A/N: This is my first mythology story, this is about Pandia, she is a real goddess but is not popular in Greek mythology she is only mention in the Homeric Hymns and that is all. So in truth she is an OC character.

Also I will try to get all the facts right in the story, some of the twelve Olympians will also have the characteristic of there Roman personification.

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Undisclosed Desire



"Once upon a time, in a marriage bed she lay in love with the son of Kronos and she conceived and gave birth to a daughter,

Pandia, who was unusually beautiful among the immortals gods-"

~Homeric Hymns

"Hymn to Selene"

Brand-new Eye's

She was a women scorn, humiliated, disrespected, dishonored, and rejected by her husband time and time again. No one dare to bother her when she was in one of her infamous moods, the cause was obvious she had discovered another one of her husbands infidelity. To cause insult to injury instead of another mortal it was and immortal…a goddess of high-ranking status next to her.

Selene…a goddess that has proven to be more gracious, beautiful, and fertile then she, Selene of the Moon gave her husband a child that was rumor to be beautiful among the goddesses.

The feeling of bitterness tug at her heart greater then any feeling of jealousy that she has ever experience before.

Now they we're celebrating the child's birth, a dreadful smack to her beautiful face, it was as if they celebrate her inability as a wife, a mother, and their queen.

All of them were traitors in her eyes all of them were beyond forgiveness. For once she wished for compassion from someone, someone who has suffer the humiliation, the dishonor that was beyond repair and who has felt the pain of rejection.

For once she wanted else to suffer just like her. Tonight her wishes will come true, no longer will she be the alone to suffer by herself…

She left her chambers with a new air of malicious confidence she walked with a new easy and a clearer mind then she had ever for centuries.

Tonight her husband was going to see the scorns of a mistreated woman. She came to the Grand Hall that was once filled with the beautiful sounds of Apollo lyre accompany by the soft voices of the Muse, now it was replaced by the creaking of soft ambers touches that line the hall and patting of her footsteps.

She walked towards the majestic doors girded with gold this was the only thing that was between her and her husband and the delivering of his fate.

The door's open and her eye's was instant on his, he seat in the middle of the great throne with a supreme majestic authority that was only befitting for him.

He was the center of all the twelve Olympians, ruler of all and father to all…a very befitting title she thought to herself.

She cross the threshold as she walked towards him, a bittersweet smile played at her lips, he was so clueless about her that she wanted to burst in to laughter.

Her dignity was hanging by its last threads and deep down so was her sanity with this man that she once thought she love. Now she looked at him with brand new eyes, he was selfish and greedy.

She gave him all of her being, bore him four children, but it wasn't enough for him, her love wasn't enough so he went to another's bed. The children she gave him weren't enough so he conceives so many with others that she lost count, she gave him her passion of jealousy but that weren't enough. He had token so much from her that she hated him and now she was going to have the last laugh.

"Hera," he said as she gave him a curtsy of acknowledgement.

"Zeus," she said as she took her seat to his right, she seat in her throne with pride radiating off her features.

Even if he lay and bore many bastards by women he proclaim he love…she was queen and their was always going to be her…only her.

"Hera…" she knew him well better then he knew his own self, she knew he was going to tell her his half ass lie on why he did what he did. But she didn't care her plan was already set in motion, her mind was made up and there was no going back to it either.

"Zeus you do not have to explain yourself," she said her cold jaded eyes bore into his stormy gray.

If she could smile at the look on her face she would then it would give her away something she wasn't going to risk.

"Hera, you have a gracious heart my queen," he said as he took hold of her hand and placed a kiss on it.

This time she smiled at how he was a simpleton, she lay her soft creamy hand upon his and stroke it like one does a lover.

"I've come to ask a favor of you," she said.

"What is the favor my queen?" he asked he was fully fixed in her spell.

"Seeing as the child is my step child I ask to bestow a gift upon it," she said.

"You may," he said.

"But you must promise on the river Styx that you will not go against my gift," she said with fake concern.

"Anything, I swore on the river Styx not to go against you wish," he said.

She was not disappointed in him…for once; he just set in motion to her beautiful little plot.

"Thank you, my husband, my gift is to bestow on the child is to personally pick her future mate."

"That is a wonderful idea my dear, who do you have in mind?" he said.

"I have our son in mind, Ares, it is about time he should marry and give us a beautiful daughter in law just like his brother Hephaestus who gave us the fair Venus," she said.

He looked at her with indifference of mind, Ares was best single then marry and the thought of him married to his softest yet beautiful child was tugging at his consciences and heart.

But he had promise on the river Styx and he couldn't break it neither Hera's wishes if he wanted to she were in a good mood and he didn't want to end it.

But even that set and alarm in him but he couldn't place, but what's said is said and now he'll have to watch it befall in front of him.

"As you wish, Hera," he said "but you must tell Selene it is only right for the mother to know."

"Of course my lord, it is only right," she said as a smile grace her lips it was as cold like a snake and dangerous then a lioness.

The house of Selene held a sickingly peacefulness as she descended upon the stairs, none of the watch guards dare to say anything to the dark haired goddess approached their ladies home.

As she enters the house she couldn't help but to allow her resentment to be read in the atmosphere. Walking towards the private chambers of Selene she couldn't fight the excitement that she was feeling, the fate of the "beloved" child she couldn't wait to tell the mother.

