There's no vacuum in my life.

I have everything I need to survive.

There's no emptiness I feel inside,

No urge to search for you far and wide.

I have these walls built around me.

There are so many things people can't see.

Tell me, can you reach my walls

And attack them, make them fall?

Can you make all my resistances fall apart?

Can you make room for yourself in my heart?

I'm my own best friend.

I'm happy. I don't need to pretend.

I like being single, love the freedom.

Love is just problems, soon separation comes.

I've got so many dreams to chase.

I like to live free, I'm not mending my ways.

Can you convince me you're not playing?

Can you hear the words I'm not saying?

Can you read between the lines?

Can you impress me enough so that I make you mine?

A/N: Story of my life, haha.