I am convinced that angels can

indeed fall from heaven. I know

because I have met one, and she

is different from anyone I know.

Because she is different nobody

treats her right. Nobody knows how

to treat angels because they are

divine, and different. When she is

hurt, I am there always, like a

willing servant for his master. To

hold her tight is all she needs, to know

that even when not in heaven, there

can be a sense of peace. To love her

is all she wants, to feel at home again.

To be there for her is like to be there

for no one else. For her to touch you

is like being in heaven. For her to hold

your heart, is nothing short of celestial.

I will hold the angel I know and I will

love my angel through the years

until she iscalled home with the hopes

that I will be invited to join her.