I have saved
all your sketches.
I've carefully glued
every piece together,
even recovered
those lost phone numbers.

We will travel
the most tranquil roads
on a journey
of reparation and delight.

Come, shattered trust,
and weep no longer.
I know where your destiny lies,
for I have arrived
to guide you closer.

We can take our time,
these winding roads are gentle,
and we'll stop for books
and songs to accompany the way.

You are exactly
who you say you are,
and you never lost
who you used to be.