Thank you to all those that have read and reviewed Undisclosed Desire Part I. Birth to a Goddess!


Believe me there is going to be a lot of drama, sex, violence, as well as character development…sounds like HBO series don't cha think? Lol…just kidding but that would be awesome if this story would be a show on HBO. Anyway, to get back on subject, the next part is called Part II. Love and War that is going to be a huge hit for all you who dislike Ares…it also going to be a big surprise that going to have you screaming for joy and saying "ABOUT DAMN TIME!" and "I'M SO HAPPY…" etc but that is all your going to get from me.

Now to keep you still on your toes while I write the next part of the story…I've put up "Make you feel my love" it holds parts that I cut out from the original story and things I forgot to put in the story or thought up afterwards from reading a certain chapter…and course it has lemon limes in it =)

Also I have a website for you to go to dedicated to all the Greek and Geek in us…

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