Hitoji Akemi: school council president, wealthy heir and astounding beauty. Together with her younger sister Akane, she had lived a perfectly normal life. That is, until she met the silver-haired transferee Rei Shin, an all-around slacker who has a bit of a personality problem. And if Akemi thought she only had to deal with him in school, she's gravely wrong. It turns out that Shin is actually her mother's best friend's son, who's going to live with them from now on!

Apart from Shin's antics and amazingly good looks, there seems to be much more in him than Akemi had anticipated. Turns out to be, Shin's a paranormal warrior called a Reaper, who hunts down dead souls lingering in the Human World. And when one of these malevolent souls took a liking for her, Akemi's world collides with Shin's secrets - for the worst for both of them.