"Late again, I see." The tall teacher asked the young man walking through the door.

"Oh, Mr. B!" The boy laughed and slid into the seat next to me.

I was new today and this tiny history class wasn't helping. Everyone seemed to know each other….very well indeed, like for years. Hell, I hadn't even been to Arizona until a week ago. Now here I am sitting in Tempe High school, Home of the Aztecs. Whoo, not.

"I was in a band meeting." He told Mr. B, winking at me, he smiled. I smiled slightly, take aback.

"Band meeting, eh?" Mr. B echoed. "I won't believe you till you're famous." He chuckled.

"Oh, we will. Most definitely." The boy replied, seriously. Mr. B just shook his head and walked to his desk to take attendance.

The class was loud. Students walking around, discussing their summer vacations, even after 2 weeks of school. Doodling, I listened to some girls talk about their summer in Europe.

"So…are you new?" The band boy next to me asked.


"Where are you from?" He asked curiously. Turning to look at me, he waited for my response.


"Wow. That's kinda far…and cold." He grinned.

"Yeah…I won't miss that." I chuckled lightly.

He smiled slightly. "Why'd you move here?"

"My dad got a better job." I shrugged uselessly.

"Let me guess, freshman?"

"Sophomore." I smiled.

I missed my friends and family, and my school. I know I'm even gonna miss the cold weather when it comes around. I mean, this school is nice; and hell of a lot newer than my old school. But I still miss it all.

"Miss it, huh?" He asked, tilting his head, smiling a little, some sadness to it.

"Yeah." I sighed.

"It'll get better." He smiled.

I smiled back as the teacher walked up to start class.


"Do you know where you're going?" Band boy asked.

I was walking through the halls looking at the map of the school as students ran by, he approached me from afar. I frowned slightly as I answered.


He smiled and grabbed my class schedule from my hand. Looking down he read.

"Willis." He looked up briefly. "You'll like her. The best Spanish teacher here."

He handed me back my schedule. "This way." He turned to the left and walked past two classrooms. He pointed into the third classroom. "That's Mrs. Willis, the Spanish 2 teacher." He smiled, and walked to the classroom next door. Before he walked in I yelled,


Turning he asked, "What?"

"What's your name?"

"John O'Callaghan."

"Thanks, John." I smiled, shifting my papers.

"Your welcome, Indy." He smiled. And he walked into his classroom.