Sad version

Suddenly I looked at the mirror,

And saw that it's not me.

I've lost myself in this game.

I'm nothing like I used to be.

This sudden attention has made me lose my head.

I got so arrogant, over-confident.

And suddenly, it's all gone away.

Suddenly, I was back to my dark, blank world.

Suddenly, I'm nobody today.

They just throw me away from the stage.

My eyes bleeding with rage.

I try to get back up again.

But they push me away- it's all vain.

Life always changes suddenly.

But bad things do happen slowly.

You're just so absorbed with being self-centered.

That you don't even notice when pride enters.

And from there it all goes downhill.

Nothing goes according to your will.

Everything will crash and burn finally.

Life will change so suddenly!

A/N: Random idea I got. Hope you like it :)