In the center of the most horrible storm, there is a moment of peace...
That moment, that second of peace, is the most beautiful and most horrifying sight any could ever see.

That clarifying moment, that split-second decision where you know right from wrong, where all the gray is removed, where things are black and white and only black and white, is so beautiful.

But that beauty is short-lived.

For after that pristine moment, the gray covers everything. And after being so certain you will never be sure of anything.

That decisive lack is the end of your life.

So I will take that chance, I will take the picture and turns its gray into a masterpiece of color as I see it fit.

No longer will I turn away on the cliff of my decision, but instead leap, and as I fall, I will enjoy my decent, and in it I will know but once more, in a fleeting moment that will pass by soon,

I will again feel Serenity.