I used to be scared.

They used to blame me for everything.

It was just too unfair.

It's like every word I spoke

Was bring twisted into a trap.

Everyday my heart broke.

I kept backing away till I reached the dead end.

I had no where to go but to surrender to people who I once thought were my friends.

They set my path on fire.

Killing my dreams, smashing my world,

Taking away everything I admire.

Every day I was alert.

They could attack me anywhere, any second.

Any time another fight would start.

They only thing you have left is you when everything fails.

So I turned to myself cutting off my connection with everyone else.

I stop defending, stop trying to explain.

They wouldn't believe me anyway.

They were just trying to drive me insane.

I decided to ignore them.

I never replied to their text

Or turned back on hearing my name.

When you are weak and pleading, everything goes wrong.

That's why you stand your ground, hold your chin high, and stay strong.

This world is a vast place.

I just looked around me and

New friends were endless.

I took time but at last

I could end this sickening game

And get out of my past.

Remember, you're special; you're not naïve, humble or meek.

Don't look back, that only brings back memories and makes you weak.

They don't answer a word I say

Just to make me feel bad.

But I can take that, it's okay.

They try to make me mad.

They act like they don't know me.

But now I know them. I'm glad.

I've got to move forward, now I'm ready.

Let's stop singing to this choking melody.

No I'm not gonna weep.

They don't deserve it.

This is my tale of a broken friendship.