So caught up in her own malicious thoughts that she paid no mind to the servants that acknowledge the queen of all. As she came near the chambers doors she could hear the soft whimpering of a newborn and soft contented words of onlookers.

Unannounced and uninvited she open the doors to make her presence known to those that where in the room, the sight was a utter disgust to her being at this heart warming scene.

Laying on the luxurious bed lay Selene in orate clothing even after having a baby she lay there in all her beauty making a sense of envy invade her being. On the far left side of the room surrounding a beautiful craved ivory basket net that she presume only her son Hephaestus made for the child. Was all of Selene fifth daughters father by the same mortal man and who possessed their mothers beauty and uncommon grace. They stood around the basket net trying to secure it from her sight, making and unattractive snot come from her mouth.

She could give them credit they weren't simpletons to trust her and the purpose of her trip to see their mother and sister.

"My queen, you give me great pleasure to receive you in my home," Selene said her voice was soft and humble.

"Thank you Selene but this is not a social call," she said it did give her pleasure to see the room become more tensed then it all ready was, the reactions was exactly what she wanted from the girls, they stood very close together to hide their baby sister some venture to stand close to there mothers bed.

"Pray, if this is not a social call what is it," said Selene, if she had expressed some concern in anyway to cause her faced to slip she hid it well for Hera didn't notice.

"This is only between us, your daughters should leave, my business is only with you," she said

The girls didn't move they stared at Hera they were not going to leave unless their mother told them other wise.

"My dears, you may leave everything well be fine," she said her glaze never left Hera's.

"As you wish mother, we'll be outside if you need us," said Alexis the eldest of all the girls, they bowed to their mother and then Hera and walked out. As one was going to pick up there little sister Hera walked over and took the child from her.

Hera looked down at the child if her cold heart wasn't set on revenged then she would have fill for the purity and innocence of the child.

But being Hera she only saw the sins of the father and the mother of this child, as she stared more at the child she could see that it was pure perfection everything to the smallest details was perfect.

And it made the blood in her run cold, the child was an perfect replica of her mother passing the sun kissed copper skin tone to the moonlight soak hair, her natural arched eyebrows and those stormy gray pools just like her father.

Yes, this was going to be sweet revenged indeed, as the same smile played at her lips.

If you were to look you would have mistakenly thought that she was the proud mother of the child instead of Selene.

Selene on the other hand was no fool she didn't like the fact that the queen was in her chambers uninvited smiling at her child nor the fact she was holding her.

She knew very well about Hera's "incidents" with other females who was once in this very same situation so her guard was not down, she was just waiting for Hera to make a wrong move just one…

"Are you ashamed?" she said as she held the baby not even looking at the mother.

She already knew the answer and that was a yes of course she should be ashamed after all wouldn't any mistress feel the same way if they got caught by their lovers wife, but it felt good asking the question anyway.

"No," she said it was so calm that Hera torn her glazed from the child to the mother.

"What did you just say?"

"I said "no" my queen," Selene said her face was natural with no signs playing off it.

"Explain," she said she couldn't help to allow her angry to come out.

"I'm not ashamed of being favored by his lordship, for I would have never had my dearest Pandia," she said.

"Are you not ashamed for what your child is? A bastard," Hera said as she coed the child.

"I do not care what they call her, her father and I lay in love in a marriage bed so she is legitimate then anybody else child."

Hera smirked, Selene was a perfect challenged she knew what she was getting herself into and didn't care.

"You know he'll find another," she said

"I know…I know our romance was short lived like many affairs, I can accept that but at lest I have Pandia."

Hera looked down at the little bundle in her arms, the eyes that was busy looking around the room was now staring at her, she couldn't help but to smile at the ach of her eyebrows as if she was puzzle to what they were saying.

"Hum…such a lovely child," she said as she hated to admit it, but she couldn't resist some part inside her the human part had to allow this child to grow in her,

"Thank you my lady,"

"My purpose was to see if the rumors was true about my step child," she said, Selene couldn't help herself but the faced she worked hard to keep slip when Hera said "step-child."

"After all what kind of step mother would I be," she said as she caresses the child's face.

"Thank you my lady…" Selene couldn't help but to say she was bewilder yet skeptical of Hera and that was making her worry.

"I've come to tell you that I wish to bestow a gift to my stepdaughter, his lordship have all ready giving me a promise on the Styx," she said.

"His word is law so I will have to go with it either way," Selene said.

"I'm glad you see it so," she said as she and the baby walked towards the child's mother.

"I've decided I'll relieve you of your motherly duty and find dearest Pandia a mate when she turns to age," she said as she handed the baby to Selene.

"And who do you have in mind?" she said she didn't like this at all.

"I've choose my son Ares, this will not only be a good match for Pandia but it also be good for her to be "officially legitimate" in my eyes to call her daughter."

Selene was shaking with rage; she wouldn't even dare to give her child or anyone else's child to Ares as a suitable match for anyone.

"Have you told his lordship of this," she said as she clings to her baby.

"Yes, and he have given me his word not go against me after all his word is law and so mine," she said as she left out the chambers allowing the devastated mom to deal with her consciences tonight she was going to sleep with a peace of mind tonight.

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