I hadn't seen you for three months
and when I looked into your eyes
you were so bright,
I blinked a few times but I was already

Because girl,
you hold the universe in your eyes
you hold the sun, you hold the moon,
you hold the Starfish Galaxies
and the Virgo Stellar Stream
and even the little not-planets like Pluto,
and even the little not-stars like me.

And you're more gorgeous than all of it,
which might be cliche, but just think about it--
there are ten billion stars just in the Milky Way
and you hold the beauty
we haven't even discovered yet.

And when I look into your eyes,
I see a universe of possibilities with you,
and I say, baby,
I want to climb mountains with you
and inhale the stars from the sky
to breathe them into your lungs
with secondhand shine.

I want to hold you close to me forever,
but I know I can never keep the sky
so I pray to your Venus
that you will hold me instead.

I want to run away with you
and come home only
when I'm starry-eyed
and you have the Butterfly Galaxies in your stomach
from kissing me.

I want to become an astronaut
just so I can explore the space of your heart
and it will be dangerous, I know
but love always is.

And one day we will collide,
as though I'm the Milky Way and you're Andromeda
and we will be a conundrum for cosmologists
'cause this smash that is supposed to be savage
will be the most exquisite, enchanting event
to ever grace the skies with its gloriousness.

My soul will become a syzygy,
because for once
my heart and my mind and my body
will agree on you.

I will break open the black holes of my ribcage
and hold the nova of my heart
out to your celestial fingertips
and it will not bleed falling stars
because I belong in your universe.

And the scientists looking through their telescopes
will go home with the resplendent radiance of you
imprinted on their retinas.

I can't blame them,
they hadn't seen you in eons
and when they looked into your eyes,
you were so bright,
they blinked a few times but they were already