Hey! My name is Kaia and this is my first FictionPress. I'm on FanFiction but I've been working on this story for about…a month and I'm almost done with it. I wanna see what you guys think.

This is part one of the series that I'm going to start. You know, the clichés: finding love, changing themselves and blah, blah, blah. But they're still different.

Let's start! This is Forbidden By Self

El Paso, Texas. Are you kidding me? It was just a little misunderstanding. Mom is taking this way too seriously. Ok, sure I snuck out of the house to go to a party and was…brought home by the police but I actually did nothing wrong. I wasn't drinking and I wasn't doing drugs. I was just the only one-along with my best friend Brooklyn and the guy who threw the party, Avery-who got caught.

I didn't say a word the whole way to my father's place. He would put his hand over mine and squeeze every hour. His oldies music played in the background and I listened to him hum happily to The Beatles. I loved this song but I hated what they were doing to my life. I had to leave my sisters in Houston with my mom. Are you kidding? Karen was one of the worst moms in the history of the world! I know I am bad for saying that but she got pregnant with me when she was fourteen; my father, 17. She lived her life popping out babies and then instead of being a mom, she depended on my father to take care of us and trying to be a friend instead of a mother.

I loved my dad, though. I was always closer to him because he let me do whatever I wanted when it was just me. I have three younger sisters and one on the way; this time, the baby that's coming isn't my dad's. It's some guy's; his name is Robert and he's supposed to be this rich guy that she hooked up with after the divorce was finalized. After my sister, Alexia turned two my parents split. Irreconcilable differences…which in the way they told us, "We just want different things for this family". Ok, whatever they say. Larissa, who was turning 11 in July, took it…fairly well. She started taking extra dance class which helped her get her mind off of it. She had been taking a ballet class but now it was tap, it was hip hop, it was ballroom, it was jazz. I told her she would go into overload but she doesn't listen to me.

Natasha and Alexia were too young to understand what happened but it was visible to see what it did to the house, to the family. Natasha was 8 and Alexia was just barely 2 years old when everything changed. I usually took care of them because I felt like that was my duty since Karen wasn't doing very well. At bed time, Alexia would ask me, "Ana, where's daddy?" Her voice was so soft and innocent…I just couldn't tell her that he wasn't coming back to this house because he didn't love Mommy anymore.

"I know it's early but the cadets have boot camp this morning and I—,"

"Have to supervise courses, I know." I muttered as I adjusted my sunglasses on my face. I didn't even look at him to know that he was shaking his head as he sighed. "I don't care. Just tell me, I can sit in the car and listen to music and you can go do whatever you want."

He chuckled nervously and said, "Well, princess, I can't just let you sit in the car for 10 hours."

I whipped my head around to face him. "10 hours?!" I yelled. "Are you joking? Please, tell me you're joking. Please."

He glanced at me before focusing on the road again. "Adriana, I'm not kidding. It won't be a long ten hours, I swear. It's just drills and a few courses."

"How many is a few?" I asked, glaring at him. This wasn't usually like me but I was pissed. We were staying for ten fucking hours!

"Just 12 courses," my dad said, casually. I forget that the Army is like regular training times three. My father was a Major.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair before turning back out to the window, "Fine. Whatever, I don't care." I grumbled under my breath.

We passed the Sheridan Gate into Ft. Bliss and I saw what I loved the most about my dad's job. I loved seeing the helicopters and the tanks on post. I loved the commissary and the PX and watching the soldiers marching on the sidewalks in formation. It was amazing. And that's exactly what I saw when we entered Ft. Bliss. I missed this life. It was fun. It was basically all I knew.

"Princess, just promise to be on your best behavior," Daddy said to me as he pulled up to the training yard. There were at least 100 cadets doing jumping jacks in their uniform. "15…16…17…18…19…20…" I heard them chant. About 35 of them were female, you could just tell from the distance. My dad was already in uniform so all he had to do was put on his beret and go out to the field. I slide out of the car and look around. The weather felt the same as I remembered. Dry. Hot. I took off my jacket, leaving me in a black tank top and some jean shorts.

After the cadets did 150 jumping jacks, some of them took breaks and some others did various stretches to get prepared for the close to impossible obstacle course ahead. The way I was walking, you would have thought I was headed for the porter potties but I was actually planning to hide in one of the little cabins that looked comfortable to lie down in. There was a guy who was talking in the midst of a bunch of female cadets. He was leaning on the post of the wooden gondola and his body language just said cocky, egotistical, jackass. I rolled my eyes and opened the door to the cabin.

It was the Sergeant and the Majors' cabin by the looks of it. It had a TV and a fireplace. There were 4 bedrooms in the back and a big bathroom with marble counters and a glass door shower. I cocked my head to the side and thought, I need a shower, and I smell like car. I quickly went back out to the car and grabbed a change of clothes and my toiletries bag.

The shower was turned on scolding hot and the steam was already surrounding me as I pulled my hair in a messy bun and pulled down my shorts and panties. I yanked my tank top over my head and unhooked my bra. I looked at myself in the mirror once more before stepping into the shower and sliding the glass door shut.

I had Make Me Wanna Die by The Pretty Reckless stuck in my head so, unconsciously I began to sing.

I had everything

Opportunities for eternity

And I could belong to the night

Your eyes, your eyes

I can see in your eyes

Your eyes

You make me wanna die

I'll never be good enough

You make me wanna die

And everything you love will burn up in the light

Every time I look inside your eyes

Make me wanna die

I washed myself with my favorite vanilla body wash and continued to sing.

Taste me, drink my soul

Show me all the things that I shouldn't know

And there's a new moon on the rise

I had everything

Opportunities for eternity

And I could belong to the night

Your eyes, your eyes

I can see in your eyes

Your eyes everything in your eyes, your eyes

You make me wanna die

I thought I heard the door close so I quickly shut off the shower and wrung my wet, auburn hair out. I slid open the shower door and grabbed a towel off of the rack. I stepped out of the shower and was about to wrap the towel around my body when I saw a guy sitting on the toilet seat. "Ahh!" I screamed. I pulled the soft towel closer to my body and then held my chest where my heart was. "What the hell are you doing in here?!" I screamed.

The guy shrugged, "I thought I heard someone in here. What the hell are you doing here?" he asked with a smirk on his face. He was cute. Olive toned skin with dark brown buzz cut hair. I hated that the new cadets had to cut off their hair but that's just how it was. Anyways, he had navy blue eyes that slightly contrasted with my bright blue eyes. He had a small scar under his right eye.

I put my hands on my hips and said, "Major Parrino's daughter," his eyes widened. "Yeah, so before you get into the whole asshole deal, I'm actually being forced to be here. And my father can have your ass out of here for even talking to me if I said so."

The guy smirked again. "You wouldn't have me thrown out of here."

I raised my eyebrows and smirked back. "You wanna bet? 5 years ago, I came to my dad crying because a guy called me adorable. I told him to kick him out. He did it. Believe it or not, I have my father wrapped around my finger and you could be living in your apartment with no job before you could even blink." I shrugged. "Now ask yourself, do you really wanna be in here. Because I can call sexual harassment on this one."

He raised his hands as if in surrender, "My bad. I was just wondering what you were doing here. No need to do anything rash." He chuckled and began to walk to the door. "Wait, who are you?"

I grabbed my pants off of the couch. "Doesn't matter. You'll never see me again."

"All right. No need to get defensive."

"Fuck off." I muttered.

He shook his head and chuckled again. "Bye Adriana."

I looked at the door with narrowed eyes. I hate him already.

This is the first chapter! It will get better, this is just a filler introductory. Tell me what you think!