God-like: The Great Domain War

The universe began with a single thought, word, idea that was the first domain. It was called life, thought it came the great ones who were called humanity. They were not the first or last creation of the domain but they were the most powerful in that domain. So powerful in fact that their souls transcended the domain and created the domain of earth. Soon the domain of life had only a handful of people who were not human, the gods, who were gifted to have the very power of the domain. As Humanity was reborn unto earth, the gods began to spread out to the other domains created by humanity and thus creating the domains of which even magic is based on. Domain wars were born as the gods used humanity to take another's realm. Many new creatures, weapons, races and ideas were created. Theban created the domain of heaven to end these domain wars but his lover Colusa created the domains of hell, in turn starting a war that only Thedan could see its true destiny.

In a dark castle where the blacken land covered in skulls and bones, lives a young man who has red eyes, pale skin and black hair. He had a hellish black robe and a scythe which had a pale red glow. The room was built with bones; most of the room was built from the bones, even the quill the man was writing with. Words of red blood moved across a night colored paper and in the dark langue which comes from Hell. A figure appeared next to the man.

"The domain of death is not open for Heaven or its ally domains. I could end your life if I wanted to." The young man said as he continued write in the dark langue which seemed to match the glow of the scythe perched in the corner.

"My dearest Kale, I know you won't do that." The figure said before wrapping it arms around Kales. "That would mean you don't like me anymore."

"I do like you Malone but we are two different types of gods. You're the light goddess of nature and I am the dark god of death. We are both the great rulers of our domain." Kales said as he finished writing on the paper before kissing Malone.

"Good, I still like you too. Theban is getting angrier then before as the newest domain war, some calling it the domain war, is getting vast." Malone kissed him back with a few roses growing on Kale.

"Mother is getting lest patient with most of us, due to the whole losing the domain of love." He smiled a rare warm smile that seemed to throw his whole look into chaos. "May I entertain you for a while?"

"Sure, I rather spend time with you then at Heaven." She smiled as they walked down to a garden, one of great nature. "You really take care of the plants I gave you."

"It is a hobby, I do like the plants. They seem to give a like to the soil here." He sat down and began to hold her close in a gentle embrace. Roses grew around them and wilted as they began to kiss again, creating a skeletal black cage around them.

Kale even though he was the ruling god of death enjoyed nature and life because they reminded him of Malone, his love. Colusa was the mother of Kale and his father was Theban, he had only five siblings who also ruled over the allied domains of hell. Ragas the god of war, Nix the goddess of Chaos, Leos the god of sin, Magana the goddess of darkness and Yoga the goddess of fire. They are the most powerful of the dark rules other then Colusa who was the ultimate evil power. Malone was once a human who was granted godhood and soon rose to become the ruler of nature. A White cloaked man appeared on top of the castle.

Theban had suspected something as he looked at the two; he began to get into a terrible rage. He sent down a spear of light which missed the case of dead roses.

"How dare you touch a light goddess, evil spawn?" He said as he appeared before them. "You will corrupt her and cause the whole realm of nature to turn."

Kale was surprised as he let go and the cage faded into dust. "Father, that was rude and dare call me names even if they are true." His hand moved to strike his father but was stopped.

"No, please don't fight with Theban." Malone pleaded with Kale with wide eyes.

"Ok, I will not fight." Kale said as he looked at her. "Sorry for causing you stress."

Theban was actually shocked as he heard Kale. "You, a son of me and my enemy, actually found love? What are the odds?"

"I prefer the term like. It still has the same meaning." Kale said before turning to his father. "Now, since we got that out of the way. I want to do something."

"You are actually going though with it. Thank you Kale." Malone hugged him.

"Your welcome my dearest Malone. Father, I submit my domain to the realm of heaven." Kale said as he was gasping for air from Malone's hug.

Theban was now so confused as he actually agreed to Kale's offer. Malone let go and hugged the Master of Heaven. Someone else was watching as a furious scream that shook that shook castle was heard.

"Kale, my son, you have betrayed me? So Magana was right in seeing the dark pool, seeing you betray me. You are the best of Hell's commanders, you who is named the Grim Reaper, the hooded master of the scythe. I shall end you myself." Colusa sent powerful waves of a dark energy at her traitor of a son. This dark energy was of her malice, he dark will to rule all in chains forged from the sorrows of humanity.

Kale block with little ease, the energy barely hit Malone who fell to the floor. He saw and soon grew in to a fury that the god of war could not even muster. The scythe which slew thousands and helped in the balance of mortality appeared in his hands. It looked normal to everyone until his fury went into the scythe, the handle looked like a skeleton of black iron which had a wing and this wing was made of the purest metal. In one swing of his weapon, all the raw energy of his domain was sent into one wave as thing as a hair string. Colusa block as she was sent back a few feet and looked at him. Theban saw the move and realized that Kale was a true force, one that even seemed to stop most things.

Colusa sighed as she walked towards Kale, a black sword in her hands. She began to charge but this did not affect him as he stopped her. Falling backwards she faded back to her domain and began to recover. Theban walked over to Malone and began to heal her. Kale fell to his knees as the scythe fell to the floor with its normal look fading away. Malone got up and hugged Kale.

