Perfection. What really is it? Perfection is having to ability to acclaim to the highest possible situation. But in this, does perfection really exist? It might be said that it does; that getting 100% on a test is perfection, or building a house to the safest standards is perfection. But really that 100% could be surpassed, answers could be made better. But is the mark really the only important aspect of it, or could it mean nothing and the persons mind be the one deciding whether they feel they have perfected the test. By this there will always be a way for them to be happier and therefore they do not gain perfection. And with a house, the brick could be laid a different way, new technology is always coming around; perfection here is non-existent and near-perfection is short lived.

Everybody could always be more perfect, their cheeks could be that little more bigger, or their shoulders that little less broader. But then that raises the question of what defines perfection? Is it normality, which in its own right does not exist, for there are no rules to define what is normal or not. So then like the non-existence of normality there is also a non-existence of perfection.

Perfection is always growing, standards, wishes, are always increasing and so perfection is forever changing, creating it harder to aspire. As near-perfection is reached, perfection raises its level, making it impossible to reach.

Perfection is strived for, sought for; but it is all in vain. Perfection will never be accomplished, it is not something we can just come across, nor something we will obtain after years of senseless searching.

Perfection is non-existent, just like many things in our world today. So don't stop to look at the things people could have, but look at the things they do have and know that for them that may be their near-perfection.