Andrea- Mendocino, CA (Andrea's bedroom)

I must have looked incredibly stupid with my head in between my knees rocking myself back and forth. I simply couldn't comfort myself. Satan. Fallen angel. King of darkness. Me, fighting him! With little Miss Idiot! Even Alex was better than her. Even underneath all her fashion magazines Alex was smart and cared about inner beauty and all that chiz. I banged my head against my knees wishing to be dead.

1. Life2. Suffering3. Agony4. Death5. Afterlife6. Bliss7. Torture

Seven was a lucky number, right? Right? Hysteria overtook my frazzled brain. I was somewhere in between numbers two and three on my simple, yet agonized list. My breaths became short and ragged. I let out a loud harsh sob.

I let myself lose it, and finally my mind went blank. I took a deep breath and walked slowly to the bathroom. I needed a steaming hot bath with some music in the background.

The green walls of the bathroom reflected on the shiny bathroom floor and shower tiles. I stepped lightly over them, cautious not to fall through and be stuck with the crazy dream people.

Then I thought. Water took me there... I couldn't even take a bath! Darn them... Why did they take away what I liked? Maybe I wouldn't even be able to write anymore. Ugh...

An idea struck me. I picked up my cell phone and started a chain message: Hey gals! Spa night anyone? I'll make brownies and popcorn, just show on up!Alex: My turn 2 pik the movi! :DAlly: Alright, but don't let Jen bring coffee... Or anything caffeinated...Liz: I can do makeup! :)Jen: I'll bring coffee! XDGeorge: Uh, no.I texted him and James back quickly: Sorry meant to only send it to the girls!James: Darn, and I really wanted to paint my nails pink...Delaney: shur! iel briing mie slushee maekur!

I texted back lots of smiley faces and a 'no coffee or soda' to Jen. I calmed down knowing I'd be safe with my friends, so I headed to the kitchen.

I yanked on some pajamas on, and pulled out the air popper and poured in a bag of kernels. Then I stirred a brownie mix together with eggs, water, and oil. My mind was elsewhere, but I made things work. I went out to the deep freeze in the garage and grabbed a bag of ice so we could make slushees.

The doorbell rang and I ran to get it. When everyone arrived I smiled. I laughed. I played pretend. I was a shell of my own fear and worry. Was anything real?

So, yeah… This story is sorta' a flop, but I'm working on it. I've been delaying updating this cuz my email was crashed by hackers (it's better now!) and I had written it on my iPod and couldn't email it to my computer… So review and I'll update more!

PS: Will someone please read Stardust and Little Heavens? I need suggestions for a better name,,,