Have you ever thought about that night

Where your life did die

The night you let your precious love

Get in the car and drive

The pain inside it ripped you

Your veins it tore to shreds

Because that night you lay your head

Your love was not in bed

Her covers not wrapped around her

Her pajamas still in their place

The music not on softly

Her mother not seen her face

The phone is ringing on and on

You wake up and say hello

Its her mom she's crying oh so loud

You exhale from the harsh blow

Your woken up and suddenly

The tears they hit like guns

Shooting off from your eyes

From the tragedy just begun

Room 204 her mother says

The hospital in town

A runway truck on 32

And all you can think is how

You let her drive, get in that car

You knew it was too late

She was to tired to be driving home

But you didn't hesitate

You let her leave

Right out your doors

And now for that

The tears will poor

You rush to the car

And slam on the gas

And while you were driving

Her car you did pass

You scream as you see the damage

you cant believe you let her go

you park and run in as fast as you can

but in the end you were to slow

her mother is crying

her father stands strong

the scenarios playing

but your place is wrong

you should be the one whos dead

you should have met her there

dropped off your car at her house

or just paid for her cab fare

You're the one who should be bleeding

You're the one should be burned

You're the one who should be on that gurney

As your stomach twists and churns

The funerals all black and white

Not the clothes but in your eyes

As everyone crys and shakes your hand

All your thinking is goodbye

You get home and try to sleep

But the scenario plays and plays

It shouldn't be you my long lost love

It should have been me today

Should have been me inside that coffin

I should know the eternal dark

It should have chosen my candle

It should be me playing your part

My candle still burns as your smolders

My light still bright as yours fades

I will love you from now till forever

Even through the darkest days

I cant do this, this colorless life

When you left the color was gone

You left me with this black and gray

And not a note or a hum or a song

So here is the blood that should have been split

The heart that has spilled from this crack

It is coming from these scared veins

And soon love, youll have me back

The razor is lovely and pain is sweet

I can see you as I push hard

The blood is flowing and its pressure released

From this body you left broken and scared

I wake up to a light and its you I can see

You tell me how sad I left life for thee

I cry and say I couldn't live without you though

And you say it was my time not your destiny

The light it fades and its not you I see

This comfort not clouds but a padded gurney

This light not of heaven but a bulb in my eye

I haven't left this world, im not by your side

Kill me I scream, I want her so bad

They say welcome back and I should be glad

The Surgeory took 6 hours or so

My veins are sewed and soon I can go

I cry because I know they wasted their time

I will be gone soon this was not a lie

They will release me and the blood it will spill

This won't go away with any pill

Hello baby I say as I walk

You can look down and youll see from the chalk

I was hit by a car and am dead now you see

And finally can sleep right with my baby

Never let the one you love leave so late

Never let her drive or hesitate

Never think for a second things will be fine

Cause in the end it could be your loved one dying