God-like: The Throne War

After everything settled, Kale was more elusive then ever and had some new names. Thanatos from the Greeks, Anubis by the Egyptians, Yama and all the other supposed gods of death are actually him. Theban was growing weaker and weaker as he felt his enemy starting to gain strength. He planned to leave the throne to the new lord of heaven but he could not decide on whom. So during the fall of Greece, he called all his children and friends to heaven. Kale, which most haven't seen in a few centuries had appeared making a deathly chill across the domain. Fear, pain and sorrow trance his foot steps as he headed towards the great throne room. It was darkened as she entered but light could still be felt. New gods had been born and created to fit the massive amount of domains. Soon the thirty-six seats were filled around the room like a circle.

"My dearest children and friends, I am soon going to depart from these lands. My great throne will be empty and anyone could claim it." Theban said before coughing up a storm which causes the water to sink Atlantis, which is a new name for Avalon.

"Father, are the chains going to fail?" Yoga said as the goddess of the element Domain.

"Yes my daughter. Your mother will be free but with it comes the new Lord of Heaven to seal her away or kill her finally." Theban said as he turned to Kale. "I am ready, please make it fast."

Kale nodded as he moved his scythe across the throne, it cut through Theban before he faded. The chains began to weaken as Colusa began to move around. "Rest in peace and may you never return."

"Kale! Don't say that." A voice said behind him. It was the goddess of darkness, his one ally. "He was our father and he cared about you. Sure he and mother made the love of your life die."

"Sister, you do not know anything of loss yet." Kale said before walking to the door. The gods blocked the path, they were mad at Kale and his act against his sister. "Go away or else join father."

"No." Yoga said before trying to attack her brother. Kale blocked and sent her into the group. "What was that?"

"Seems like I can't leave you guys in charge, I shall fight for the throne." Kale said before fading away. He appeared in his castle and sat down. A young woman with tanned skin, brown hair and red eyes walked in. "Yes Rita, I know. You grandfather is dead."

"Dad, please tell me. Are you really going to claim the throne?" Rita asked as she sad down next to her father.

"I most test to see if any of the gods can claim the throne to become a truly benevolent god." Kale said as he waved his hand to summon some food. "The lost domain of Earth will become a battle ground once again. It's is now the rise of Rome and the second god war."

What Kale said came to pass as the gods broke into factions, some for kale or some for themselves. Kale of death, Michael of light, Yoga of elements and Jarred of war all become fraction leaders as they lead horrible battles against each other. Earth soon afterwards became a battle ground as all of earth fought for their faction. Julius Pendragon had become the new death paladin like his sister. Ten year had past as Julius shook of the name of Pendragon for the name of Caesar. He took over Rome and made it into an empire. He also found Avalon but sent his best men to free Colusa, as the curse said they saw the ever flowing blood and died when she was freed. Now he sits in his throne room as he watches the northern part of his empire take the lands.

"With the power of Colusa, I have become a demon lord. Earth will be conquered by me for my goddess." Julius said as he turned his gaze to a circle build into the ground. "Bring in my gladiators, I want some entertainment."

Soon men and women who were enslaved to the gladiator games cam forth, most barely armed. One of which was Rita, she loved the trill of bloodshed. She also did this without the consent of her father. Take a title of the Deadly Lady; her battles were almost epic as the crowd enjoyed her kills. Soon she would be backed up against the wall, fighting for her life. Once the battle was over, Julius took an interest with Rita before sending his guards to bring her.

"You skill with a blade is exalted, I would like for you to spend your time as a soon to be mother of my next child." Julius said not knowing who he was speaking to.

"Like in Pluto I will, you make me sick." Rita said as she spat at the man.

"This rage of yours will be nice in bed. Leave us." Julius said as he grabbed Rita as he warriors left before tossing her on his bed. "Let's see if we can tame that rage."

Rita sighed before fading from the bed to the door. "You were once I death paladin of my father. Now a demon in human skin is what I see." She pulled out the sword hanging on the wall and killed Julius. Guards heard and came to before running away but all of them died. Her body faded back home where she saw Kale.

"I don't approve of the games but seeing you just killed the traitorous Julius. You will get no punishment." Kale said as he sat down.

"Thank you father." Rita said as she went to her room to wash of the sink of the dead Julius Caesar.

Years began to pass as the factions of five were turning parts of earth into horrible places. Kale made the cemeteries into bases for the undead, Colusa made the dark temples into demonic places, Michael made the holy temples into war zones, Yoga turned the elements into weapons and Jarred made entire battlefields bloody as the year moved on. Soon a hundred years had passed before the final battle, Colusa was weakened and so was most of the gods. Kale had moved to fight against all the other as he raised the dead towards Avalon. This was the first ever massive undead gathering known to humanity; all the others were just small groups.

"Wow, Kale is not so weak after all." Said Michael as he saw the undead as his angels fought the demons. The elementals fought the blood born warriors of Jarred. All was in utter chaos as the undead arrived.

"Defeat all the unworthy." Kale said as his armies moved to attack the others. Soon all that was left were the gods. "Surrender to my rule."

"Never!" Said Jarred with a dark fury before attacking Kale, who blocked and knocked him out.

"Brother, I give in to Michael's rule not yours." Yoga said before aiding Jarred and all the wounded gods.

"I have support of most of the gods, what will you do?" Micheal asked both Kale and Colusa.

"I shall abide to your rule since you are worthy enough to have a great and good rule." Kale said before blocking an attack from Colusa. "You on the other hand will now face your time."

"You are a mere lord of a domain; I am the lady of all Hell." Colusa said before falling to the ground. "How can you…….." She faded away.

"I am the lord of the domain of death. I make sure things die when they need to." Kale said before turning to the others. "Now another throne will be vacant."

"Not really." A man stepped up, Lucifer who had no domain that he belonged to. "I shall take that throne."

Lucifer claimed the throne of hell and become leader of it. Things went back to normal as most of the gods perished in the last battle. Lucifer of hell, Nix of darkness, Michael of heaven, Nina of peace, Kale of death, Rita of death and nature, Mali of technology, Jarred of war and Jason of light were the survivors. Kale had a vision of Theban and Colusa returning to end all life but also heroes who will stand up to them. The other gods would soon realize that the time of this vision will be in a distance future.

Myths began to replace the truth and Rome fell, causing a dark age upon humanity. Kings, knights and legends were formed as the gods awaited the group of heroes in the time where humanity will be ready to once more go into the realms of myths.