"It's ok. She is gone now." She said into his ear, her loving voice not even wavering.

Soon a year had passed, with it a new life being born and of a union of two powerful gods. A female child was born with the powers of Death and Nature. The girl had red eyes with brown hair and pale skin. Kale and Malone were proud of their little girl who the named as Rita. Earth had become a battle ground as Humanity grew to use bronze as a weapon. A battle had begun in a temple to the dark gods.

"For the dark gods!" A priest said as he sent powerful magic into a crowd of warriors. The warriors had some of their number fall before taking the Priest and ending his evil reign of terror.

"That was a hard one." A warrior with a red shield said. "Did you hear that a new goddess has been born?"

A man with a black robe and shield which bore a skull nodded. In the past, they caught him and cut out his tongue but that didn't stop him. His hand moved to the skull on his shield.

"So it is a child of Death, Cerates?" Another said as she put her spear on a rock.

Cerates nodded and pointed to a tree.

"And of nature? That girl will be a very scary woman. Don't you agree Nexus?" The woman said.

The man with the red shield nodded. "Yes Mimosa." Nexus looked around and began to bury the fallen warriors. "We are the only ones left to fight in these parts. Most of us are falling to the might of the dark one's servants."

Mimosa nodded sadly to this fact. "Only our mute friend here has been blessed as a paladin of his god. Why did the god of death choose you to be one of his death paladins? Please explain to us."

Cerates point to the shield of his then to the fallen body of the priest before the graves.

"So he chooses you to kill evil due to the fact that you want to." Nexus said as he sat down.

Cerates shook his head before pointing to the graves, they had a special importance. He got up and kicked the body of the priest before raising his hand to look like the priest.

"Ok the priest did something?" Mimosa asked to wonder the reason of their mute friend.

Cerates then fake stabbed himself but didn't pretend to die and walked over to the graves. He began to fake call the dead.

"Oh, so he became a transgressor of your god's domain. In a way you are a man who was given a task of hunting down these Hell's necromancers." Mimosa said.

"That makes sense actually." Nexus said as he began to burn the bodies of the soldiers.

Cerates sighed silently before making a circle on the door of the temple. It had a Pentagram and weird symbols before turning into a wooden face upon the door.

"Cerates, you have defeated 13 grand necromancers of Hell. You may receive one wish to be granted." The face spoke as the area around them began to wilt and die.

Mimosa and Nexus bowed fast as they realized that Kale was talking to Cerates. Cerates pointed to his mouth, he wanted to speak to people again. This was his greatest wish that he knew Kale will live up to. A white mist moved around the mute man as Kale gave him the power to speak but with his mind.

"Now, continue to fight Hell and once this war is won, I shall give you back your tongue." The face faded with the weird summoning circle.

Nexus and Mimosa, I can finally commutate with you two. A deep and vast voice said to his friends.

"That is kind of creepy there Cerates." Mimosa said as she smiled. "It fits you perfectly, as a death paladin. Let's go and claim our reward from the guild.

Nexus and Cerates nodded as they followed Mimosa towards the nearest town. Days flowed into weeks, week flowed into months and months flowed into years as seven of them past. Rita was growing up; her powers seemed to grow into both domains. A final battle would soon begin in a place called Avalon. All the heroes and gods showed up to end this war. Kale saw that his loving wife would die in this battle and begged her not to come but she though his vision was a trick from his mother. As every one arrives, so does a pale man in a cloak with sorrow in his eyes.

"Attack my children and servants." Colusa said with her malice showing. The battle began as streams of blood flowing like time, some breaking off to join others. After most of the heroes fell, Theban got the idea to seal Colusa in this place. He asked for most of the gods but a select few to help him make the seal. Each of the gods, including Malone created the chains that bound the goddess of Hell to Avalon. Kale let out a horrible scream as he saw his wife die and her spirit go into the chain. Theban, Colusa, his siblings and the survivors heard this scream.

"Malone, why did you leave? Rita and I will always miss you." Kale turned to Theban and Colusa with the new fury that made the one he had eight years ago looked peaceful. "You took her away from me, both of you and your damned war. I place a curse upon this place. Whoever walks this place will see the blood that has been spilt forever and feel all the painful sorrow. If they free the goddess of hell then they will die from all the pain and become ghosts tied to her."

The curse took the whole of Avalon by storm as the skies darken and the blood began to cover all of it. Theban and the surviving gods from both sides fled, leaving Kale and Colusa alone. Kale used the last of his power to make Colusa an underground cage with a skeleton guard who had her sword and made her chains covered in bones. He fled afterwards towards his domain.

The world began to return to its normal state of things, Avalon became a myth and the gods began to recover all the domains but two, Hell and Earth. Kale raised his daughter but he was cold and uncaring. Theban was part of the chain and was keeping his great enemy away at the slow cost of his own life. Nexus fell to an arrow by a surviving hell priest who was killed by Cerates and Mimosa. They fell in love and started a family, its name would gain great renown, Pendragon. Humanity slowly forgot about the war and it became a myth that is until something of great importance happened.