I want to run, 'cause I'm scared,
but when I leave...
when the snow comes
I'll look for your reflection,
study every little inflection
in the voice on the recording,
this strange little piece of you
that you left behind,
and I won't let go.

I ran to the end of the earth,
and the waves of this ocean
of bittersweet feelings, and razor
sharp memories,
revealed the daintiest thing,
but I picked it up and my clumsy
fingers crushed our love.

and so I ran,
all the way back to...
not home, back to where
I began,
where the snow had touched
every single thing,
and left its white fingerprint
on every smiling child's face,
every haunting echo of laughter,
every single staring snowman.

and without you,
I lose my mind again,
thinking of all the ways
you saved my life,
and all the days, we spent,
trapped, at our own will,
and all the days wasted,
half-way around the world.